This morning a reader of this blog sent me this TicTok video of the Harmony of the Seas.

La piscina del crucero Harmony of the Seas se desborda unos 9 pisos abajo luego que una ola golpeara el barco. Afortunadamebte no hubo heridos y luego de una inspección el crucero de Royal Caribbean continuó su rumbo a Mexico. #HarmonyOfTheSeas #Cruise #Caribbean #royalcaribbean#puntodevistanoti #ultimahora #noticias

♬ sonido original – Punto de vista

The text to the video translated states:

“The pool on the Harmony of the Seas cruise ship overflowed some 9 stories below after a wave hit the ship. Fortunately there were no injuries and after an inspection the Royal Caribbean cruise continued its course to Mexico.”

This explanation seems implausible given the fact a wave could not possibly reach the pool deck of this cruise ship. This video is now circulating on Twitter as well.

Whatever the explanation, it will be interesting to learn how this much water could cascade over the top deck of this ship. Is there anyone with knowledge regarding what happened?

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Video Credit: TicTok

January 4, 2023 Update:

Several readers posted comments that the Royal Caribbean ship apparently took an evasive maneuver to avoiding striking a small raft, which turned out to be empty.