NCL Norwegian StarPassengers aboard NCL’s Norwegian Star are telling me that the ship’s azipod system has failed. The cruise ship is skipping Miami today and is heading for Tampa one day early. One passenger said that the next cruise is reportedly canceled. (The cancellation of the next cruise is not confirmed information. Please double check this information with your travel agents or the cruise line).

Another passenger said that he did not know whether the next cruise on Monday is canceled. He told me that the captain made the announcement about the azipod problems and said that "all communication with us has been absolutely clear, giving us free internet and phone calls and helping us to change hotel, and transportation bookings. Although it not an ideal situation the crew has behaved amazingly in this transatlantic and they have always provided us with transparent information."

This ship experienced propulsion problems earlier this year which were supposedly fixed while in dry dock.

Anyone have additional info?

Photo Credit:  Pjotr Mahhonin Creative Commons Via Wikipedia

  • Rosemarie

    My daughter and her newlywed husband just texted me to say that they were STILL at dock in Tampa. They were told the schedule for ports were changed, but still uncertain as to the specifics.

  • anon

    Currently 11:09 – still at dock – last report was that we were going to leave around 10:00

  • SJ

    No, it was an utter mess actually. The same system failed in April. The cruise before the transatlantic had a port cancelled in England and NCL said They would not stop as it was unsafe swells for the tendors(it still docked in Future ports where the seas were rougher using tendors). Ncl also said Falmouth should have dredged the harbor so it could have been tied to the dock instead of anchoring. Hence, NCL was having problems back on the British Isle cruise. The captain did announce as I was packing we were skiping Mami as Port and would be arriving in Tampa a day early. They did provide a hotel, a card to call where we could get up to 300 reimbursement for new air travel which is only a fraction of the amount I spent. They did provide only 15 minutes free internet on your device. And eventually set up stations for free telephone(4-5) and about 10 computers. You can image the lines. Usually only 2-3 people at customer service department which gave us no information except a card to their customer service department to call for our 300 dollar air reimbursement. They were anything but helpful and a lot of truly angry people. They allowed the people back on board who were scheduled for Carribean after clearing customs. Utter chaos, horrible customer service, lots of different information and a lot of lost future business. However, they were completely happy to sail on from Tampa saying they had fixed,for the third time, the same problem.

  • alan bancroft

    they did give free phone calls but only in a small room you had to wait for hours to get to phone wasting cruise time also wait at reception again hours , free internet was 15 mins then charged , internet was so slow took 15 mins to get on a site, crew where good and in general everyone was in good spirit a few guests did get a bit heated but most realizes not crews to blame information was not as clear as you seem to make out a better letter to room would have avoided wait at reception

  • Joe

    Leaving on the star Nov 1. Anyone have updated info,

  • Vicky

    Well they must have fixed the problem because my sister left out of Tampa on the Star on Monday October 19th. They are scheduled to return this Sunday October 25th.

  • Julianne maranda

    Need report on Norwegian star.has its problems been resolved.

  • Paul

    As of 8:30pm 11/29/2015 the star still in port was told by party on board the where told should leave 4am 11/30/2015 but did say what was problem was on board 11/15 came to Tampa early had engine problem

  • Alan Williams

    Not only were we in port till 4:30 AM on departure day but we got back a half day early after rearranging the ports and cutting some time from each….. All this didn’t really affect us but what we did notice was that the service was terrible. Since nearly everyone had the prepaid drink package there was almost no drink service at the pool or shows. Two dining rooms appeared to be learn while you earn as the staff was the worst we ever experienced on our 52 cruises.

    Menu also sucked. No shrimp cocktail available in the two main dining rooms….. escargo was unbelievable. Six little pellets of something served in beef gravy over an English muffin. Everyone knows escargo is served on a plate with 8 little indentations. Dripping in butter which is wonderful for the dipping of a piece of bread or rolls.

    They may have refurbished this ship but they should have taken it out of service.

    Will I ever go again on NCL. Yes but only on the newer, larger, ships out of Miami or somewhere else on the east coast where size isn’t dictated by the Tampa Sky Bridge.

  • Barbara

    Seems like the problem has resurfaced again. Cruise departing Hong Kong 16.1.2017 for Australia has problem with azipod and we miss one of the ports in Vietnam.
    Very disappointed in Norwegian Star.

  • James

    The problems are on-going, the cruise departing Singapore to Hong Kong 11th Dec 16 was held in port at Singarpore for several days while they attemped to fix the issue. They were unable to do so and the ship ran a reduced itinerary, missing out on 3/5 of the stops, with 1 port being replaced for an industrial port in the middle of nowhere in Vietnam.

    I would advise anyone thinking about travelling on the Star to reconsider until this issue is fixed.

  • Shanon

    Was On NCL Star Dec 11 sailing from Singapore.Chaos on the ship,crew were very good but
    Front desk staff were absolutely terrible.Lack of information,rude and no compassion for travellers sick and stuck on ship for days.NCL offered money back for cruise but this is a fraction of total cost we incurred in plane fares and hotel costs.Also this time that we spent will not come back.If this ship continuously has the same apizod issue why is it repeatedly put back to make people miserable on their holidays.

  • Al

    March 9th 2017, I will be sailing from Singapore to Dubai on the Star. Is the Azipo issue resolved?

  • Susan

    Star is having same problem. We are to sail next week from Sydney and they have cut out 2 ports and altered a 3rd day. They are offering us $500 per cabin and 25% off next 12 day cruise. Propulsion not fixed and ship can’t run at normal speed.

  • Anters

    Distressed cruise liner passengers are in tears, with the ship they’re aboard broken down and drifting off the Victorian coast.
    Preparations are underway to tow the Norwegian Star, carrying more than 2000 passengers, back to Melbourne from where it is adrift in the Tasman Sea about 70 kilometres from the Victorian city.
    The ship was on a voyage from Melbourne to New Zealand and was expected in Port Chalmers on February 13.This voyage marks the first return of Norwegian Cruise Line to Australian and New Zealand shores after 15 years.
    It departed from Sydney on February 6, but lost power about 30 km off Bass Strait’s Cape Liptrap, near Wilsons Promontory, early on Friday morning.
    A man phoning from the ship, who did not wish to be named, said “devastated” passengers aboard the ship were crying.
    “It’s a bloody nightmare,” he said.
    “We’re stuck in the middle of the ocean. It’s scary.”
    A woman, who also didn’t wish to be named, said her “distressed” friend had phoned to tell her about the situation this morning.
    He wrote that passengers were safe and comfortable.
    A spokeswoman for operator Norwegian Cruise Lines said the ship’s azipod propulsion system had experienced a technical malfunction in the early hours of Friday.
    “The ship has full power and all on board services are fully operational,” she said.
    “All guest amenities remain open and available and the weather conditions are favourable.
    “The ship is in no danger whatsoever and the comfort and safety of our guests and crew are unaffected by this situation.”
    The spokeswoman said authorities had been notified and arrangements have been made to tow the ship to shore for repair.
    She said all guests would get a full refund, as well as a 50 per cent future cruise credit.
    “Norwegian Cruise Line sincerely extends its deepest apologies to guests for the inconveniences that they have encountered,” she said.
    The Australia Maritime Safety Authority is monitoring the ship, which is about 20 kilometres south of Inverloch.
    “Diesel generators on board are working, meaning the ship has power to its passenger facilities and bow thrusters, but the main propulsion engines are not working,” a spokesman said.
    “This means the master has some limited ability to manoeuvre the ship, but will need the assistance of tugs to reach port.”