Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) announced during the evening of Sunday November 18th that is was cancelling the current cruise of the Norwegian Jade due to an unspecified “mechanical issue.”

The Jade is currently is San Juan, Puerto Rico during the third day of a “10-Night Southern Caribbean,” having left Miami during the afternoon of November 16th.  The NCL cruise ship was scheduled to leave San Juan last night and arrive in St. Thomas later this morning. The ship was originally scheduled to call on St. Kitts, Barbados, St. Lucia and St. Maarten, returning to Miami on November 26th.

The Master of the ship, Captain Frank Juliussen, confirmed via a letter to the guests that the mechanical issue will keep the ship in San Juan until Tuesday, November 20th at which time “all guests will be required to disembark as the ship will undergo several days of repairs.”

NCL stated that it is trying to arrange charter flights for its guests back to Miami; however, it will pay $650 a person in change fees in the event that passengers are able to make their own flight arrangements.

NCl also stated that it is refunding the cruise fares and will extend a future cruise credit based on the cruise fare paid.

AIS data show the ship has been moved from a pier in Old San Juan to a nearby dock so that the passengers can disembark.

This is not the first time that a NCL has been cancelled during a cruise in the Caribbean due to mechanical issues. One year ago, NCL had to suspend a cruise on the Norwegian Gem due to mechanical issues related to the ship’s azipod system. The cruise was suspended in Barbados and flew the passengers back to New York. NCL later offered a 25% discount on a future cruise.

The Norwegian Star underwent a series of azipod problems in December of 2016 and in January/February of 2017 during Asian and Australian itineraries, which resulted in cancellation of the cruises and refunds and cruise credits to the guests.

NCL states that its terms and conditions for the cruise permit it to “cancel, advance, postpone or substitute any scheduled sailing or itinerary without prior notice” due to “mechanical difficulties or any other reason whatsoever.”

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A copy of a more legible letter can be viewed here.

  • Mark Abbacchi Sr.

    We are on the Jade. They are now announcing we aren’t granted shore leave and have to stay on the ship.

    • NCL Jade Cruiser

      That is the decision of CBP not NCL.

  • Unplugged

    It’s hard to digest that all NCL offers is a refund and a 25% discount on a future cruise. How about the fact that every passenger loses his or her planned vacation time? Evidently, that’s just worth a measly 25% future cruise discount.

    Oh, and BTW, I thought every human understood that italics are not to be used to craft an entire document. Did some employee think this was a substitute for cursive?

    • NCL Jade Cruiser

      We did not JUST get a 25% credit. We got a 100% refund, a 25% credit, and $650 towards airfare to get home.

    • usmaels

      You definitely made a very important point about people losing their vacation time. We live more comfortably at our age now and not much can totally ruin something for us because we do so much, but we certainly remember the years of our life when vacation time off was precious and worked hard for. I think you’ve made the strongest point of anyone how NCL should definitely consider even more compensating than they have. But your comments about people’s grammar and the use of italics, or whatever, is pretty out of line and discredits your otherwise good comment. This is simply an online discussion open to all with few rules and certainly not College English 101. All comments should be welcome no matter how they are written as long as they mainly try and present their message in a decent way. I definitely can sympathsize with the many people here that are not satisfied. I see their points too.

      • Unplugged

        I was referring to the NCL letter using italics, not to some comment. Geez.

  • usmaels

    Obviously a sad disappointment for the guests, however it’s great the Cruiseline is concerned for safety first. As someone who has cruised Norwegian, I would not want them to handle it any differently. No way do I want to experience trouble at way!! That’s a scary thought. It sounds to me the people are being compensated reasonably, however any extra perks Norwegian can throw in would be even better. Many will deal with this problem in a accepting way because they can afford things to go wrong and travel a lot anyway…but our hearts go out to the passengers that this was the trip of a lifetime for them. Cruises often have a fair amount of customers where that is the situation. What a shame for especially them. We hope Norwegian helps make it right to those passengers. Norwegian has always treated us very well.

    • NCL Jade Cruiser

      NCL has done the right thing. A full refund and a credit towards a future cruise. They also allowed us up to $650 for flight changes.

      • Debbie Rentz

        I haven’t received a refund yet or any proof of anything they’ve promised

  • Debbie Rentz

    I’m on the Jade. No shops open. Casino closed No arrangements made for us yet but we have to be off tomorrow. Can’t leave the ship and return tonight. Basically held captive.

    • Barbara Slott Pryor

      Yep, we were hostages. I was never so happy to see Miami Wednesday morning.

      • NCL Jade Cruiser

        No one was a hostage, no one was held captive. CBP did not clear the ship to have us debark. NCL could not open the casino or shops, they were not allowed to do so.

  • Jeff

    Hi, I see that many of you have future cruise credits, I assume on NCL from a problem on a cruise. Would you be interested in selling this credit voucher ? I just got off the NCL Getaway on Sunday, and already prebooked another cruise. If you know anyone else that was on the same cruise and may be interested, please get in touch with me.