Last month, I wrote about an azipod failure on the Norwegian Star which resulted in the NCL ship limping around on an altered Asian itinerary, much to the frustration of cruise vacationers.  It seems that instead of sending the ship to dry dock, NCL arranged to send the azipod contractors aboard to repair the ship while it was sailing. They apparently fixed the problem but the other azipod has now apparently failed:

According to a message which from a crew member on the Norwegian Star today:

"I’m writing to you again from the unlucky Norwegian Star! I wrote to you sometime in December when we broke down in Singapore at the beginning of our Asian season . . .  yesterday 25th of January, while at sea we experienced problems again, this timer with other engine, "the old one!" So now thatNCL Norwegian Star one is offline… Today, 26th, in Bali, Indonesia, captain made announcement that we are changing the itinerary AGAIN this cruise, skipping 3 ports and adding sea days in order to reach Sydney in time. At the beginning of the cruise (before 23rd, Singapore) we already skipped places and for that everybody received 200$ for onboard account, today, that was changed to 500$. But of course, guests are NOT happy and poor guys at the reception and the security are getting pounded heavily by raging crowd . . . I feel sorry for them because it is not their fault or any other crew member for a broken engine and Miami office made a decision about refunds and amounts, not onboard management . . . So the stricken Norwegian Star is going AGAIN through some very hard times . . ."

I also received this message from a passenger’s family:

"I have been contacted by relatives on Norwegian Cruiseline NCL Star. They left Singapore earlier this week and are on the way to Australia. Azipod failure again and they have been told their day in Brisbane is canceled, and their trip to the barrier reef is off. This was the reason my relative took the cruise in the first place, so he is very annoyed – it was his 70th birthday present and he has waited over a year to take this cruise. This cruise already can celled part of the itinerary before leaving due to the delays on the previous cruise. So far, they have been offered no refund of this cruise – have been bunged some on-ship credit to spend and 50% off the next cruise. They are not happy bunnies!! There is nothing on the internet about this yet, so please can you inform everyone. I don’t see how NCL keep getting away with NCL Norwegian Starthis – there is an obvious issue with this ship and they just keep taking people’s money and canceling the planned trips."

January 27, 2017 Update:

I received photographs (right and below) of what is happening on the Norwegian Star and comments from a passenger which say in part: 

"This is what is happening here on the Norwegian Star at noon on Friday 27th January 2017!

We are on board NCL Star and it is desperate to say the least. To say that things have virtually descended to mob rule would not be an understatement.

As I write this there are more than 500 people demonstrating in the main atrium, shouting in unison ‘Shame on Norwegian’, ‘Where’s the Captain?’, ‘Boo, Boo, Boo’!

This has been going on for over two hours today and the same yesterday evening. I attach three photographs that I have taken within the last hour.

The ship has engine propulsion problems again and the itinerary has been changed once again with another three ports having been cancelled meaning that we are now only stopping at half of the planned ports on this three week cruise.

The main thing that seems to be causing mass unrest is not the fact that the ship has engine problems but the fact that this is the same fault as the ship has had many times previously and that people have been miss sold this long cruise when Norwegian Cruise Line clearly knew there were ongoing problems with the ship.

Documents have been circulated by some guests showing that this problem has been ongoing for months, and a ships log that has been produced on board which shows that the same propulsion faults also occurred on 17 October 2015 and again on 11 December 2016, there are other dates for similar issues in the report also.

During the peak of the demonstrations no officers were to be seen, the Captain has not been seen for the whole cruise and the reception desk are merely handing out comments cards to whose who want to complain. People are absolutely furious about how we are being treated here – ­there is just no leadership! We have been told by staff that there is nothing that staff on board can do because they need to wait to hear from Miami ­- but we have been waiting for nearly two days now! This lack of action seems to be infuriating people more and more . . . ."

January 28. 2017 Update:

". . . There were more demos today and captain eventually made an appearance after more chanting ‘where’s the captain’. NCL flying some execs in from Miami to speak to us at sometime tomorrow . . ."  

January 30, 2017 Update: NCL offers passengers aboard the Norwegian Star 100% of cruise fare towards a future cruise in addition to onboard credit of $500 per first and second guest ($1,000 per stateroom).  See letter here.

February 9, 2017 Update: The Star is dead in the water.  I received dozens of emails today from passengers on the NCL cruise ship saying that the remaining azapood failed shortly after leaving Melbourne, Australia (although A/C, electricity and water remain on). Here’s one: "We are on the Norwegian Star and our complete propulsion system has failed. We are unable to maneuver and wait for help. Thank goodness before the coast of Australia and not in the middle of the Tasmanian Sea! The plan is to return to Melbourne for repair. For all friends and relatives: we are not in danger! Everything except the drive works and help is on the move. All stops in New Zealand are canceled…."

Another comment: "100% refund on this cruise and 50% on future cruise good for 5 years.. Also not the commotion of last cruise and no protests. Very orderly. Tugs are on way, should be here by 5pm and then we should be back in Melbourne by early evening on Saturday. Also giving 300 for airline changes or 350 if you decide to fly to Auckland."

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Photo credit: above – Top – Pjotr Mahhonin – CC BY-SA 3.0; commons / wikimedia; middle and bottom – anonymous.

NCL Norwegian Star

  • Phaytte

    Aboard the Norwegian Star. We did indeed loose more ports. Norwegian has no idea when the ship will be fixed. We are onboard for several more cruises. We have been told more ports will be lost on upcoming cruises but have not been told which ones yet. Anyone considering an upcoming cruise be aware you just may be sailing to nowhere like we are…We have been given $500 per person up to $1000 per cabin and 50% off an upcoming cruise. At this time people are very angry. Ourselves, we want a full refund off this cruise as we won’t be sailing Norwegian after this.

  • Steve T. Raney

    I have been on board the NCL STAR since Sept 28, 2016 for a 144 day around the world 10 back to back cruises. All is well here on the ship and we are safe. In all journeys there are challenges and problems, but the staff and crew on board have been at their best. I am so proud of the way the Captain and crew have handled the situation. However, the Miami office have tied the hands of the crew and have offered very few resources to assist them in calming the guests. On the first cruise where there was a broken motor we got 100% refund, the next cruise we got only 50% refund and now this cruise Miami office has reduced it to only $500. As a loyal passenger of 49 NCL cruises in last 6 years and in addition a stockholder of NCLH stock, I am embarrassed by the apathy of the Miami central office to their current inadequate assistance. Furthermore, I received emails regrind the changes but the Vice Pres who sent out those emails evidently can’t send one out for this one. Nothing has been received from Miami. Further no emails have arrived regarding the next cruise from Sidney to Auckland. Great cruises and great ships, but the leadership in the main office in Miami is sorely lacking.

  • sue neve

    we have 4 friends travelling on the Star and to miss out the Gt Barrier Reef is not good.
    hope NCL will for the moment give free wifi to all so the pass can contact their families.

  • LynnC

    We are booked on the cruise departing Auckland 18 February and are getting increasingly concerned now that we won’t be getting the cruise we booked. If they cut Komodo Island and GBR from the itinerary it will be so disappointing, also not relishing the idea of extra sea days. We’re going to contact our travel agent and insurance company to check out our options/

  • David Godley

    I sailed Singapore to Hong Kong. Although I am interested in the ports rather than the ship I eventually came to terms with more days at sea and losing 2 Thailand stops and gaining 1 Vietnam. I was glad of the good TV channels especially SkyNews. I thought the food was excellent.I like the informality of NCL and will only go with them. However the Sanya shore drop off for $29 was a bus and they refunded the money. I have been told I will get a 20% reduction from the price although I do not feel this was enough but I have not seen this yet. If you push you should be able to get a full refund if you have not joined as others were offered.

  • RonC

    I am booked on the Star for a 12 day cruise from Sydney to Auckland. I received an e-mail a couple of hours ago notifying me that the cruise will spend an extra day in Melbourne, skip the port call at Burnie, Tazmania, skip the cruise of the Milford Sound, New Zealand and skip the port call at Napier, New Zealand. NCL has offered a $500 USD credit or refund per stateroom and a 25% credit on a future NCL cruise.

    A $500 credit/refund seems inadequate considering that NCL will not deliver on 3 of the 9 (33%) advertised attractions. And I do not care about the future cruise credit since I will not be using it.

  • Jack Z

    My wife and I are booked on the Feb 6 Sydney to Auckland Cruise. Notified about a changed itinerary today we have to cancel excursions in Burnie and Napier. Also cancelled is cruising Millford Sound, probably what I looked forward to the most. We also have to change an all day excursion in Melbourne because we are not arriving there until 2pm now. Passengers currently cruising have been given $500 per person or $1000 per cabin, plus 50% off a future cruise. We have been offered $500 per cabin and 25% off a future cruise. We leave in 5 days for Australia…why is our situation any different? Not right. May cancel.

  • Mark M
  • JR Turner

    My wife and I are also booked on the Feb 6 Sydney to Auckland Cruise. Notified about a changed itinerary today we will have to cancel excursions we booked several months ago. Cancelled is cruising Millford Sound, probably what were looking forward to the most. We also have to change our plans in Melbourne because we are not arriving there until 2pm now. Passengers currently cruising are being offered $500 per stateroom. NOT PER PERSON, and ONLY 25% off a future cruise. We too leave in 5 days for Australia…why is our situation any different? Not right. Norwegian is NOT being fair with their offer! Since we are losing 1/3 of our trip.

  • christine Scott

    Will the March 9th 2017 Cruise be affected?We are sailing on this Ship have purchased Air Hotels etc.and will not be able to get a refund on certain bookings how do we stand in this situation will Norwegian compensate us for over $15,000 spent already.

  • BC

    I am booked on NCL for FEb. 6 and only have received information from the internet and NOTHING (NO INFORMATION) from NCL. When are they going to inform me of the changes.

  • Andrea Murdoch

    My mum and partner are on board now, they were disappointed when Bangkok and Chang Mi were cancelled before they went. She was already complaining before leaving. Now this happens onboard. It’s a disgrace, she was going to visit family while in Brisbane. This should have been a celebration and a happy trip. No one wants to pay to go on this type of destination cruise and not get the destinations. They might as well be on a ship anywhere warm. I am disappointed for them and for there to be demonstrations onboard and Norweigian do nothing to calm the mood, it’s disgusting. The refund policy should be 100% for each passenger, put on a limping ship!!!!!!

  • Brooke

    We are also on the Feb 6 cruise leaving Sydney. Extremely unhappy about the change in itinerary and perhaps even more concerned about the safety of the boat. How unsafe is it to cross from Australia to New Zealand with a propulsion issue like this?

  • Brooke

    We are also on the Feb 6 cruise leaving Sydney. Extremely unhappy about the change in itinerary and perhaps even more concerned about the safety of the boat. How unsafe is it to cross from Australia to New Zealand with a propulsion issue like this?

  • Jim

    We are loyal NCL Platinum cruisers and were even married on the NCL Star. We are booked on the Feb 6 departure from Sydney to Auckland and booked it almost two years ago when this sailing was announced. Very disappointed in losing our stops in Tasmania and Napier as well as losing the day in Milford Sound. We are leaving in a few days and are very concerned what will face us when we arrive there. I don’t understand why passengers on this cruise are not being compensated as well as the passengers on the current cruise and on the cruise after ours. This makes no sense. I have two other NCL cruises booked, a 16 day transatlantic cruise from Miami to Copenhagen in April and a 22 day cruise in a suite one out of Singapore to Tokyo in March of 2018. I would be surprised if NCL did not step up to the plate with better compensation for the Feb 6 sailing. Hopefully no additional ports will be lost. Feeling anxious about this trip.

  • TLawson
  • Jayne

    We are booked on February 24th from Brisbane to Singapore.
    If they cancel Komodo island and Bali there isn’t much point in going at all,especially for Australian passengers who only booked to see these ports.
    Very disappointed. Will see travel agent tomorrow.

  • Valerie & howard

    My husband and I are booked on a 39 day cruise from Singapore to Venice leaving march 9th and am now worried that we won’t be going or won’t be getting to our ports. I hope Norwegian does something to fix these problems between now and then. It would be most beneficial for them and the passengers.

  • b r parkin

    Vice President of N C L arrived on Norwegian star at 9.00am,after total unrest on board ship re loss of destinations and compensation.However all his comments were Corporate,non commital, .Something has to be resolved
    tonight to the satisfaction of all fare paying passengers.

  • Pamela Larsen

    More unrest today on ship. Corporate they sent from Sydney, instead of Miami as they stated was useless in answering our questions.Now Darwin and Sydney news stations are I n volved involved,really bad PR for NCL. They are destroying themselves.
    Will be a big problem on board tonight and rest of cruise.

  • Johnnie Wells

    We are platinum members and have been cruising with NCL since 2001 We were also on the Star in 2015 when they had a similar issue. But, this latest fiasco where they have cancelled 50% of the most significant ports without significant reimbursement appears to us as just the culmination of a long line of Customer Service lapses. The only thing they have going for them is their people, the staff, officers, and Capitan are great. But, their policy changes starting with checking your bags for a half bottles of water then requiring you to dump it, so you are required to buy their bottled water. I feel NCL is nickel and diming us without a comparable rise in customer accommodations.

  • Meredith

    My family is on the Norwegian star sailing from Hong Kong to Sydney. The ship is having mechanical problems and they have had to cancel multiple ports of call. A 21 day cruise and 16 days of that are at sea. Norwegian needs to take responsibility give the passengers their money back and get their ship fixed. For many people this is a once in a life time trip and they are not getting the experiences they were promised when they booked a cruise with Norwegian. The president and CEO Kevin Sheehan needs to be held responsible for this problem.

  • Bev Madden

    My husband & I are due to board on 18th Feb in Auckland after spending 2 nights in. Hotel. I spoke to NCL yesterday had told me the ship had engine issues but could not advise me of any changes to our itinerary as they were only dealing with the 6th Feb cruise at present. I feel very concerned about this as we booked a year ago & don’t fancy such a long flight to miss out ports as we have enough sea days without adding any more. NCL should either sort it or give people the option of a refund in my opinion.

  • Joe L

    We are scheduled to sail on the 6th of February. Hearing about all the problems I called N.C.L.. Wow what an experience they could not tell me any more than I already know. They said they were working on fixing the azipod and had no knowledge about the discontent of the passengers on board until i told them.

  • Dave

    I thought that it was a joke when I was told by my travel agent that I could not carry any drinking water on NCL ships but could bring wine on at a cost! My wife and I are Elite travellers with Princess and when told about this we were reluctant to travel with NCL, but were persuaded to do so by the itinerary of our upcoming cruise. We could have taken a similar cruise offered by Princess together with our status awards but we chose the NCL cruise because of the additional stops offered. We are boarding the Star in Singapore on March 9th. taking the 18 day cruise to Dubai and hoping to make the scheduled stops shown on our itinerary. Having heard about the ongoing mechanical issues with the ship I am not hopeful that we will!!! This will definitely be our last cruise with NCL unless things change drastically.

  • Mark M
  • Pam Bean

    We are thinking of our four friends on this Cruise and feel really disappointed for them. To miss out on Brisbane and The Great Barrier Reef is unforgivable. No amount of compensation makes-up for such a huge disappointment.

  • Jim

    We are still scheduled to sail on the Feb 6 departure out of Sydney. Today, NCL is offering passengers to cancel this sailing and the cruise fare paid on future cruises within 5 years. Cruise fare does not mean you will receive credit for everything you paid for. Airfare, port taxes and Insurance does not necessarily fall under fare. They are not saying full refund. I highly doubt they plan to refund these items. Please be very careful if this if anyone decides to go this route and make sure you know what you are getting. NCL is falling short of meeting the mark on compensation for the Feb 6 sailing. They need to at least bring it up to the 50 percent mark of fare paid for future cruises and the 500 per cabin credit/refund. We are traveling with a friends, who on our recommendation are trying NCL. They have never sailed on NCL. Unfortunately, I doubt they will sail with them again which is sad, as I know NCL is a quality line. I have no idea why they are failing so miserably on this issue.

  • Chris D

    We are booked on the 6 Feb cruise to NZ. Booking is direct with NCL Australia. Received a second update email overnight confirmimg adjusted itinerary with Burnie, Milford Sound and Napier deleted, but giving a cancellation for full credit good for 5 years option as well. Rang NCL Sydney this morning and received some info we have not seen reported before from the customer service guy who took our call. He stated that the ship has 6 azipods and 1 is faulty. He also stated that they are trying to arrage service people to board in Cairns and fix it before arrival in Sydney on 6 Feb. He said it was thus possible that the original itinerary would be restored. Not sure how much of this to believe, but thought we would share it so you all knew what at least one NCL Sydney call taker was saying …

  • lyn W

    We are also sailing in March, so hopefully will all be fixed by then.
    Feel sorry for the people who are experiencing all this problem.
    If our cruise does not go ahead hope they give us plenty of notice so other arrangements can be made.

  • Glen

    One of the posters says the Star has 6 Azipods. Not true. This quotes is from the ships specifications. ( Propulsion is provided by two 19,500-kilowatt (26,100 hp) Azipods built by the ABB Group )

  • Tony Yeo

    Norwegian Star is a Dawn Class vessel. It has 2 azipods that are the main propulsion system and 3 bow thrusters that helps the ship move sideways and make sharp turns. My wife and I are on the 6th Feb sailing ex-Sydney and while we are sure we will be taken care of well as we are Latitude Platinum members, I am a tad bit concerned. If the ship only has one azipod working (the one that malfunctioned in Dec) what happens if that azipod decides to konk-off also, while the ship crosses the approx 2,800 km from Melbourne to Dunedin? Don’t like the idea of bobbing on the Tasman sea waiting for the rescue tugs to arrive. The Tasmanian sea can be quite rough this time of the year. Hope that the Engineers fix the other azipod in the next 6 days.

  • Dave

    All this talk about compensation etc what happens if the ship is sailing the Tasman sea (reportedly on of the roughest sea passages in the world) what if ?. the good adipod then fails. it doesn’t bear thinking about !

  • Doug zirpel

    After reading this website it is sounding scary. We had the same problem on a seven day cruise to the Bahamas aboard the NCL Escape in Dec 2016. We skipped the most important island Nassau. The compensation was only $50 per cabin and a sea day. It was basically a booze cruise aboard their newest ship. Other problem was it was raining during cruise and cooler weather so outside amenities were not to be enjoyed.
    I’m really concerned and hope this situation is corrected.

  • Larry

    We received our notice today that the Norwegian Star cruise departing from Sydney on Feb 6, 2017 has the mentioned propulsion problem. This looks to me like NCL management failed to recognize the second propulsion system could likely fail the same way the first system failed. Or, they knew it (most likely) and decided to take a chance that it will not fail until they could fix it properly. I feel like some enterprising maritime lawyer should start up the equivalent of a class action lawsuit. I do know that the maritime laws are usually stacked against individual passengers. But, I am hoping that some lawyer decides to pursue this. We are cancelling because I consider a ship that does not have both redundant propulsion systems in working order to be unsafe.

  • Cridon

    Due on 18th Feb cruise from Auckland, travel agent in U.K. Denying any knowledge of problems and to ring NCL who are not giving out information at present, so all around the merry go-round customer service as usual. Grateful for all of your comments to help us decide what to do as we will be flying from U.K., on a bit of a downer now as this was a holiday to celebrate my wife beating cancer!!

  • Regina Fabian
  • Sue Gower

    Regina, did you go through an agent for the refund? We cancelled the 16th trip too but are still waiting for confirmation from Infinity (through which we booked) that NCL will reimburse flights and hotels as well as cruise. Getting really irritated by the delay now!!

  • Regina Fabian

    Yes, Sue, we booked with an online travel agent in Germany. Give them a final date and then charge a lawyer -good luck ! In the meantime we booked a South iAsia cruise for January 2018 with a German company and go next week for a short winter escape to Madeira….

  • Bob Matthews

    Just canceled our trip. To much of a chance of something else going wrong. We will sail with NCL again. Just don’t know when

  • Cridon

    Travel Republic in U.K. This morning denied any problems with cruise stating NCL admit an azipod problem but cruises unaffected as ship still safe? They will let us know for 18th Feb cruise but at this time NCL are denying cruise timetable is affected and therefore are not issuing refunds, considering legal advice now as clearly, our booking agent is relying on NCL and they are admitting nothing.

  • LynnC

    Will be interested to hear about obtaining refunds for flights etc through travel agents in the UK. We are booked on the 18 Feb cruise from Auckland and are currently considering our options. We booked flights, hotels and cruise through Travelbag. If we were sure we would get all our money back, we would probably cancel now because of all the uncertainty. At the moment the official line from NCL is that there are no planned alterations to our itinerary, but it will be impossible unless the azipod is fixed

  • Tony Yeo

    For those who are on the 18th Feb departure ex-Auckland and thinking of cancelling, perhaps the following will help put things in perspective. My wife and I are on the Feb 6 departure ex-Sydney. Only on 28th Jan, 10 days before departure did NCL informed us of the change of itinerary and problem with the azipod. I reckon that if the azipod cannot be fixed, the passengers departing Auckland on 18th Feb will receive the info offering cancellation options by Feb 8th, a full 10 days before the start of the cruise, allowing for folks to cancel flights, hotels etc … I read somewhere that a bunch of engineers will board tomorrow in Cairnes and they hope to fix the other azipod by the time the ship gets to Auckland. Tha’s 14 days to fix the problem.

  • Tony Yeo

    For those who are on the 18th Feb departure ex-Auckland and thinking of cancelling, perhaps the following will help put things in perspective. My wife and I are on the Feb 6 departure ex-Sydney. Only on 28th Jan, 10 days before departure did NCL informed us of the change of itinerary and problem with the azipod. I reckon that if the azipod cannot be fixed, the passengers departing Auckland on 18th Feb will receive the info offering cancellation options by Feb 8th, a full 10 days before the start of the cruise, allowing for folks to cancel flights, hotels etc … I read somewhere that a bunch of engineers will board tomorrow in Cairnes and they hope to fix the other azipod by the time the ship gets to Auckland. Tha’s 14 days to fix the problem.

  • David Godley

    The Star seems to be in Cairns now. I was on the Singapore to HK segment and was offered like other passengers a 20% refund in December. That 20% has not turned up in my credit card account.
    I was surprised I had my bottle of water taken and some nuts which I was not going to eat on board but wanted for an immediately following trip. But this is niggling. I was satisfied that Norwegian, the only ships on which I will travel because of the informality, did their best under the circumstances. I was somewhat galled that I paid full price and they were offering huge discounts under Vacations To Go.
    They are offering 83% discounts in Feb and Mar for these cruises where people are “abandoning ship”.

    I would say there is every chance the azipod will be repaired based it on the time taken to fix the first azipod probably in time for the Sydney departure. But it is of course a risk.

    I think the offer NCL have made to refund passengers and the help for a future cruise is more than fair for those particular passengers of which I wish I were one.
    I think there are great deals to be had on the way back to Venice.

    NCL totally screwed up on guest service. Miami may have been influenced by Chinese ownership. Glad that people power worked. It would not have been pleasant to watch the engaging captain walk the plank.Why they do not issue updates on the azipod repair is beyond me. Guests are not cattle.

  • cathy

    I am boarding on the Feb 6th cruise in Sydney with the understanding of the issue at hand. I am going to make the best of it and have a good time that is my plan. I have received compensation already and know it will be more if further ports are cancelled. I anticipate a great time on NCL no matter what and believe it is attitude that helps alot. I hope to meet many wonderful people on board and enjoy the shows hot tub pool play a little bingo go to some lectures and most of all relax see some of Australia and New Zealand. I do plan on carrying a copy of my contract with me as it covers NCL policy on a mechanical failure on what is compensated so I know. Hope to meet some of you on the cruise

  • Sue Gower
  • Gilwernguy

    We are joining the Star in Auckland on 18.2.17 and a concerned about the current problems that the ship is experiencing. Does anyone know if the engineers boarded the ship at Cairns? Hope that the problem can be fixed as we are so looking forward to the cruise and it’s published itinerary?

  • Katie

    I am on Feb 18th cruise with pretty much the same attitude as I am coming from the uk. What intrigued me was who has paid you compensation already, how many ports are the cancelling on your cruise?

  • Tara Danley

    We are booked to go on the February 6th cruise and the February 18th cruise (31 days in all aboard the Norwegian Star). We are concerned for our safety, the second azipod failing, unhappy guests that have been protesting onboard…this is something that should not be happening SINCE NCL has known about these issues for some time. It seems to me that they are knowingly scamming people. Has anyone written the lawyer on the side of he page to ask for advice? We are contacting the travel agent today to see if we can get a full refund as I am traveling with my mom on what is suppose to be a trip of a lifetime, but more like a trip from hell at this point. Worried, scared and truly concerned.

  • Sue Gower

    The loss of two ports entitles you to cancel as per NCL’s Ts and CS. Cruise critic has just posted info re compensation for future cruises IF you decide to travel.

  • Tom
  • Chris D

    More info from NCL Sydney this morning. Again don’t shoot the messenger if it is incorrect or even partially correct. I was responding to NCL’s overnight email to check the cruise confirmation for 6 February ex Sydney. This I did (it had the wrong port of embarkation for us!). The NCL call taker stated that the revised itinerary for the 6 Feb cruise would remain in place even though there were maintenance staff now on board working on repairing the azipod. He stated they still need more parts from Europe – sounds like the ABB connection to me. He confirmed that shore excursions booked for ports no longer on the itinerary would be credited back to the originating credit card (not yet I note) and the booking confirmation outlines the USD 500 per cabin credit outlined in last week’s emails. As with Tom, I also noted what seemed to be an increased speed after Cairns.

  • Dreux F

    I was considering booking the 19 night sailing, Feb 18-Mar 9, from Auckland to Singapore after seeing the fares continuing to drop. I had a feeling that something might be up and decided to do a little research and the flood gates so to speak broke wide open. Now I see that they have dropped two ports on this sailing, Brisbane and the Bay Islands near Auckland. I suppose I should preface this with the fact that I swore off NCL 15 years ago after a really bad experience in the Baltic on the NCL Dream and NCL refused to do anything to rectify the matter. I can see it was a good thing I listened to that little voice inside. I see that NCL has pretty much resigned itself to the fact that they are not going to be able to successfully repair the Star’s Azipod problem anytime soon and will continue to cancel ports of call and let the ship limp along at half speed until the are FORCED to put her in drydock where she should have been put almost two months ago. NCL continues to put money ahead of passenger safety and their reputation with this PR nightmare they have created for themselves. What NCL is doing by continuing to take money from their customers, knowing full well the magnitude of the problem, most certainly amounts to FRAUD! I hope that NCL pays dearly for this nightmare it is subjecting their passengers to. I believe that I will stick with Celebrity, Cunard and Princess for my future cruises where passengers are not continuously nickeled and dimed and lied to.

  • Dreux F

    I see that NCL has also cancelled Bali on the 2/18-3/9 sailing which would have been a highlight of this cruise. The count is now 3 cancelled ports on this sailing. The hits just keep coming…..are you listening NCL?

  • Tony Yeo

    Things may be looking up for the rest of the cruise. Tom reported on 3rd Feb that NCL Star was travelling at 16 knots. By 23:03 on the same day the speed went up marginally to 16.6 knots. On 4th Feb at 07:08 the speed went up to 17.1 knots and as of now, 4 Feb 21:20, NCL Star is running at 19.4 knots (it was running at 19.8 knots just a while ago). This indicates to me that both Azipods are now running or else the ship will not be able to run at the current speed of 19+ knots. We can hope that Tasmania, Milford Sounds and Napier will be restored to the 6th Feb ex-Sydney itinerary.

  • Tom

    Looks like they are continuing to wind up the rubber band on the # 2 pod (old one) and are now making 19.9 knots. From what I have read and seen this is maybe 10% NCLs issue. The ABB pods on this ship failed or had to go into reduced service to prevent bearing failure in 2005 when the ship was 4 years old. Drydock fixed that for 10 years when in 2015 a panama canal cruise was cancelled. After that repair, if I were NCL, I would have figured I had another 8 to 10 years service in the bag for the pods on the Star. The “new” pod failed in December and was repaired during the current Singapore Sydney run and upon its repair, apparently the old one had to be shut down. It appears the Cairns parts and repairs (?) have got the old one back online to some degree. I am pretty sure on pod at 19.5 MW alone can get the star up much over 12 knots. If I was a betting man I would say they are breaking the old one in. The news on my boarding on the 6th or continuing improvements in speed will tell I suppose. Would be nice if NCL threw us a bone, we are the customer, need the info…. The elephant in the room is, how long will the repairs last. Regardless of what is written on the side of the ship, if it has the old model of ABB pods, I will be afraid and most likely avoid that ship. Problem is that the pods, I believe, are a $60 million dollar install. Says something for shaft drive doesn’t it? 10 year cheap quick bearing change and a lot simpler. Engineering for longevity has but one rule, KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid…. Pods are very sexy and not by any means simple.

  • Cridon

    NCL in U.K. Denying any problems and no change to itinerary for 18/2 cruise from Auckland. Can anybody tell us where this info is from re cancelled port calls as we are due to fly out on 15/2 and getting very concerned.

  • Tom Latus

    The itinerary for the 18th February sailing has been changed. Three ports deleted – Bay of Islands, Brisbane and Bali and an overnight in Auckland on 18th.

  • Tony Yeo

    Cridon … we are on the 6th Feb cruise ex-Sydney. On 28th Jan, 10 days before departure, we were informed of the problem, itinerary change and offered compensation if we sailed or refund if we decided not to sail. (We are sailing.). I reckon that if there is going to be any change in itinerary for your 18th Feb ex-Auckland departure, you should hear from NCL around 8th Feb; 10 days before embarkation. Perhaps you may want to sit pretty till then. I will give you an update on 7th Feb after being on the ship for 48 hours. Good luck to all of us.

  • Tony Yeo

    Cridon … we are on the 6th Feb cruise ex-Sydney. On 28th Jan, 10 days before departure, we were informed of the problem, itinerary change and offered compensation if we sailed or refund if we decided not to sail. (We are sailing.). I reckon that if there is going to be any change in itinerary for your 18th Feb ex-Auckland departure, you should hear from NCL around 8th Feb; 10 days before embarkation. Perhaps you may want to sit pretty till then. I will give you an update on 7th Feb after being on the ship for 48 hours. Good luck to all of us.

  • David Godley

    Try Vacations to Go

  • Paul

    Just had e mail notication a week before we a due to fly out, that the 18th Feb cruise from Auckland itinerary has cancelled Bay of Islands, Brisbane & Bali. Offering $500 credit & 25% off of future cruise.

    This offer is appalling considering these are 3 major port highlights of this cruise & the main reasons I booked this itinerary – So travelling half way around the world & not being able to see these places & paying full price for it, not to mention the question of safety – is not an option. I think they should be offering a full refund of cruise,flights etc – plus compensation.

    I will be looking into the contract and uk consumers act in more detail over the next few days to clarify our legal rights.

  • Nerridah Khoory(REES)

    What HUGE DISSAPOINTMENT to find out The Norwegian Star wasn’t stopping into Brisbane. I may never again in my lifetime ever meet my Cousin. Thankyou for ruining our once in a lifetime REUNION. I hope Cousin Ann and her husband David EVANS enjoy the rest of their trip onboard without any further delays and disappointments. Nerridah

  • cridon

    Thank you Tony for your help and offer for more information,NCL could do with more people like you. Seems that only certain people being told anything, presumably those that booked direct with NCL. We booked with an agent in the UK who so far has heard nothing.Please keep the information coming as we near the cruise date, enjoy your cruise!

  • Patricia Cosgrove

    This is a disgrace; NCL knew about problems with the Star yet continued to keep it in service, not advising passengers/their customers of the problems. The problem is not with the staff but with the CEO; this is where the buck stops. He has to take full responsibility. I am sure many would agree that the CEO should be fired. How stupid can he be in this day of social media…he has no place to hide. I trust angry customers will continue to pound NCL for fair compensation and an apology.

  • Jackie

    We are booked to board in Brisbane. We have had no information to say we are not boarding

  • Derf

    We am traveling on the Febuary 18th Cruise out of Auckland on the Norwegian Star.At this moment in time we am unsure of what to expect. Our travel agent tells us that all will be running according to schedule. That was the information they received from NCL yesterday.
    We see some information was posted on Cruise Critic outlining a totally new schedule with three land stops withdrawn and a further one added. We also noticed that a compensation package was listed by Cruise Critic pertaining to the 19day Auckland to Singapore Cruise stating that $500 and a 100% future cruise credit would be given to all guests sailing on the 19day cruise from Auckland,. I see that a previous poster said that he was offered $500 onboard credit and a 25% discount on a future cruise. We are traveling from the British Isles and would really like to know what is going on. We are due to fly out in 9 days so if anyone can give us a steer we would be more than thankful.

  • John obrien

    We are booked on the 18th,but will try to get my money back from my travel agent, we wanted a nice cruise, not problems.

  • Michelle

    Passengers booked on the 24 February 13-night cruise from Auckland will receive US$175 onboard credit per person (maximum US$350 per stateroom, plus a 25 percent future cruise credit of their cruise fare paid, to be used within five years. Norwegian will arrange flights from Brisbane to Sydney for people embarking in Brisbane or provide a full refund if you choose not to sail.

  • Derf

    Many thanks Michelle for all your updated information. At least we know now what is happening.My initial reaction is one of disappointment particularly at the loss of the Bali stop where we had gone on our Honeymoon. The amount of onboard credit being given per stateroom is just enough to pay for unlimited internet on the 19 day cruise. This is disappointing as we will need to buy this package to keep our family posted back home.
    All in all, this cruise is kicking off on the wrong foot and we feel a huge disappointment at the way our dream holiday is turning out.
    Unfortunately these engine failures happen and we just have to get on with it.
    We have no alternative but to go as we have organised work, school and holidays around this trip but we certainly would not be traveling to the far side of the world had we known how it would be turning out.

  • Dave (UK)

    Rang both ta and ncl regarding 18/2 sailing Auckland now awaiting official email.Itinary changes, overnight in Auckland, additional port added Port klemba (an industrial port) 40 miles south of Sydney.Brisbane and Bali both cancelled. Compensation 500 dollars p.p obc 25% off future cruise. Keeping in mind NFL’s track record, watch this space! It could all change AGAIN !

  • james Lewis

    We were booked on Norwegian star on 6th Feb but cancelled. How many passengers turned up for this cruise and how many more ports have been cancelled.we were not prepared to travel halfway around the world to cruise most of the 12 days at sea

  • james Lewis

    We were booked on Norwegian star on 6th Feb but cancelled. How many passengers turned up for this cruise and how many more ports have been cancelled.we were not prepared to travel halfway around the world to cruise most of the 12 days at sea

  • Malcolm (UK)

    We are booked on the 18th from Auckland travelling from the UK on the 14th (over 30 hours travelling time). Have just found out about problems with the ship and compensation offered. (250 usd per person obc and 25℅ future credit). Considering this was to be the trip of a lifetime I’m gutted at missing the 3 ports (especially Bali) and the first 5 days which essentially are on board. I think the compensation being offered is disgraceful. Cancelling is not an option for us as the £2000 in airfares we have paid is none refundable.

  • Bevy

    We are supposed to be on the 18th sailing from Auckland and have asked about cancellation. We booked through Infinity Cruises who are currently checking to see if NCL will refund our flights & hotel stays & if so we are going to cancel. We are not prepared to be in a ship and told of other port cancellations after traveling so far and to be on a ship that in my opinion is unsafe.

  • Jackie

    As I posted earlier we are due to board on the 24th in Brisbane we have not been told that it has been altered so I am assuming it will still be going to Brisbane
    All very confusing!

  • ian macpherson

    Due to leave UK on Friday 10 February for 2 nights in Dubai, on to Auckland for 4 nights before joining Norwegian Star on 18 February for 19 nights. Travelling from the North of Scotland. Now advised of change of itinerary and compensation offered as per other reports. First impression is to stick with the new itinerary in the hope that it doesn’t get worse!
    What would you do?

  • Bill

    Just received notice of the changes to 18 Feb sailing from Auckland. Not only have 3 ports been dropped but a number of date changes for other ports. This cruise is unrecognisable to the one I booked 12 months ago and the planned meetings with family in Aus have all gone out the window. The compensation offered is an absolute disgrace and I fully intend to fight this tooth and nail. Not even remotely interested in the added port of call to an industrial estate.

  • Cridon

    Due on 18/2 cruise from NZ and due to fly out on 15/2 from U.K. Booked with Imagine Cruising on package so have taken legal advice to cancel cruise under package travel regulations. Agent not responding at moment and heard nothing from NCL as yet. Getting very angry with the lack of respect to its customers by NCL. Had booked 5 day trips 3 of which were in the cancelled ports, not good and this was to celebrate my wife recovering from cancer, disappointed is not the word at the moment!

  • Bevy

    Have you already been told this Malcolm as when I spoke to Infinity Cruises they told me they would contact NCL & try to get our flight & hotels refunded but they’ve not got back to me yet. We are also flying out of UK- London Heathrow on the 14th & spending 2 nights in Aukland before boarding the ship. We too are more than upset about missing Bali & also Brisbane as we were meeting up with friends who live there for the day. Also the port that they have added, Port Kembla is a cargo port.

  • Sue Gower

    Malcolm the loss of two ports constitutes a significant change and entitles you to a refund. NCL are liable for flights and hotels and we are currently waiting for our refund from 16 Jan cruise. We too are working with Infinity.

  • Robert Bailey

    the compensation package of $500 for the cabin or 125.00 per person shows n c l does not care. This will be my 17th on and maybe my last

  • Gary Moore

    18/2 sailing. Iam travelling from Scotland on 12/2 to join ship in Auckland. I was sent email on 4/2 regarding change of ports. Iam very disappointed on a few issues port Kemble is that not just an industrial estate type port. Better 2 days in Sydney. Missing Bali & going to Komodo which has a big lizard & not a lot else as I’ve been informed if your not on an organised tour you can’t get off. Don’t know how true that is. Compensation in my opinion should mirror what is already on offer $500 each & 100% FFC. if the azipod from Dec breaks down as well it will take 19days to get to Sydney !!! More important to me though is after I booked our cruise myself & family I had an issue in my business which means I need to be back in Scotland on 3rd march. So it was agreed with NCL. I would jump off at Cairns & jump back on in Bali. So booked flights which were more than I paid to get to Auckland !! now no stop on 27th in Cairns & no stop in Bali. I can’t get to Komodo in time for a 2pm sail. So now I have to jump back on at KL. Iam sorry NCL but you knew you had a dodgy ship months ago this is your issue & you don’t seem to be handling it very well. I spoke to uk helpline yest. Total & utter useless. All they wanted to do is fight with me. Iam going into this cruise with open eyes but by the NCL handling at the minute it doesn’t bode well.

  • John Canning

    Like you I am flying out on the 14th from Manchester.
    I have been to New Zealand before but missed the Bay of Islands.
    My NZ friends tell me it is the most beautiful part of the Islands.
    It is still possible to get a day trip there from Auckland on the 17th.
    Viator and Expedia both have tours available at around £140pp. We will certainly be going.
    I have asked NCL for assistance with the cost, but they have simply ignored my e mails.
    I will be making a claim for out of pocket expenses at the end of the holiday. I cannot touch the main culprits, NCL because my contract is with Iglu.
    However, since major changes have been made to the holiday, I am confident I can claim against the travel agents, using the Small Claims Court.
    I have used it before. It is very simple and straightforward.

  • sid

    Feb 18th sailing is a mess but some info to consider. Inside cabin class dropped like a rock to $799 and if u booked early and rate dropped by 25% you can get refund. Also with on board $1000 /cabin concession, insiders can consider moving up to Balcony FOR A CHARGE and theY are upgrading as well. fOR LITTLE OUT OF POCKET YOU CAN DO BALCONY
    Port Kembla aint Bali but there is things worth doing for free and worth looking into NAN tIEN tEMPLE AND kEMBLA bEACH AND POOL

  • Bevy

    I have spoken to NCL today & received an email from Infinity Cruises both advising me that a refund is out of the question, even for the cruise. The only offer is $500 OBC per stateroom & 25% off a future cruise. If we don’t travel we will only receive 100% off a future cruise with NCL but we will lose our flight & hotel money. This is disgusting behaviour from NCL. They actually said that they had given us plenty of notice, when in fact I received an email yesterday & we fly a week today.

  • Gary Moore

    I fully understand your pain. I tried to get a full refund on my card so I could book another cruise. But by them keeping £7000 of my money for up to 5 years I just can’t do that. I would have bitten their hand off if they offered full refund now as after this cruise 9/3 Iam on royal Caribbean from Singapore I would have gone & book a few weeks with them with my money that NCL want to keep. Outrageous When I called yest they said that the others got $500 each & 100% FFV because of the ports they missed. I have a doc from NCL that show the cruise from Bali in 24/1 to Sydney misses 3 ports same as us but we only give a fraction of there compensation. I will be asking someone why when you get them face to face they are not as brace then as they are on the phone !!!

  • John canning

    Don’t know about Scotish Law, but in England the Small Claims Court covers claims up to £10000. It is simple to use, takes around three months and is sympathetic to individuals.
    No lawyer required. You just need to be articulate and have a valid case.
    You have

  • Joy Sykes

    My friend and her husband were due to sail from Auckland on the 18th. Given the situation with this ship it was not looking to be the holiday of a lifetime. I encouraged her to contact our local newspaper and they are hopefully going to press with it tomorrow. A journalist friend will then try and help to get it in national press. Can others not contact newspapers locally and get this outrage made public? When she told her booking agent – Scotland’s Cruise Centre, what she’d done,they suddenly decided to issue her a full refund! Story should be in Greenock Telegraph tomorrow.

  • Cridon

    Informed today by Imagine Cruising who are part of Travel Republic of the 18/2 itinerary change, have challenged them under Package Travel Regulations for a full refund, they have repeated NCL’s future credit offer but refused a refund even though they are clearly liable as port changes constitute a significant change. Interestingly, travel agents will as part of their terms and conditions tell you that port changes are not considered a major change, but remember that consumer law over rides any terms and conditions, beware of companies like Travel Republic and looks like a court claim coming up. Good luck to everybody else out there and for anybody in UK have a look at Which website online which gives good info on your rights.

  • gregory sorich

    we sailed on this ship x hong kong to singapore 22dec 2016 we were told nothing about the issues concerning the azipod problem until we checked in for boarding we were told that we would receive 50% off that cruise and 50% off a future cruise taken within 12 months we booked another cruise on the Jewel x Papeete to Sydney ,so far we have been credited the 50% from the last cruise but 6 weeks later are still waiting for the 50 % future cruise credit . Lack of communication is the problem with NCL we have been loyal platinum guests with them ..but they dont seem to care.

  • John Canning

    Imagine Cruising are ABTA bonded. Once the Cruise company admit a major change Imagine must pay back every single penny you have paid to them for the holiday, and do so promptly.
    Other charges such as airport parking and lounges, excursions with third parities etc are still down to you.
    Letter of complaint to Imagine (recorded delivery)
    If no response take up the matter with ABTA.
    You can always fall back on your Credit Card Company, or Visa Debit using chargeback.
    If you are in UK you will win this one. It just takes time.

  • Adrian Burnham

    Went on the 5th January cruise the Star missed two Thailand stops which we specifially booked the cruise for !!…..We have only been offered 20% off the cruise only which is paltry as the previous two cruises got 50% off their cruise and 50% off a future NCL cruise ?? And we ‘STILL’ haven’t even been refunded the 20% yet ?? Bad communication and customer satisfaction NCL !!

  • Christine

    Please tell me when schedule for March 9th sailing will be decided.

  • david

    NCL Norwegian Star is in Melbourne Today 09/02/2017 and is once again stuck at the dock with Engine Problems

  • Margie

    I note the Star has left Melbourne as scheduled at 5pm AEDST according to sea scanner.

    We are booked from Singapore 9 March, having booked the cruise 13 months ago for my 60th and the different ports this cruise goes to. We too have flights booked (from Aus) and accommodation in Singapore and Dubai so will definitely not be cancelling as they are non-refundable.

    Hopefully all is repaired by then, maybe this is why they are stopping at Port Kembla to finalise the repair, can’t ever recall a cruise ship stopping there.

    Good luck to everyone claiming compensation and with refunds. I’m still looking forward to my long awaited holiday

  • Sue Sidal

    We booked with Imagine Cruising Ltd. I can’t imagine I’ll be doing that again. They took a very hard line regarding this situation – “The amendment is not a significant change so if you choose to cancel you will forfeit 100%.”
    Very helpful.
    I told them that I would seek legal advice, which I duly did and was advised that regulation 12 of the package travel, package holidays and package tours regulations 1992 applied (
    As NCL’s own terms state that losing two or more ports is classed as a “signicant change” and would allow cancellation had I booked directly with them, the solicitor felt that I had a very strong case and gave me a line of attack.
    I went back to our friends at Imagine and very politely and very pleasantly brought this to their attention. Initially there was no change in their attitude, however, 10 minutes later they called me, said that they had spoken with NCL and that I could cancel and get a full refund.
    So if you’ve booked a package (defined in the aforementioned legislation) and you wish to cancel that’s how you need to play it.
    If you booked directly with NCL and want to cancel, read THEIR OWN terms and conditions which clearly state that you have that option.
    Ironically, as part of a larger group, we’ve decided to go after all!
    So If there’s anyone else on the ship, we’ll see you there and WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A FANTASTIC HOLIDAY 🙂 even if we end up going round and round and round……

  • Bill

    Just received notice of the changes to 18 Feb sailing from Auckland. Not only have 3 ports been dropped but a number of date changes for other ports. This cruise is unrecognisable to the one I booked 12 months ago and the planned meetings with family in Aus have all gone out the window. The compensation offered is an absolute disgrace and I fully intend to fight this tooth and nail. Not even remotely interested in the added port of call to an industrial estate.

  • John Canning

    Just had a conversation with Iglu Cruises. They have offered me every single penny of all the money paid to them if I choose to cancel. That includes, cruise, cabin upgrades, flights, hotels and transfers. All in all the total comes to Around £7000
    If I cancel I still have to chase my other expenses such a car parking, excursions etc, but most if not all of this is around £1000or so and is mostly recoverable.
    After my conversation it is plainis that Iglu accept a major change has taken place.
    All of you in the UK who booked a package with an ABTA bonded company can demand a one hundred percent refund. Thank you Iglu. Better late than never.
    NCL. Your compensation offer is mean. I have spent nearly all of my 500US getting to Bay of Islands. Not enough left for a single excursion, Internet or meals package.
    Your 100pc cruise refund is a joke. My cruise cruise expenditure is only around 50pc of my total holiday costs. If I had to rely on you I would be over £3000 out of pocket.

  • Cridon

    Well, Imagine Cruising in U.K. Have just notified us that we will receive a full refund of all costs including flights from NCL for the 18/2 cruise, bit of a battle with all the threats made as per previous advice offered. Did speak to lawyers from Which magazine and they advised that NCL terms show 2 or more cancelled ports to be a significant change, therefore Package Travel rules apply to the cruise and if your whole holiday is a package then to that as well. If your TA or NCL refuse to offer a full refund then go to which website and download letter template and send to NCL, if they ignore this then we were advised to travel under protest and then pursue the small claims court and as said previously on this forum, this is a clear cut case so be patient if you do not wish to travel. To those still travelling, wish you all a great holiday, somewhat gutted now as this was a celebration of my wife’s recovery from cancer but at least we can go and look for something else now. All the best!

  • John Canning

    Iglu offered a full refund. Flights, cruise hotel and money. Seven thousand pounds in all.
    Now we can trust the Travel Agents we have decided to go.
    Doesn’t get round the fact NCL have been less than honest, and their compensation is inadequate.
    Like Sue above, I am just going to enjoy myself and just hope I require no further dealings with NCL customer service.
    I will make an extra effort to be nice to the crew. I bet they have suffered a lot from irate passengers

  • Rob

    Latest info… NOT GOOD…
    Well Guess what guys… Star is dead in the water again. i have two people on board (im being vague ’cause they said two people were kicked off the ship for being outspoken) and they just said ship has not moved since 3am feb 10. (3 hours) crew is not giving any word. In reading below post, we tried and tried to cancel and get money back before the cruise and NCL refused. You save up for years and years for a trip of a lifetime and its trashed and ruined because of greed. Sad.. I will send more updates as i get them

  • Fred

    Wonderful! After going through cancer treatments in 2016 and surgery in September, we booked the Feb 24 cruise from Brisbane as a “bucket list” trip. After making all the flight, hotel, etc arrangements from Canada to Brisbane, we got an email from our travel agent on Tuesday (2 weeks from when we fly from Toronto) informing us of all these changes. Worst of all was that instead of boarding in Brisbane, we now have to board in Sydney! It would have cost us close to $1000 to change our flights, hotel, airport transfers…so now we have to book a flight from Brisbane to Sydney on Feb 24 to board the ship. My cancer doctor told me that I should try to avoid stress as much as possible. This certainly isn’t helping…I may not even be around in a few years to use any credits that NCL gives us.

  • Jacques

    Two tugs being sent from Melbourne and Geelong to rescue broken down Norwegian Star…. ETA 12 hours…..

  • Tony Yeo

    Just got woken up by the captain at 8:oo am local time reporting that the ship is dead in the water as both Azipods konked-off over-night enroute to Dunedin. Tug boats on the way to take us back to Australia for 5 days repair. Tug-boats should arrive by mid/late afternoon today and we should be alongside tomorrow. We are, I reckon around

  • Al

    Since the Star ship has been having engine problem for a long time now, NCL should get it fixed and replaced with another ship as soon as possible. Word is getting around so fast of passengers Safety and concerns as well as (poor) Customer Service from NCL. We are flying from the US to join the cruise on the 9th of March in Singapore. I also booked my excursions online and at this time, we have not received confirmation of an updated itinerary from NCL. My friends and I are having second thoughts about cancelling and cruising with NCL ever again!!

  • CJ

    We were on the “slow boat from China” January 16-February 6, when azipod failure was also an issue.
    The captain was offended when people questioned the reliability and safety of the ship. He reassured us repeatedly. Clearly we were not amiss in asking for reassurance and for good reason.
    NCL’s position was that despite missing 5 out of 10 ports, we were reasonably compensated with a $1000 stateroom credit and free future cruise.
    BUT, who pays full price for a cruise with 15 sea days?
    WHO wants to book a cruise with a company that doesn’t respond to email complaints and puts the passenger advocate off abruptly in Cairns? They said, people were happier after the “ringleader”left. No, nearly 250 passengers voluntarily left. The rest were slilenced by such draconian measures.

  • Pauline

    We are booked to sail on this ship Feb 18th from Auckland. We are travelling from Toronto Canada and not able to get refunds on cruise or flights. Would appreciate updates as to the status of the situation. Disappointed and upset!!

  • Tony Yeo

    We have been dead in the water in the Bass Straits for the last 12 hours. Rescue tugs are on the way and should arrive by 8pm today 10th Feb. Captain expects us to be docked in Melbourne by tomorrow night 11th Feb. Repairs expected to take 5 days and we are welcome to stay on board while repairs are going on. New itinerary will be announced after review of the situation when the ship docks. We will get full refund for this cruise and 50% off next cruise valid for 5 years. We will get reimburse $350 for flight to Auckland if we do not wish to continue with the cruise or $300 for flight change fee if we decide to fly home from Melbourne. Good thing is the sea is pretty calm and expected to stay that way.

  • George Philactides

    good luck to all the people that suffered due to the ship’s current problems. Let me tell you that we had a similar problem with this ship on a cruise from Singapore to Hong Kong and the solution to this shipping line was that they would refund all passengers with a 20 percent discount. To date (10/02/2017) have not heard any more about it. I am still waiting for the offer to come good and hope it was not idle talk to keep us quite and forget about it. I intend to follow this up further, so please passengers don’t let them get away with it, claim your refund

  • Pauline

    Tony thanks for your update. Are NCL refunding the total cost of your trip including airfare or are they just refunding the cruise portion??
    I have just phoned the head office at NCL and as usual I cannot get a reasonable answer from them although it would seem they are not prepared to cancel the future cruises so who knows what we can all expect!!

  • John Canning

    I said in my last entry I was going to do the cruise and enjoy it. After the last breakdown I have cancelled and demanded a full refund. The main reason is that I have no Faith in any statement put out by NCL.
    Their last statement that the cruise from Auckland is going ahead as planned is wildly optimistic.
    I don’t know much about ships but my knowledge of basic navigation is fairly solid.
    It is 1422nms (nautical miles) from Melbourne to Auckland (shortest great circle route). The ship has to get in and out of port and go round land so it must sail around 1500.
    The maximum continuous speed of the Star is 24kts (nautical miles per hour)
    NCL says the repair will take 5 days from the 11th at 5pm.
    If the fix is completed on schedule and the ship cannot arrive before morning of the 19th.And this ship has not reached maximum speed for some time.
    Of course the repairs could be completed a day or so early. But if the ship can only reach the speeds of 17ish kts it has been doing recently the transit will increase by over a day , so arrival will still be on the 19th.
    In a nutshell, what NCL are gambling on is they can complete a quick complete fix ahead of schedule. They are gambling with your money.
    There last promise that they made about safety is also not completely accurate. When you continue to sail withiPknowing

  • Tony Yeo
  • Pauline

    John we have tried with both travel agent and cruise company direct and cannot get a refund
    We have exhausted all options. At best they will give us a credit for the cost of the cruise to be used within 5 years. We simply cannot cancel as we will be out of pocket on non refundable hotels, Australian visa, airfare cancellation fee etc. We have no choice but to travel to Auckland from Toronto Canada and ” hope” the ship will sail on the 19th. I totally agree with your statement, we are in a situation where we are at their mercy. Shocking absolutely shocking. Our dream trip is now an ongoing nightmare.

  • Trish

    My husband and I went on what we thought was going to be a lovely Christmas/New Year cruise leaving Hong Kong on 23/12/2016 and arriving in Singapore 5/1/2017. We were suppose to go to 7 ports and ended up going to 3. The most frustrating thing about it was that we only found out on the morning of boarding from someone staying in the same hotel as we were. We like many others chose this cruise as it was going to places we had not been too before. Unfortunately the places we ended up going to we had been there before so very disappointed. We were offered 50% refund which we have received back through our travel agent Cruiseabout and 50% of another cruise to be used within 1 year. We have booked to go around the Hawaiian Islands in July and that 50% has been applied to the cruise. I enjoyed the cruise however my husband didn’t like the extra at sea days that we encountered. I would NEVER book on Norwegian Star again.

  • Chris D

    Ob board Star from Melbourne Thursday to Melbourne Saturday, now with 3 tugs. Captain and staff great but someone decided to gamble cruising for some weeks with one already failed azipod, out of 2. The gamble did not pay off. Lucky the weather was very kind as we were drifting without propulsion for about 18 hours. Due to arrive back to melbourne early Sunday 12 feb. As anothrr poster stated, on time arrival in auckland on 18 feb almost impossible if repair takes the 4 or 5 days that the captain has indicated to all passengers. Thus even with no port stops all folk who have plans for new zealand after this cruise will be in trouble. Will be very interesting to see when a firm and reliable departure date ex melbourne is avaliable…

  • Malcolm (UK)

    We were traveling on the 18th sailing, Just to let everyone know my travel agent (flights and packages) has said NCL has agreed to refund me all costs we have incurred ie cruise, airfare’s, hotel and transfer costs, therefore i’m sorry to say we have cancelled.

  • @CJ
  • John Canning

    Pauline, I don’t know where you live or booked. If you booked a full package in UK from a ABTA bonded company, you are entitled by law, to a full refund. If you put the package together yourself you are not. However do consult with your credit/ debit card company. You may have some comeback under the sale of goods act.
    I posted a while ago about the safety issue of sailing with an unserviceable azipod and asked the question about how safe bit would be in the event of other failures.
    When the other failure did happen it was close to land and in calm seas.
    Ask NCL how safe it would be one thousand plus miles from land, in the path of a category 5 typhoon with bow thrusters and generators only?

  • Claire

    Please can anyone provide details of all the cruises affected (or to be affected) from December onwards.
    That is date and duration of cruises, amount of ports missed and recompense offered.
    Thank you

  • Sue Gower

    Check out Cruise Critic – the site posted details

  • Pauline

    John thanks for your response we live in a Canada the cruise was booked with a travel agent and we booked the flights ourselves online. We are not having any joy getting refunds anywhere except the airline. Considering we will be out of pocket too much and going nowhere we have decided to go on the cruise, fingers crossed it will be repaired in time. Such a damper to a much anticipated holiday and what (was) a great itinerary

  • Sue Gower

    Pauline NCLs Ts and Cs confirm loss of 2 ports as a significant change that entitles you to a refund – see my earlier posts with links. If you can get flights refunded too does that put you in a better position?

  • Cridon

    Hi, we have cancelled our trip from UK and as said previously, UK consumer laws cover this situation entirely, for those not from U.K, look at NCL terms and conditions as they state two or more ports cancelled is a ‘significant change’ and merits a full refund which is not credit as they are offering. Therefore you must have legal recourse under their terms alone and through your own consumer laws, NCL get away with what they do because they convince everybody they are entitled to do what they like, in reality if you take them on they back down as legal costs get expensive over time. If they are hard faced and refuse refunds, they will expect 50% at least to back down, if they then offer better compensation and another 25% back down then they only refund about 25% so much less loss for them and that is how they will play it, legal ping-pong as my lawyer explained, good luck to you all but be as hard faced with them as they are with you!

  • Sue Gower

    Absolutely right about NCL – we were notified on 29 Dec about changes to the 16 Jan sailing by NCL via Infinity. No info from either about options in respect of significant change just $200 compensation. Thanks to info from online fora we progressed cancellation on 3 Jan. No monies received yet so just about to up the ante with a template letter – supplied online – in respect of package holiday regulations under which we are covered. Disgraceful that 6 weeks after cancelling in accordance with our right, this is necessary.

  • Doug

    We sailed from Singapore to Hong Kong on the Star on 5th January. For most of the cruise we were wallowing around the South China Sea on one azipod at 6 knots! All Thailand ports were missed out which is what the majority of passengers had booked for.
    This was our 3rd NCL cruise. Without a shadow of doubt, it will be our last. There are plenty of others out there desperate to get your business with a business culture which in my opinion is much more honest and transparent than NCL.
    Good luck to those boarding in Auckland. I do hope it all works out for you.

  • Pauline

    We have tried to cancel with the cruise line direct, the travel agent, we have also contacted Tico in Canada ( travel insurance company Canada) and all have been unable to help us. Even though NCL cancelled ports they also added one and extended the port stay in Auckland which makes it ” legal” We will loose $400 for cancelling the airfare, $500 for unrefundable hotels we have booked, plus other expenses like visas etc. We figure it’s best to just go on the cruise now and if further changes are made or the ship isn’t operational by the sail date it will be NCL responsibility “then” to compensate us properly with a refund. We don’t want their “credit” we don’t want to sail with this cruise line again. We wanted our money back that’s like pulling teeth and it’s not going to happen. So that said we are going , we will see what happens. stay tuned

  • John

    We are on the 16th sailing, the first thing we will do is stop the $13 per person per day,and tip as we see fit, if everybody does this ncl have to make the money up,

  • Glen

    The 100% Refund for the Sydney to Auckland trip is NOT 100% at all. They are giving us 100% of the Cruisefare paid, this doesn’t include taxes,fee and port charges. So about $1000 lost. Also consider the costs everyone incurred on this cruise to nowhere. I will use up my credits from the cruise and never sail with NCL again.

  • Pauline

    The customer service is disgusting and we won’t be going on NCL again either. We are all in a no win situation. If you go on the cruise you loose if you cancel you still loose – nightmare!!

  • sid

    Just got through to P.R. dept who seems to know true story… The star is in Melbourne now and is scheduled to leave THIS afternoon to Auckland. They say no arrival time is yet available but Say, it should meet promised schedule and SAY we will be notified if changes happen7 LETS HOLD OUR BREATH you can confirm by checking ship tracker

  • Cridon

    Difficult to see how Norwegian Star is going to be in Auckland for 18/2 yet they are still advertising that cruise, needs to be leaving tomorrow at its usual speed or Wed at full speed to make it in time. Hope for the best for all those due to meet it or sail on it from Melbourne.

  • sid


  • Tony Yeo

    We decided to abandon ship this morning and fly back to Singapore directly from Melbourne. I believe the ship left at noon and will get to Auckland on Friday evening (17 Feb) about 14 hours ahead of schedule. If the ship gets to Auckland without any problems then I reckon the Auckland / Singapore segment of the cruise should be okay. Good luck to all.

  • Chris D

    On board now. Still at port. Should be doing speed tests in port phillip now. Current formal information is for arrival in auckland on saturday 18 feb – but the time of arrival on that day is not yet specified.

  • Ed

    It looks the Norwegian Star is dropped the anchor again. After a short turn arround in Phillip Bay, the vessel is on the anchorage due to ? (source marine traffic) The eta in Auckland looks therefore still unclear and people traveling from all over the world to Aucklans without clear information from NCL to join the cruise on the 18th feb? I’m more than concerned !

  • Aaron

    The Norwegian Star left the dock in Melbourne about 4pm today local time Feb 14 with a published arrival time in Auckland of 5pm on the 17th (Friday). If you check the tracking information you will see after a fast run South in Port Phillip Bay it did a full slow turn in an anti clockwise direction and now has stopped dead in the water for almost an hour now. Not sure what has happened but unless they are checking things or fishing it doesn’t look good. We are due to sail on the ship in three weeks time from Singapore to Venice so we are wondering if we should start to think of plan B.

  • Margie

    It looks to have left the dock. The were testing engines in port Phillip bay and it is heading to open sea now according to sea scanner

  • sid

    star is on its way… about 50 mi from Melbourne and about 18 kn guess is 100 hrs to Auckland at this rate 1700 kn Good news anyone have something official???

  • Margie

    To people OS this article is from our from our National news.

    It’s sailing at close to 20 knots so hopefully all goes well. Looking forward to cruising from Singapore on 9 March.

  • Tony Yeo

    We decided to abandon ship this morning and fly back to Singapore directly from Melbourne. I believe the ship left at noon and will get to Auckland on Friday evening (17 Feb) about 14 hours ahead of schedule. If the ship gets to Auckland without any problems then I reckon the Auckland / Singapore segment of the cruise should be okay. Good luck to all.

  • John Canning

    Well all of you that hung on are underway. The ships speed seems to indicate two engines so I do hope that you get the itinerary you hope for. I am still glad I cancelled as NCL’s handling of the the situation has not improved one bit. On cruise critic report Feb 15 at 5.30am it says that the company will finalise the revised itinerary and inform those traveling on the 18th within 48 hours. That means everyone from North America and Europe will have arrived, and those coming from Australia will be in transit.
    Is the ship fully fixed or isn’t it. If it is inform all passengers now.
    From my point of view things have worked out pretty well. Iglu, my Agents have refunded me ever single penny, almost £7000!
    Expedia, Cruising excursions, holiday extras have handed me back almost all the money I paid to them. Around £500 in all.
    The only people dragging their heels are NCL. Two polite e mails and a phone call achieved nothing. A rude e mail at lest got me a response, but even then there was no promise of the £600 I have paid for service charge and excursions. I do think I will get it eventually.
    Overall I should be less than £100 out of pocket for currency fees, malaria pills, handling charges etc..?
    When everything settles down I will ask NCL to give me this in cruise credit.
    I still plan to travel NCL again. The Board and Customer Service may be complete numpties but the crews are brilliant. I also prefer open dining.
    In the early stages of this saga Iglu were every bit as bad as NCL. Then someone there put two dedicated ladies in Change Control. They went about their task with speed, skill and good humour.
    Thank you ladies.

  • Tony Yeo

    I think, for now, Norwegian Star is “out of the water” with regards to the Azipod problems she’s been having since December. ***Inappropriate pun intended :-)***
    According to she’s been running between 19.6 to 20.2 knots since 13:00 14-Feb UTC time. It is now almost 13:00 15-Feb UTC time. That’s 24 hours of running at a normal cruising speed. My friend who is still on board reported to me 2 hours ago that both Azipods are working as he’s seen two wakes from the rear of the ship. So for those boarding in Auckland and Singapore, things are looking good and I hope they remain so and you folks have a good “Azipod trouble free” cruise.

  • Leon Axtman

    Left the Star in Melbourne on 14-02-2017; Our cruise was suppose to last to Auckland. 18-02-2017. Paid $1100.00 in flight change fees to get off. Warning…The Ship is a sick boat. (Virus moving through) Many people coughing. We came home with it. While on the ship NCL communicated very little. on any of the day to day mechanical. Did not know until 13-02-2014 that they were going to try to leave. Melbourne. 14 cruises with NCL. Never again!!!

  • Fred Hinnegan

    To anyone boarding the Norwegian Star on Friday, February 24 in Sydney…IMPORTANT…we’re now boarding in Sydney on WEDNESDAY, February 22. Start scrambling, and good luck…

  • Fred Hinnegan

    From NCL:

    Please review the ship’s itinerary information for the 15-day segment below:

    Wednesday, February 22 Sydney, Australia 6:00pm
    Thursday, February 23 Wollongong (Port Kembla), Australia 8:00am 6:00pm
    Friday, February 24 At Sea
    Saturday, February 25 At Sea
    Sunday, February 26 Airlie Beach, Australia 7:00am 3:00pm
    Monday, February 27 Cairns, Australia 8:00am 6:00pm
    Tuesday, February 28 At Sea
    Wednesday, March 1 At Sea
    Thursday, March 2 Darwin, Australia 8:00am 5:00pm
    Friday, March 3 At Sea
    Saturday, March 4 Komodo, Indonesia 8:00am 4:00pm
    Sunday, March 5 Benoa, Bali 7:00am 5:00pm
    Monday, March 6 At Sea
    Tuesday, March 7 At Sea
    Wednesday, March 8 Kuala Lumpur (Port Kelang), Malaysia 7:00am 4:00pm
    Thursday, March 9 Singapore 7:00am

  • Bob White

    I was a passenger on the ill-fated Norwegian Star voyage from Hong Kong to Australia in Jan to Feb 2017. NCL has done us wrong and is not making any serious offer to pay for our losses. Does anyone know if there has been legal action taken against NCL. I would be eager to join in any such civil law action against NCL.

  • tony lyons

    hi all got off the boat in auckland not happy to hear that my refund is only half of what we paid for the cruise its a joke a full refund should be a full refund not just cruise exculding taxes ports etc its a JOKE

  • Mary saunders

    Well, we have arrived home after an adventure of a life time, not happy that we missed so many ports of call, disappointing to say the least, however how many people can say that they were on a floating resort on the other side of the world, fed, entertained, not what we had planned but made the most of it. During this very stressful time, the crew, from Captain to room Stewards, never gave up on the service, due to situation not handled well by CORPORATE OFFICE. This situation will not deter us from sailing with NCL in the near future, maybe not on the STAR, p

  • Charlie

    You must have a very forgiving nature . I could never use this company again even though I have a $7500 credit for another cruise.
    If a similar problem happened on a different ship you are still dealing with the arrogant clowns in Miami.

  • D Howard

    My sympathies to recent customers. We were on the previous cruis (Singapore to Hong Kong) with 3 itinerary changes before departure, learning of them through a travel agent for 2 and rumours otherwise. The most galling though was the 4th when we learned upo. Check n that we were leaving Singapore that night rather than the next day). Communications were horrendous (I think we were told we weren’t actually customers of NCL, but of our travel agent. Hard way to breed loyalty!) Since returning home we have been bombarded with promotional email and regular mail, so NCL obviously can contact us when they want to.
    Staff were fabulous, service was great–but for the first time (5 cruise history) we are considering other cruise lines.

  • My question is the ship ok now or is there still a possibility that it is not properly fixed, I am considering boarding in Dubai. March 27/17
    Any commence very much apreciatetd ,

  • D Howard

    My sympathies to recent customers. We were on the previous cruis (Singapore to Hong Kong) with 3 itinerary changes before departure, learning of them through a travel agent for 2 and rumours otherwise. The most galling though was the 4th when we learned upo. Check n that we were leaving Singapore that night rather than the next day). Communications were horrendous (I think we were told we weren’t actually customers of NCL, but of our travel agent. Hard way to breed loyalty!) Since returning home we have been bombarded with promotional email and regular mail, so NCL obviously can contact us when they want to.
    Staff were fabulous, service was great–but for the first time (5 cruise history) we are considering other cruise lines.

  • Sue Gower

    Well, the Star saga is now formally over for us. We were booked on the 16 Jan sailing but chose to cancel on Jan 3rd due to the loss of 2 ports. Today we received a full refund from Infinity cruises – including flights and hotels – thanks to the UK package regulations. Would not have achieved this without the invaluable info and advice on this site so thanks to all who contributed.

  • Rodney

    Is Star expected to arrive in Singapore on schedule? What is status of saili g toDubai

  • Bobby

    I cancelled Feb. 6 NCL Star cruise due to cancellations of ports and was told I would receive a refund after the cruise was over on the 19th. Still don’t have any NCL credits, NCL is not make any friends by their actions.

  • Chris D

    We can give feedback for the Sydney/Melbourne/drifting/Melbourne/ Auckland cruise which concluded on 18 February. After repairs, the ship did not appear to miss a beat and sat on 21 or 22 knots right across the Tasman Sea. The ship’s staff were fantastic, despite NCL’s corporate ineptitude. To their credit the full cruise credit came through to our credit card within two days of cruise completion – we were booked through NCL direct. Given that both engines now appear to be working as designed, we do not understand why NCL maintained a truncated port itinerary after Auckland??? Maybe they could not cancel stops in Port Kembla etc and could not reinstate Brisbane??? Or is it a sign of less than full confidence in the repair. One thing is certain – NCL will not answer hard questions like this, nor the hard question as to why the risk was taken to sail on only one engine fir some weeks prior to the failure of the second one off Wilsons Prom a couple of weeks ago. The 50% future cruise credit is 50 % of the fare paid excluding taxes and port charges. We are hoping to see some ports in NZ in November this year on the Jewel.

  • S Thompson

    We were on our first cruise with NCL on the ill fated cruise from Hong Kong to Sydney what a fiasco. If you are thinking of or know anyone else is thinking of booking on the ‘Star’ do not. NCL are putting sticking plaster over the holes rather than an expensive repair and then put the ship up for sale before it needs to be dry docked and inspected at 20 years of age. I have cruised with four other companies & have had problems but how they were dealt with was what made the difference. Despite being unable to fulfil the following cruises they continued to be sold this amounted to fraud.

  • Anne B

    We are traveling March 9, 2017 sailing on the NCL Star and couldn’t be any more disappointed in NCL. We picked this cruise because of the 4 port stops in India, NCL offered a visa package of all the ports including India. Our agent was emailed a confirmation from NCL that India was included.

    Last week we were informed by NCL that our visa pack DID NOT include India. It takes 10 to 15 business days to acquire the necessary India visa, otherwise too late !!!

    We choose this cruise because of the India ports, we are very disappointed in the NCL and the mis-information

  • Donna

    Annie B., I am so sorry this has happened to you. You are exactly right to be disappointed in NCL. We were on the Jan. 16th sailing (Hong Kong to Sydney) and 1/2 of our ports were cancelled. Two ports were cancelled prior to the sailing, but NCL would not give us a refund to cancel and, of course, they would not give us change fees to cancel flights. We wanted to cancel the cruise, but without a refund we felt we had to go, then three more ports were cancelled during the cruise. After 14 cruises with NCL we will never cruise with them again. NCL corporate has been inconsistent with their compensation of the various STAR cruises since the initial problems in Dec. on the Asia itineraries. They have not provided timely information regarding the cruises and have taken advantage of their clientele. I can only imagine what will happen if they continue to run the cruise line as they have during the issues with the Star.

  • Diana

    We are sailing on March 27th from Dubai. How is the ship? Are you missing any ports?

  • John Canning

    Full refund of Service charges and excursions from NCL. Better late than never.
    Change Control at Iglu travel agents dealt with my request within 24 hours. The four other agencies for excursions, parking etc have long since settled.
    A belated thank you to NCL. Why are you the least efficient agency involved when all the problems are down to you.
    Sun is shining in Montego Bay. No azipods to worry about.

  • Anna Seq

    We were on the truncated Norwegian Star voyage out of Singapore to Hong Kong last Dec 11. Given that were flew across the world (23 hours) for this cruise, I wrote to NCL Corporate requesting at least a partial refund of our airfare. The response that we received was barely civil.

    Given how many people have been affected by NCL’s refusal to put this ship into dry dock when NCL knew there was a continuing problem with BOTH azipods,, it seems as though there must be some way for us to bond together to get damages.

    There must have been attorneys on board who were affected. Any suggestions?

    The contract we all signed stipulates that we will not participate in a class action lawsuit. I wonder if there is a way around this.

  • Anna Seq

    We were on the truncated Norwegian Star voyage out of Singapore to Hong Kong last Dec 11. Given that we flew across the world (23 hours) for this cruise, I wrote to NCL Corporate requesting at least a partial refund of our airfare. The response that we received was barely civil.

    Given how many people (thousands!) have been affected by NCL’s refusal to put this ship into dry dock when NCL knew there was a continuing problem with BOTH azipods, it seems as though there must be some way for us to bond together to get damages.

    There must have been attorneys on board who were affected. Any suggestions?

    The contract we all signed stipulates that we will not participate in a class action lawsuit. I wonder if there is a way around this.

  • Carol

    Is anyone currently cruising on the Star? I am booked for a 7 day cruise beginning on May 7…I’d like to think about alternate plans now in the event that I am told last minute that several ports will be cancelled.

  • Glenn

    Totally agree with your comments re bonding together, unfortunately I think we are defeated. Unless someone can get something started on this site we cannot win.
    It makes me very angry that NCL have been able to get away with this and I would have thought they would have to be in breech of some safety standards within the industry. I wonder how many other cruise companies would have taken the same decision if they were in a situation with an unseaworthy ship.

  • Graham Hughes

    Has anyone who were on the doomed Sydney to NewZealand cruise on the 6th February received any compensation yet,what a complete and utter shambles,both NCL and travel agents are taking us as idiots as they are quick enough taking our money and leaving us to fend for ourselves.Oh for the Grace of a God the sea was calm when we lost the Azipod or we could have been looking at far worse things.

  • Nancy Leuvekamp

    January 16, 2017 Hong Kong to Sydney
    Does anyone have the name or contact information
    for the gentleman who agreed to represent passengers on board. He was removed from the ship by NCL in Cairns.

  • Sue

    We were on the ill fated Feb 6th departure out of Sydney to Auckland. We were promised a FULL refund of our cruise and 50% off a future cruise. To date, I have yet to receive a full refund of this cruise. We stayed on the ship and were extremely disappointed even with the meals in the specialty restaurants. Our one meal was barely warm! The emails I continue to receive from NCL are not what you would expect to receive after having “floated” for a day and then docked for days. These people who write these emails need to go on a cruise that they saved up for years, planned for years, only to have their hearts broken when they couldn’t see ANYTHING. Shame on NCL. The Star is in need of a complete makeover. The curtains and rugs are stained, the sheets you get for your bed are stained and some with holes, and the meals are nothing like you use to get. This was our 4th cruise on the Star and it is just so old and rundown. I will never recommend sailing on that ship to anyone. I will also continue to try to get my full refund for this cruise, as we were promised! The Corporate Office seems to forget you after you leave the ship and forget what they write to you in letter form when you are on the ship and what the Captain tells you over the PA. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED.