Adweek reports that Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) is searching for a new advertising agency. The Martin Agency has handled NCL’s "creative and media business" since 2011.

NCL reportedly spent $33 million in 2014, down from $45 million in 2013. 

Adweek says that NCL’s plans to change its advertising agency "comes amid a search by competitor Royal Caribbean as the cruise industry grapples with image problems resulting from high-profile accidents and nasty outbreaks of norovirus." 

Norwegian continues to advertise by using the incomprehensible "Cruise Like a Norwegian" campaign its Stereotypical Norwegianprior agency unveiled four years ago.

What comes to mind when you think of the stereotypical tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed. lutefisk-and-lefse-eating Norwegian? When I think of Norway, I think of cross-country skiing, muddy boots, and sweater-wearing gløgg-drinking beautiful women and handsome men of Viking descent (perhaps I’m totally lacking in sophistication). 

When I first heard the "Cruise Like a Norwegian" slogan, I thought huh?

I certainly didn’t think of cruising to the Caribbean. (Maybe a fjord or two). 

NCL needs to kill the concept, like Royal Caribbean’s did with its ill-conceived "Nation of Why Not?" marketing disaster.

I predict that NCL’s new agency will dump the "Cruise Like a Norwegian" slogan. Check back later this year. 

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  • John Goldsmith

    I really enjoyed the Princess Cruise lines idea of “Come Back New”. However, I also believe that all the cruise lines had better come up with better ways to market their product, given the troubles they have encountered recently.

  • George

    Why don’t they simply deal with making their ships safer instead of getting an new advertising agency? How much better to be able to claim “safest cruiseline afloat.”

  • Gerry

    I always thought of Cruise like a Norwegian as a bit odd… Why not something on the lines of “it’s your fantasy, it’s your dream…. It is real!” Dunno something like that to make people realise that cruising can be the vacation of a lifetime?

  • Danny

    The campaign aims to promote the Scandinavian ideals of simplicity, comfortable elegance, and hospitality, while still being mindful of economic practicality–it’s a clever concept, to be sure, but clearly didn’t land, even with more intellectual consumers.