Caarnival DreamNumerous passengers have informed us that the Carnival Dream has incurred power problems which have necessitated the Carnival cruise ship to skip the port of Cozumel.  

The ship is now heading back to the home port of New Orleans at a reduced speed (although I am also receiving comments from passengers that the Dream has either lost all propulsion or stopped several times to conduct tests).

The popular Cruise Hive website was the first blog to write about this issue.

Last year, there were 19 cruise ships which experienced partial or complete loss of propulsion due to engine problems, including problems with the Carnival Elation, Carnival Legend, Carnival Liberty and Carnival Vista as well as the Carnival owned Adonia, Caribbean Princess, Emerald Princess, and Costa neoRiviera

This year has seen a number of Carnival cruise ships experience engine problems, such as the Carnival Fantasy, Carnival Paradise, and Carnival Splendor.  

Carnival has not yet responded to a request for a comment.

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Photo credit: Longbowe at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, commons / wikimedia.

Update August 11. 2017 @ 5:00 P.M.: Statement from Carnival:

"Carnival Dream is presently experiencing a technical issue which is affecting its maximum cruising speed. All other systems are functioning normally. As a result, Carnival Dream was unable to call in Cozumel today and will be returning to New Orleans for arrival on Sunday as per its normal schedule.

Guests sailing on this voyage were provided with a $50 per person onboard credit. The ship did make its scheduled calls in Montego Bay, Jamaica and Grand Cayman earlier in the voyage.

We sincerely apologize for this disruption to our guests’ vacation plans and for any disappointment this has caused."

Update August 12. 2017 @ 9:45 A.M.: Statement from Carnival:

"The problem on the Carnival Dream has been fixed and the ship is heading to New Orleans where it will arrive on Sunday as scheduled." 

  • Connie

    Any more news about the Caribbean Princess power problem. We are sailing her Sep 22 from Southampton to FLL, and are worried about hitting a big storm in the Atlantic while not having max speed available. Thanks. Connie

  • EdKumi


    Family and I are scheduled to embark on the Carnival Dream this Sunday, 08/13/2017. How will this affect the plans?

    Thank you.

  • John Goldsmith

    Maybe they should spend less on automatic bartenders and more on engines.

  • J Hartley

    ridiculous the Cruise line only offer a $50.00 credit for these problems, we didn’t book 3 passengers for this to happen , $150.00 for all three is a slap in the face, you ruined our vacation, we cruise two – three times a year, we fully expect another cruise at your expense for this failure

    Not our fault but yours, we paid in good faith , do the right thing, reimburse our trip for three.


    NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!


    I have family on this ship, how close to NO are they now and have they experienced anymore issues. I would really appreciate an answer. (Mother very upset).

  • Olivia Barbaro

    Wasn’t on it but I was gonna watch the dream go Out of port the Sunday it returned with my family. It probably won’t happen. I am devastated:(

  • Olivia Barbaro

    Wasn’t on it but I was gonna watch the dream go Out of port the Sunday it returned with my family. It probably won’t happen. I am devastated:(

  • Anelisha Smith

    I am still on the dream right now. After the dream decided to ruin everyones plans by skipping Mexico, they stopped in the sea and sat for about 4 hours running “tests” (which we could have done in Mexico) if we were going to sit. But as we were sitting in the sea, a storm was rollimg in and everything was all magically fixed just in time to take off full speed to get away from the storm. Right about the same time we would have been leaving Mexico. And the were numerous security guards all over the ship after that. Engine trouble that was “fixed” in just a few hours, that could have clearly been fixed at port in Mexico.

  • Alvin Winters

    This is Alvin and Linda Winters and would like an update on the Carnival Dream mechanical problems for we are leaving on a cruise with y’all August 20th and we would like to report to know the dream is fully operational before we board on your vessel. I fully understand mechanical issues happen but I’d like to have a peace of mind knowing but these problems all repaired. Please send the report back to me as soon as possible.

  • Lori Legg

    I would like to know that all mechanical problems are fixed on the Dream as my family and I are set to sail with Carnival on 8/20. Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

  • Gerald Daigle

    I totally agree with the slap in face about the refund of port fees and the $50 per person credit. I didn’t book a two port stop and think we need to be reimbursed a portion of the fees. The staff did great trying to make us feel like we were on a vacation but it clearly was know about in Grand Cayman because the path taken was 20 nautical miles near Cuba then came to dead stop to “run test”. Not happy and need a refund or they lost me as a customer. I’ve sailed Royal Carribean just as much and maybe I need to stick with a company that maintains their ships.

  • Crew

    Unfortunately because the high competition the cruise lines are struggling with finding funds even for esential spares as engine. The crew is instructed not to advise and comment regarding this as it will result termination from employment. The new dictatorial upper management is not allowing any flexibility as satisfying investors is the most important to them.

  • Brian Cameron

    Interesting how Carnival has no problem giving the Splendor passengers $100 credit/person, plus 50% refund, and 50% off a future cruise, yet the Dream just had an engine fail on August 10, 2017, as we left Grand Cayman, missed port in Cozumel the following day due to the engine failure, drifted in the Gulf of Mexico with no engines running for 4 hours on Friday, and only provided $50/person for our inconvenience. Yet we spent over $2,000 for our family of three to go. They owe us at least 33% refund, plus 33% discount on future cruise, and a larger refundable credit than the $50/person provided.

  • Deborah Meyer

    Let me start by saying that the cruise staff did everything possible to make our voyage as pleasant as possible. The food was abundant, the staff was more friendly than expected, the entertainment exceptional! I also understand mechanical difficulties.

    Our trip to Cozumel was to be the highlight of our vacation. It was the only port our family group of 10 (from 81 y/o great grandmother to the 2 y/o great granddaughter) were going to disembark together on. One of our group took vacation and flew in from Ohio mainly for that event.

    Although the price of the excursion was reimbursed and a $50 onboard credit was issued, it will in NO way replace the memory we were hoping to create for our family. Having worked in the service industry for many years, and understanding the competition for long time patrons, I feel Carnival should offer us a voucher for travel on a shorter cruise to Cozumel, at the minimum, so we could again try to capture the memories.

  • D.Fryed

    I also think the paltry $50 Carnival gave for missing 1/3 of the ports is a joke. It is time for a class action suit to make this incompetent cruise line learn to properly maintain their ships and treat their passengers with respect. The Captain failed to make any announcements until hours after the engine failure. They kept us in the dark and rumors were rampant and the crew was also invisible until AFTER the engine was repaired.