Several crew members onboard the Oasis of the Seas tell me that one of their colleagues, Dexter Joyosa, from the ship died due to COVID-19 earlier today (April 18th) in a hospital in Fort Lauderdale. I was sent an audio recording of an announcement over the intercom by the captain of the Oasis of his passing today.

Royal Caribbean Cruises employed Mr. Joyosa as a bar waiter aboard the Oasis of the Seas. Originally from the Philippines, Mr. Joyosa started working for Royal Caribbean in November of 2012.

Ironically, Mr. Joyosa began his most recent contract aboard the Oasis just last month, on March 15th, after the CDC issued its first no-sail order for the cruise industry. The Oasis of the Seas returned to South Florida and disembarked its last group of guests on that date. It is less than clear why Royal Caribbean asked him to rejoin the cruise ship because the company knew that there would be no passengers aboard to serve.

This is the second Royal Caribbean crew member to die due to COVID-19 from a cruise ship off the coast of Florida. A week ago, Puyol Puuyy Yool (full name – Puyol Vacgez Gavenliy Tarayici), who was employed in the housekeeping department at Royal Caribbean on the Symphony of the Seas, died of COVID-19. He had previously been tranferred to a hospital in Broward County in March.  He died on April 12th at just 27 years of age.

In the last month, there have been 11 crew members with COVID-19 from the Oasis of the Seas who have been medically trasferred to hospitals in Fort Lauderdale. Mr. Joyosa was taken ashore via Emergency Medical Technicians to Broward Hospital on April 10th.

Crew members who informed me of this news requested anonymity in fear that they could lose their jobs. They tell me that Mr. Joyosa was a popular and hard working employee. They also state that today was also Mr. Joyosa’s birthday.

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Photo credits: Facebook