News sources in Mexico are reporting that an excursion boat with cruise passengers aboard sank last week. 

Riviera Maya News reports that the cruise excursion incident took place on Wednesday January 3rd, approximately 15 minutes after the boat sailed from Cozumel with ten cruise guests aboard it. The boat’s crew instructed the cruise passengers to head to the bow; however, the boat took on water quickly and the guests had to jump into the water. The cruise passengers reportedly were from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship and a Celebrity ship (the Celebrity Equinox). 

The cruise passengers were reportedly rescued from the water by other boats in the area, 

Local news sources state that none of the cruise passengers were physically injured.

The YouTube video at the bottom shows the bow of the sunken tourist boat bobbing in the water with some of the passengers being rescued. 

There have been several other similar incidents during cruise excursions near Cozumel, Mexico. Just six weeks ago, 95 German cruise poassengers from the Mein Schiff 6 cruise ship were rescued after a catamaran boat began to sink during an excursion, acording to the Baja Post (photo below).  

This mishap occurs just over two weeks after a deadly bus excursion accident near Costa Maya, Mexico when a bus with 11 cruise passengers from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship and a Celebrity Cruises ship was heading towards a Mayan ruins tourist attraction in Chacchoben, in Quintana Roo state, Mexico. 

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Video credit (below): 5to Poder Periodismo ConSentido YouTube page. Image credit (bottom) of November 16, 2017 sinking –  Noticaribe via Baja Post.

 Mexico Excursion Accident


  • Patrick Lowe

    You pay your money, and I guess you really take your chance! — There is no excuse that is acceptable for the cruise line not checking out a transportation vendor in advance to prevent this kind of tragic accident.

  • David Hammer

    I own a six-unit vacation complex on Cozumel and have been going there for over 20 years. Most boat tour operators are very safety and environmentally conscious. Accidents happen everywhere. A teenage boy and an adult were killed in separate accidents on a tourist catamarans in Hawaii.

    Thousands of tourists visit Cozumel every day from the cruise ships. There are no reports of violence or robberies. It is safer on Cozumel than in any metropolitan area of the U.S.

  • Grace

    Legally what can the passengers who were on the excursion do?

  • Grace:

    Those passengers who were traumatized may seek compensation for their emotional distress . . .