Several crew members onboard the Oasis of the Seas informed me that another colleague, Iputu Sugiartha, from the ship died due to COVID-19 this morning (April 20th) in a hospital in Fort Lauderdale. The captain of the Royal Caribbean cruise ship made an announcement over the intercom this morning around 11:00 am. of Mr. Sugiartha’s passing. There was one minute of silence observed on the ship in his memory.

Royal Caribbean Cruises employed Mr. Sugiartha as a waiter aboard the Oasis of the Seas. He was originally from Badung which is a regency of Bali, Indonesia.

The captain indicated that his family was notified of his passing. He is married and has a young son and daughter. He was just 41 years of age.

Mr. Sugiartha was taken ashore for medical treatment on March 30th. He was one of eleven crew members taken from the Oasis of the Seas to Broward County for medical treatment for COVID-19 since the ship stopped sailing on March 15th.

He is the third Royal Caribbean crew member (and the second from the Oasis of the Seas) to die in a hospital in Broward County recently due to COVID-19. Two days ago, Dexter Joyosa, a Filippino bar waiter from the Oasis of the Seas died ashore due to COVID-19. A little over a week ago, Puyol Puuyy Yool (full name – Puyol Vacgez Gavenliy Tarayici), a Indonesian loft attendant on the Symphony of the Seas, died due to COVID-19.

He was a long term Royal Caribbean ship employee, having worked on cruise ships for over ten years.

Rest in Peace Iputu Sugiartha. Prayers to your family, wife and children as well as to your friends and colleagues.

You can pay your respects here or on the tribute on Facebook.

Photo credit: Facebook