Local NBC-6 station reports that a 33-year-old crew member was arrested at PortMiami this past weekend on charges of possessing child pornography.

NBC-6 reports today that Komang Parianta was taken into custody after U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) conducted a search of his cabin, where two videos of child sexual abuse material were discovered.

The child porn videos reportedly were found on Parianta’s cellphone. The videos revealed a “girl around five years old” being sexually abused by a man as well as a “girl between 12 to 13 years old” also being abused.

After Parianta was arrested, he was transported to Miami-Dade Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center (TGK) and booked.

Parianta attended criminal court in Miami where a judge set a $20,000 bond ($5,000 for each felony count).

Parianta is the sixth crew member to be arrested for child pornography in a period of slightly more than three months. Celebrity crew member Dennis Ofrancia De Leon, age 44, who worked on the Celebrity Reflection, was arrested two weeks ago after Homeland Security agents found “multiple videos/photographs” depicting child sexual abuse material.

Tirso Anthony Neri, age 44, worked as a crew member on the Disney Dream, and was charged with violating 18 USC 2252(a)(i) (transportation of child pornography) and 2252(a)(4)(B) (possession of child pornography) after agents for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Homeland Security Investigations found pornographic images of children as young as age nine on his cell phones. Two other Disney crew members were also arrested.  Disney ship employee Alvin Gonzalez, age 49, was arrested on the Disney Dream in early February of this year for possession of a video of a boy, believed to be as young as 8, and a girl, estimated to be as young as 12. Amiel Trazo, another Disney crew member, age 28, was arrested in late February on charges of possessing numerous materials depicting graphic child sexual abuse “with children between the approximate ages of 6 and 14.”

Twenty-six year old Jamaal Wade was employed by RWS Global as a dancer / performer on a Holland America Line (HAL) cruise ship after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) discovered a large collection of graphic images of child pornography “involving minors as young as two years old engaged in sexual acts with adults.”

State law enforcement officers in Florida have jurisdiction to investigate crimes on cruise ships departing and returning to ports in Florida.

NBC-6 did not report on the identity of Mr. Parianta’s employer or the name of the cruise ship where he worked.

Are there any crew members with knowledge where Mr. Parianta was employed?

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May 13 PM Update:

May 14 Update: We received reliable information that Mr. Parianta, an Indonesian, was working as a waiter for Royal Caribbean aboard the Icon of the Seas.

Image credit: Komang Parianta – NBC-6