This evening we received reliable information that a Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) crew member was shot and killed in Roatan, Honduras earlier today.

The crew member reportedly was from NCL’s Norwegian Pearl cruise ship.

The only information we received is that a Pearl crew member named "Jacob" from the Philippines was killed by a gunshot today while the Norwegian Pearl was in Roatan today. The murder apparently occurred when the gunman was trying to rob the crew member of his cell phone a short distance form the cruise ship. 

NCL Norwegian Cruise Line Pearl This year we have posted two articles warning about the high crime rate in Roatan. We published the articles last month and in January:

Travel Crime Warning: Tourists Assaulted, Robbed & Terrorized in Roatan, Honduras

Crime in Roatan: Shots Fired, Armed Robbery of Carnival Cruise Passengers

The U.S. State Department issued a warning that the murder rate in Honduras is the highest in the world. 

Before I learned of the murder today, I received the following message on this blog: 

"Honduras is rated the number 1 murder country in Central America for a reason.  . . . People, just remember this, anyone who lives there or owns property there is going to paint you a rosy picture of this place because they can’t leave or they have their money invested there. Avoid Roatan."

If you have information about this crime, please leave a comment below or join the discussion on our Facebook page.

Update: The Teledifusora Insular Facebook page identifies the Filipino crew member as Jacob Bagan. It states that the police are searching for someone called "Barrabas" who shot the man and then left his bicycle at the scene. The new mayor of Roatan offers a reward of 100,000 Lempiras (a little over $5,000 U.S.) for the capture of the murderer. There are numerous photographs on the Facebook page, including one of the deceased man that is graphic. Other newspapers are covering the story, including this one, which contains very disturbing images (warning). 

Below is a video from Roatan of the Mayor being interviewed.

April 7 2014 UpdateWill NCL’s CEO Kevin Sheehan Pull the Norwegian Pearl, Dawn & Jewel Out of Roatan?

April 10 2014 UpdateHonduran Police Arrest Bay Islands Resident in Murder of NCL Crew Member



Photo credit: Wikipedia / Visitor 7  

  • Cyrella

    I am so sorry to hear about one of your Crew “Family” Members. May everyone be comforted at this time..His family is in my prayers and they should have no more sorrow.

  • markstrong

    Wow that so sad to hear that a crew member was killed in rotan my heart goes to the crew member family. .

  • Irak and Afganistan, does not have any RATE, because the people left the country due to the War, declare by United States. Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, Los Angeles, New Youk, Detroit, Chicago… North Korea. that sure it is an unfair calculation or Rate…! by the same country who is fighting Two War. In USA, the killing now days goes by the dozens, all at once, Universities, schools military bases, etc. supermarkets…? BY THE DOZEN.

  • Mandy

    Terribly sad news.

  • This is awful – My wife and I started going to Roatan in the mid 1990’s on Commodore Cruise Line – the Enchanted Isle. Never had a problem but hear it has been going down hill. I got to blame some of the problems on Carnival and their decision to make their Roatan Port an Island unto itself. If the tourists don’t venture out of the gated compound can you say you really have been anywhere?

    Last time we were in Roatan our group brought school supplies for the children and we always take a cab on go to Coxen Hole and shop.
    The boy in the center of our photo (the one with shoes and socks) is the one we bought the shoes and 4 pairs of socks for. His siblings said he has never had shoes. We felt good and sad at the same time.

    The Honduran government better get its act together or it is going to find that NO SHIPS will be stopping there except Carnival. This is a very small place – small enough the Honduran military could do a clean sweep of the criminals.

    The cruise lines need to use some of their millions in profits to aid the very places they visit. The poor ALWAYS get crapped on.

    PS Our favorite ship in the NCL Fleet is the Pearl – We love the ship, not for the trappings, but for the crew. We are so sad for all aboard. Our website features many photos taken while on and off the Pearl.
    Vic and Judi Vreeland

  • Lois

    I’ve visited Roatan several times and I have even spent a year there with my beautiful family. The blog used in this article is higly incorrect. Roatan is a magnificent place and just like any city, town or country there will always be some sort of crime. The people there are the most opened hearted, arms welcoming people and this has caused me to invest in a few properties there. I’ve also been to the mainland of Honduras it couldn’t have been so opposite to the beautiful island. I’m pretty sure my post will never be used in any of these articles, because they want to paint a beautiful island “black”

  • friend

    I am so sad. Jacob is friend and he just worked as a cook for a few months onboard Norwegian Pearl. The gunman shot him twice just because Jaycob refused to give up his handphone. Jacob is only 27 and still has a baby few months old back home in Philippines. May he RIP.

  • Abigail

    The gunman shot Jacob twice just because he refused to give up his HP. Jacob is only 27 years old and he just has a baby back home in Philippines. May Jaycob soul RIP.

  • albin john pallathumalayil

    please pray for his family

  • expat in peru

    A narco trafficking crossroads – give up the goods or your life. Life is cheap – as stated the gunman shot him because he refused and this would be the same in the Philippines. I was robbed in a nice area near our condo in Manila.

  • Edward du Monceaux

    This was a very shocking and sad incident and the whole island is shocked and saddened. That says something by the way. We are a community and safe one. You simply cannot paint Roatan with the same brush as the Honduran mainland. We are an island in the Caribbean with a different culture, history language and even different seasons. Crime isn’t increasing here. It is simply that a few years ago, before Facebook, if a crime happened (unless it was something as dramatic as this in which case the coconut telegraph would spread the news quickly over the island) it was a relatively rare event that most people never heard about. Certainly not off the island. Now everyone in the world knows instantly what everyone’s dinner looks like on their plate. Crime hasn’t increased from years before, just the reporting and awareness has. Police statistics have actually shown a decrease in crime. We actually have a fairly steady flow of more well-to-do families from the major cities moving here to escape the crime on the mainland! It is also why the vast majority of foreigners who live or regularly vacation in Honduras do it here and not on the mainland. So as horrible as this event was don’t believe for a moment that we are like the mainland or that Roatan is a violent, dangerous place. It is not.

  • chef rodney

    He was a good guy may his soul rest in peace

  • oscar moradel

    I am so cheam of what happens here in honduras its horrible i hope this ends one day i am from honduras roatan and it someting horrible estoy desepcionadi de roatan its a bad influence now.

  • jodi

    I am sadden by this awefull news and may the family of that young man find peace.
    I am an born islender from Roatan and i will agree with what mos have said we are a peaceful loving caring community and yes we have crime you cant compare our islands to the mainland honduras we are a different people with different culture our native language is english our customs are compleatly different..and for someo e to post such aweful things about our islands well they just havent visited yet to see for themself how things really are.
    My kids can play outside alone and i dont have to worry about anything happening to them they go to school and i dont have to worry about some other kids pulling a gun and shooting them so before you judge our islands please get the facts straight.

  • Mark Schuler

    I am a missionary living on Roatan. Every time a serious crime happens, the rumor mill goes wild, but here is what we know to this point. It happened about 3:00 in the afternoon in a rather heavily transited part of town. Apparently, there were security cameras that photographed the suspects (there are 2). They approached the victim on a bike, attempted to rob him, shot him twice and fled without the bike. Police are screening all passengers arriving at the ferry terminal and at the airport. FYI, Roatan is safer than mainland Honduras but the situation is deteriorating. In the 9 years I have been here, things have definitely gotten worse. God bless all.

  • quinton brooks

    I am a former crewmember of ncl I live in roatan
    not too far from where all this happened.
    Am so touch by this terrible tragedy,i can’t describe
    how sorry I am for the family and there lost.
    may the grace of our lord and the force of his mighty streng be with the family through there grieft and always.

    condolinces to the family.

  • ka oscar

    give total ban and sanction to itinerary of roatan honduras for all company cruise lines ship so that they can give lessons to this place and so that the tourism industry of honduras will loss permanently on the cruise ship.

  • Rambler

    NCL doesn’t think of any of its crew as “family”.
    Stop cheaping out by docking in this terrible place.
    His blood is on YOUR hands, NCL.
    I hope you’re proud.

  • Vernon Albert

    Roatan is safe and a few major problems like this should never create an abandonment of an entire Island. I am very sad for the wonderful soul that got murdered and for his family and friends. It is terrible what some people will do. Roatan was just declared a crime free zone by the new mayor. I own a shovel and not a gun. Fear is bad and there should be less fear of this wonderful place called Roatan.

  • Celida Zuniga

    They should captured those criminals in Roatan, and give them to the sharks.

  • Celida

    The governor of Roatan has to be tough and try to control the criminality in that island,otherwise zero tourism.

  • Carlos

    I’ll begin by asking our Lord to give strength to the family who lost a son , a father, a brother or a husband , that God guide your heart.

    Many years ago began this exodus of compatriots beliefs Roatan tourists , cruise ships and hotels planted trees where it grows money driven , this added to the uncontrolled construction companies that mobilize large groups of workers who choose to make Roatan their new home and not return to their places of origin , increasing poverty belts and becoming dens true for people who need not be found.
    Until the Local Government and Central Government did not develop and implement a real policy of controlling access to the Bay Islands ( Utila , Guanaja and Roatan ) such tragedies continue , we must remember that the Bay Islands are resource areas valuable but limited resources such as water, the uncontrolled growth of colonies joined the growing infrastructure directly affect the fragile ecosystem , Roatan is the most beautiful places that exist in our country , as all true citizens concerned that this pole has a actual launch we care and our authorities require the start of a census and debugging of this beautiful island department of Honduras .

  • Vanessa

    May God bless and comfort the family of the young man who lost his life. I hope they do ban the port until the government of Roatan gets its act together. I hope they see what happens in a tourist based economy where there are no tourists. This young man was not far from the port at all. He was in a comfortable walking distance during the day. This was not late at night in a secluded area of the island.
    The criminals operate with immunity, they are so bold. I hope this incident finally forces the island people to speak up about criminal activity. I hope this forces the government to provide and enforce security on the island. For the sake of the tourists and the people living on the island.
    Roatan is a beautiful place with some genuinely friendly people. It’s a terrible shame this happened. No doubt most people are saddened by it. Who wants to dock in a Island where you can’t step outside of the port? Why should anyone lose their life for a cell phone? To the people of the island, wake up..
    Until some changes are made, Roatan will be like the mainland. Where do you think criminals go to hide? Everyone will be walking around armed. Every port of entry need to be policed. Gun culture knows no bounds.

  • Chloe Bennett

    My condolences to the victim family may they fine peace.
    Am from Roatan and no one can talk about my hometown
    It’s no worse than anywhere else.actually better than most country
    The different is we don’t hide our crime like most country does.
    Around here you can still walk around here any time at night or day. We are very sorry about this incident. If you can offer advice
    About how to stop the crime rate here then help us but we don’t need you to trow dirt on us.Us islanders are good people.

  • catalin

    I was there….there was no police on the street, it is tragic what happend.They should take action and for the next 3 years no ships should dock there….let them die….

  • roy peregrino

    condolences to the family of our fellow crew member…

  • What a tragedy. My prayers are with his family and friends.
    If this area is so dangerous, why do the cruise ships continue to dock there?

  • IslandGirlJohnson

    This was really sad what happened on our island, the majority of the island depends on tourism as it is our biggest industry now, but we are unfairly being compared to the crime on the main land of Honduras,But i must say being #1 on the list is not fair for my Country,there are far more dangerous countries in the world, if you haven’t notice the US even has tv shows of all the horrible crimes that go on there,the various inscedents that has occurred lately on our island was not did by the island people,we do not bite the hand that feeds us,they where committed by people that come over and then leave back to the mainland, crime is EVERYWHERE, in march a local from the island went to Miami and was robbed at gun point loosing everything (iphone, money, passport, etc.) And it was a reported crime but did anyone post that over the internet? Isn’t miami also a touristic site? We dont paint a “rosy” picture… we tell the truth crime happens everywhere! Befofe you judge and post about ROATAN come and visit our island and you’ll see why we have so many people come over and live here… #VoiceforRoatan

  • Princess

    -I’m so sorry for the loss of that soul,,,and so saddened by the horrible thing that happened,,,but yes,,it is sure more peaceful and our island ain’t that bad to tell the truth,,,,and also we live in Paradise but in the world,,so who expects perfection????

  • julie

    justice to jacob

  • Malin Larsson

    It’s hard to read about this because I used to be a crew member myself on the NCL Pearl. It’s unfortunate that Roatan is a very dangerous place and that crew members cannot be more protected when they go ashore. We all learn to not walk by ourselves in such a dangerous place. People take for granted and it’s horrible that a man had to die over a cellphone… Be careful out there! Is Roatan going to be a place that the cruise industry will skip in the itinerary? Maybe it’s a hot subject to consider?

  • nathan

    its a tradegy what happen to that poor salior God rest his soul,but its no diferent from any where in the world, not even in the usa,who cansay that it is bottom line when you travel you take risk, dont mean that you should punish the poor people that make their living from turism just my opinium….

  • Rafa

    So sad to hear that, but currntly ROATAN is one of the most safe and secured place in Honduras, its a beautiful island and many rich people have there vacation house there! It is sad to hear that this happend and hopefully someone will do something about this

  • Pearl crewmember

    We are so upset! The Pearl goes to Roatan, Belize and Cozumel for this itinerary. In Roatan there is no single policeman seen on the street. Whereas in Cozumel there are policeman with firearms all over the streets. We feel so much safer in Cozumel. We urge the NCL to abandon Roatan port for our next 2 cruises for the loss of our brother’s life.

  • Jonathan Norman

    I speak in behalf of my island community when I say that we are all deeply saddened and disappointed by this occurrence. We are a peace loving community that teuly enjoys hosting foreigners, but unfortunately, we cannot respond for the acts of a single individual on the island. The community (not just authorites) is actively searching for this murderer to be judge and processed properly. We are doing our best to locate this individual and preventing an event like this from occurring ever again.
    My condolences go out to the family of Jacob. We are truly sorry.

  • lufef

    its sad to hear this, my condolences to the family. but Roatan is a safe place, this is the 1st time this happens, they already caught the prisoner and it is a drug addict who spent 2 yrs in prison, yes maybe the judicial system is weak regarding the time for prison sentencing and rehabilitation process, maybe he was high and did not think clearly, but we can not judge that beautiful paradise, after this horrible event now Roatan will count with safety measures that will be unique to the whole Bay Islands and not the mainland, increasing the security in every level now. We need to give this another chance, I agree that the mainland is not safe, but more than 80% of the tragic situations are due to drug wars between themselves, but in the Bay Islands, Utila, Roatan, and Guanaja, since they are small, no criminals travels to them to do dirty work because there is no easy escape route or hide outs. Please we need to keep counting and pushing Honduran goverment

  • Pearl crewmember

    I have received words from our CEO Kevin Sheehan that NCL is cancelling our 3 ships Norwegian Pearl, Norwegian Dawn, and Norwegian Jewel port of call to Roatan. Good call, Mr Sheehan! We urge other cruise ship operators such as Carnival and Royal Caribbean to do the same to avoid tragedies like this to happen again.

  • A Mad Islander Boy!

    I’m so sorry for the lost of the dear Philippine family… but either way… why you people expect this island to be so perfect? At least we don’t have students killing teachers and students. At least we don’t have a man that would walk up in a movie theater and start shutting people down. half of you people are giving my homeland bad fame. like if you ever lived here before. why you talk smack of another country and still avoid to see the disaster in yours. We are loving people and we do not bite the hand that feeds us. this island depends on tourism. People that are criminals on the island are not from here. they come from the coast. I’ve lived on this island my whole entire life and makes me sad to listen some of you ignorant people that has never been here before and still talk crap. JUST REMEMBER – ANYWHERE YOU GO! YOU WILL FIND CRIME!!…. i’m just a 16 year old teenager and this affects me alot, in soo many ways. How dare you say we would paint a rosy picture for you…. when this island is no where to be compared to the mainland. THIS IS PARADISE!MY HOME!! RESPECT IT!

  • Jeff Schweitzer

    Every murder is horrible; and I can barely imagine the pain and sense of loss for his family and friends. We should not, however, take our anger,frustration and sadness to create a broad generalization about Roatan’s safety. Telling people to stay away from Roatan (as some have done) is like telling someone to avoid Los Angeles because there was a murder in Watts. Countries and regions are not homogenous. Some areas can be more dangerous, others safer. We know that most murders in Honduras are drug related and happen mainly in Tegucigalpa, not in Roatan. Yes there is crime in Roatan and I hope it improves; but there is crime everywhere. As sad and terrible and tragic as this murder is, it is no reason to avoid Roatan anymore than any other place in the world. There would be few places on earth left to visit if the presence of crime kept us away.

  • Blake Cooper

    We would like to inform everyone from the NCL family and the victim family that
    the police have caught the person that shot and kill the crew member that was
    NCL cruise line here on roatan … For more info go to “Roatan crime watch” Facebook

  • Johnie DCM

    My prayers and condolences goes out to Jacob’s friends and family.
    I’m a Islander, born and RAISE in ROATAN! I been here for 18 years and my island is a beautiful island, and peaceful. I want every single one of u to open your eyes to reality, everywhere you go there’s crime, our island aint perfect. Dont get me wrong now, it was mess up how Jacob was murder, yes. But not one of yall can say Roatan is a horrible place! cause it aint! especially how most of yall haven’t live here! Here on our island there was no incident ever about person goin in killing students in school and yet we’re the most dangerous place? come on now! This island is home of many wonderful people! the type of people that would take care of u! the type of people that would help u! And IF yall look into the crimes that happen on ROATAN, its people for mainland or out of the country that do them. I wont lie, this island needs more security but still you all are not alow to day we the worst! Open your eyes! and stop being ignorant peoples

  • Rotanian

    we as Rotaneans are very sorry for what happen are hearts pain with in us for the family of the victim.but were not excepting to be the num. 1 crime rate in the world Honduras has 18 departments and 18 arent under crime rate crime happens any where if you watch the news you”ll see that not only in Honduras crime happens in America it isnt any better for example the BOSTON BOMBING ,9:11,THE MASSACRE ETC…over here its different beacause we dont have bombings, massacre and shootout in our schools over here were not mentally i’ll people kill for money thats the problem our economy is low and people feel like the only option they have is robbery and eventually it ends as murder but not only over here but all over the world we have a new government and hes doing all in his power to better our country and make a better place to live and a much better place to visit… Jim Walker

  • Ever Zelaya

    i invite the people to visit the island that is the most beautiful island of Honduras, we are working realle hard to capture the criminal.
    hope you write back to me on my email.
    have a good day, and visit Roatan.

  • BetterandThem

    Roatan is a dangerous island ,better ncl dont go there, better island in the caribbean to know, 3 years in the pass some rat rubb my personal things.

  • Venice

    As an islander that lives away for the pass 22 years it saddens me to hear such bad news of one of the most beautiful and warm places in the world ,we have family and friends there that are sadden by this ,but the bay islanders have been begging the Government of Honduras to try to give us more controll to keep the criminals away from these shores ,but guess they didn’t care enought for the islanders …the islanders are English speaking and would go out the way to help and care for most people that visits there.
    As like anywhere in the world you have crime .
    Sympathy and prayers to the family of the victim may his soul rest in peace…

  • Mia

    Who would even believe that “tourist can’t leave Roatan”? Just a buy a ticket if u wish to leave Roatan. Please get the facts right people. Anyways, this island is a beautiful place, and just like ALL islands and tourist destinations and yes even like the good old USA the is crime, and there will always be loosers and stilupid people that don’t have anything important to do but to cause harm to others. In the USA everyday people are being murdered, rapped, abducted, shot while at school, high jacked etc…. Why you don’t make a big deal of that???
    This is a terrible act of violence and I hope that this does not cause the whole entire island to starve because of a few fools. The authorities need to step up their game and have more police on the streets everyday even if its a Sunday. Condolenses to Jacob’s family and the we the people of Roatan are praying and know that this crime will not go unpunished.

  • Sarah_W

    Anytime anything like this happens, it is an absolute tragedy. I really feel for this man’s family and fellow crewmembers.

    It would also be a tragedy if the cruise lines were to punish the people of Roatan because of the actions of 1 or 2 people. Many lives will suffer as a result.

    Unfortunately, people can be prone to knee-jerk reactions when something like this happens, but even though I live in the usually best rated city in North America, the evening news is often reporting on murders in the local area, so this is really a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

    I chose Roatan as the place I wanted to have a second home, and while such tragedies are very sad, I am glad that I made the choice to live part of my life on this lovely island.

  • Rich britton

    Roatan is a very dangerous island, where bandits and other cities ceiba Honduras offenders on the island of the bay hide, maybe they should do the cruise companies is never to return to that port, and when there is a security can become competent, tourists and crew members feel safe, the police should have retainers so have control, I was there and was a victim of a theft does not wish to return .. but there are also other most beautiful caribbean islands san andres …. as islands – Colombia should go there if the cruise is a developing island, less vandalism, and excellent quality of people, paradise ..

  • Myman

    Read the words, its says number 1 in central america numbnuts.
    Unfortunately my hime country of south africa is number 1 overall. If you think “dozens” in america is alot, feel free to come visit me anytime and ill show you around.
    Dozens a day in a country as populated as USA seems like chump change by comparrison

  • trust

    Roatan is a piece of shit. Its full of whores, coke heads and underage coke whores. Seriously, why vacation in a dump like honduras? Save yourself some money and visit compton if you like being shot at.

  • Aaron Etches

    Not sure if anyone has asked, but is there a relative of Mr. Jacob that would be willing to contact any of us Islanders? We would like to give them our deepest condolences. We would also be able to share information as to what the local officials are doing to capture this monster.

  • Michelle Arias

    I really believe this post is BS and its giving bad advertisent to a beautiful place.. So just stop and shut your mouth if you dont know.. I live in Honduras im not an investor nor am i a person who comes from a rich family and i havent in my 30 years of life had any encounters with people who have tried to kill me nor point a gun at me. People are being killed all around the world.. In the USA TOO and we dont give bad advertisent to your shit of a country so really just shut up if you dont live and feel what we Honduras feel.. Im proud to be Honduran.

  • Gilbert

    im a sailor also and for me i need justice for my co sailor and co filipino…

  • MrsLampen

    How many tourists die in Thailand and no measures are held toward that country destination. Traveling to Sao Paulo is also a high risk for any tourist due to the robberies by CHILDREN in plain lightday, let’s not forget Mss Holloway in Aruba…I think this is an UNFAIR campaign.

  • First I want to give my sympathy to the family my heart goes out to you guys, and who in the hell will shot someone for a freaking phone are you serious, I hope the catch him and put a bullet in his head, I’m from Roton I was born and raised there, And thank god for there when he did, and yes roatan is getting worse and worse every freaking day, Because a lot of people who’s not from there, the now live there, and a lot of them don’t want to work, so Now there killing people for a cell phone ridiculous, I just hope the fine who did it, and $5000 reward in nothing try $20,000 dead or alive,

  • alice nolasco

    my son told me about the news..he is also working in norwegian pearl..i am so saddened by it..i told my son not to go down of theship when in honduras..condolence to the family of jacob..

  • ronaldo cadalso

    i’m very worried about that because,we don’t know what well happen to the those who are some crew members and passengers on the ship we need to be carefully when you go ashore outside the ship….

  • German Perez

    This is a bad news and I admit it, it doesn’t give a good image to Roatan at all. But at the same time, I live in Honduras and Ive also lived in the USA. Have you ever been to Memphis? Lots of my friends got robbed, some shot and a guy from my school got killed there. So There are more dangerous places in the world than Honduras. USA has a huge crime rate and you don’t hear the investors or tourist ranting all the time about it do you? NYC is a pretty dangerous place and yes its full of tourist. Did that stop me from going there? No it didnt. I can keep talking about so many different states in the US with high crime but still I wont, because its not the crime that makes a place worth visiting, it’s its people and the sites and the enviroment. So yes go ahead and talk about the bad news but do not tell people not to visit. I bet you have never set a foot on Roatan in your life and you are talking about it like you have visited before.

  • jannel

    Im so sadden to hear of something like this going on, on our little island. But i feel like some of the comments are completely unnecessary, its not just roatan that is dangerous the the whole world just that this crime was cought in public.


  • Big Juice

    My deepest condolences to Mr. Jacob family, am really sorry to hear something like this taking place on my Island.
    Am an Islander born and rise. Am not ashamed to say it also. Am happy to see my Island grown in Tourism and am sadly to see it tumble. I don’t know why a lot of you guys are criticizing Roatan?? Every one that goes there….They Google!! I know there’s a lot you can find on the Net now a day. Everyone know the condition of the Island and what states it’s in. so WHY IN THE HELL YOU STILL VISIT, AND WANT TO TALK CRAP ON THE END!!! I don’t get it!! Roatan is very open with what’s taking place here on the Island, even the Mainland. Honduras don’t cover NOT UP LIKE SOME OTHER CONTRIES IN THE WORLD. They let the world now what going on the inside. Most other countries leaves it behind close door. It don’t get out.
    I have travel the world, not been a lot of place, but to see the places I have been. With what’s going on at the moment. They can put Roatan and Honduras in their pockets and still have run for Mexico!! Some place VIP out a hold town, just because of their Religion, Some place people strap a bomb and blow up them sel. And many much worse then what I say, it’s just an idea. So way put Roatan, as the # 1 worse place in the world. You guys should start and look at other places where there much worse crime then my Island.

  • Richard Diaz

    We islanders are sorry about tht. And its caind of weird 4r tht to happen on the island and people please don’t bee talking about my island tht cus u bee in worst country the ares 4r sure. Why u all think so much people comes here cus its a beautiful place

  • Rev. Juan Simpson

    Our condolences to the family of Jacob Gaban who like all cruise ship personnel around the world was using his time at port to explore and get to know a new place. It is profoundly saddening that this common experience would have ended the way it did with him loosing his life. Our hearts goes out to his family and community in the Philippines for which we know he was a provider.

    I did not see the incident but witness the aftermath of his lifeless body on the ground while persons from all walks of life on this Island rushed back and forth to grant assistance. It is very easy to paint in comments a grotesque image of a callous murderous population but that is not what Roatan is nor Honduras as a whole.

    These questions are been asked as a I write not just by the politicians, investors, NCL and others but by the general population of the Island that knows this place as one in which they where raised and their children and great grandchildren, in peace and relative tranquillity.

    I have lived in Honduras for almost 18 years. I am from Panama, my wife and two of my children are from there yet we have been blessed that the other two, of the four, of our brood where born right here in Honduras. Honduras as a whole and Roatan in particular is a place of contrast just like other parts of the world. We have the fairly big cities with the trappings of all big cities, we have the quaint rural villages, we have the archaeological beauties and we have the natural wonders of the Islands on both the Pacific and even more so on the Atlantic.

    This process is not easy it requires adaptation and a new skill set, that needs to be engaged simultaneously with the increasing demand of persons accustomed to more developed and practised tourist destinations. Couple this with a national political tradition that gave primacy to extracting resources (mainly financial) and lip service to infrastructure development and security and you end up with the slip through that allowed this type of high profile crime to take place.

    I would ask that you afford Roatan the same kind of opportunity that you afford other destinations were similar incidents, or worse, have taken place. We have access to information technology and the electronic media here so we are aware of what happened in Mexico, not to long ago, and other Cruise destinations worldwide, and in no attempt to diminish our own disgraceful situation; it pales in comparison to some of the things that happen elsewhere.

    We will have to come to grips as a society that wishes to be a centre for hospitality and mirth that even deeper changes will have to be made in our collective consciousness. Some of these are already on their way as the installation of security cameras on the main route of the Island, which by the way, help to tag the perpetrator. However, it also implies that we will need to re-adapt our culture without loosing our soul.

    We will engage in thoughtful reflection and action that will benefit not only visitors, because unknown to many; we receive on this Island annual returning hotel guest, Christian mission teams, International Church Conferences and many other national events time to time. We are accustomed to be hospitable and we know we need to become better at it. We are deeply concerned about the safety of visitors, family and friends so we know more needs to be done to ensure that.

    NO PLACE ON THIS PLANET IS A 100% SAFE. So to those who would use this incident to grind an axe, destroy a destination to benefit their own or to spew hate because of some past unfortunate incident on this Island or elsewhere, STOP IT. Work with us to implement the kind of changes that will benefit not only those who visit but those who live here and put out day after day to make visitors, though briefly, feel like home. I can witness to this because these are my people and I share daily in their challenges.

  • Prasad

    Condolences for the family

  • Dr. Sunny Roe

    Is it possible to set up a crowd-funding website for donations to Jacob’s family, to help them at this difficult time? Jacob made the ultimate sacrifice to leave his home in search of ways to provide for his family and it cost him his life. Perhaps donations will help achieve his goal, in his memory.

  • Nancy

    Very, very sad! My thoughts are with Jacob’s family. Time to pull out of Roatan!

  • Cesar

    You shouldn’t visit USA because children killed their friends, the rest of the students. In USA the people is crazy, they kill the world, they let their government to killed people all around the world. In USA live the most drugdealers of the world and the guys are drug consummers. Stop travelling to USA and travel to Roatán.

  • Rose

    Up yours Vic & Judi dare you blame Carnival Cruiseline, it’s asshole like you that keep giving Carnival a bad rep. They are not responsible for this, I was just on the Magic last week and they cancelled our stop there obviously for OUR SAFETY, hmm seems to me NCL is at blame since they decided to go ahead and stop there with no regard for THEIR PASSANGERS & CREWS SAFTEY for the almighty dollar. I was ticked off at the time that we didn’t stop but knowing this could have happened to one of us last week I am glad we didn’t stop. THANK YOU CARNIVAL FOR KEEPING US SAFE!

  • Harper

    Sorry to hear this happened, my heart goes out to his family and his ship family. I don’t believe
    Roatan is the most dangerous place in the world, let alone the most dangerous place the ships go. Roatan is off the main coast of Honduras and it different from the main land. I’m a former NCL Pearl staff member and enjoyed the friend helpful people I meet in my visits to Roatan. I have been to much more dangerous places then this when I was on ships (County’s with the highest kidnapping ratio in the world, high cocaine trafficking areas, county’s where are gay staff could not be open, to places where multiple crew have been mugged). I’m a young Canadian female and never had a problem in Roatan, as others have stated YES this is very sad, however thing bad things happen EVERYWHERE (much worst in the USA then 1 murder)

  • Aussie man

    The best thing that they going to do is stop
    Sending cruise ship in that island.that island is
    Hell drugs is there crime prostitotion besides
    Nothing in that island that island is shame.
    They suppose to protect tourist and the
    Crew member in there. It’s fine for now when
    I get rich I will hire all hundoras people let them
    Work in one ship and I’m going to burn them all.
    I’m sorry for Jacob family. R.I.P bro…..

  • Ingrid Bennett

    So sorry to hear what has happened in Roatan. Condolences go out to the family of Jacob. I have traveled to Roatan several times and my daughter actually moved there after holidaying there. It is a beautiful place and I can tell you I always feel safe there. Certainly there is some crime there as there is everywhere but you need to distinguish Roatan from the mainland of Honduras when you discuss the crime rate as they are not the same. This incident of one persons crime will affect the entire island and the lovely friendly people there who work extremely hard to provide a great vacation to people from other countries. This incident needs to be investigated thoroughly and the perpetrator needs to be severely punished but don’t stop going to this beautiful spot out of ignorance or fear that is unfounded. The whole island depends on the tourism industry and its not fair to punish them for something one person did.

  • Stir Fry

    How awful.

    To those who are defending Honduras as a tourist destination, one can’t argue with the factual travel warning from the US Dept of State.

    To those who muddy the waters bringing in other countries and their environments, let’s stay on point which is crime in Honduras and a US Dept of State travel warning.

    I can walk in the US on my phone, with my purse, children, and packages without fear of being robbed. Not so in the Caribbean or Honduras where tourists are clearly targeted.

    We are finished with visiting anywhere in these areas as it is just too dangerous and certainly not relaxing since one must continually be on guard. We now choose to spend our money in the US in Florida where the rule of law is enforced and we don’t need to worry about our personal safety or property.

  • Ken

    As a customer of NCL I’m saddened to hear of this tragedy and offer my deepest sympathies to your crew member’s family and friend’s.

    I certainly wouldn’t blame NCL for making a decision to stop porting in Roatan.

  • Denise W

    This is heartbreaking news!! May G-d give strength to his family and friends to get through this difficult time.
    I own a place in Roatan. Have gone to most of the island, even to Coxen Hole (Port of Roatan) when ships are docked to do some shopping. I have always felt safe, but have also always been on my guard – as I would be on any Caribbean Island or even Honolulu.
    There are bad people every where – but it should not take down an island.
    There WERE police there and responded within minutes by foot with back up to follow right after. The cowards who did this fled and are still at large. I understand they are close to being arrested.
    The island of Roatan does all it can to protect tourists as they are it’s life line. But there is not one copy for every one person…no one can say you are safe on any island. You have to be smart and act smart. Poor people are desperate people, but not all are criminals.
    Stop blaming the cruise lines, or the police…bad things happen to good people – it is the sad way of the world. Roatan is a beautiful island and it saddens me that with this act (though hideous) the island and hard working people of Roatan may suffer for years because of this.

  • AS A fellow Crew member, all my sympathy to the Jacob family in the Philippines its very sad to hear the way his life had been taking for a some people could be so ignorant and lact of Education. I Know the Security In Roatan is very slack at times and Corrupted. but an incident like this cant change who we are as citizen of Roatan bay island. We have millions of tourist coming to our island each year and i know at least %80 percent of them will have positive things to say about our island compare to other Countries and island through out the Caribbean. For Example the Bahamas is they capital of tourism in they Caribbean and just 2 weeks ago the U.S Embassy
    Issued robbery and violent crime remain major threats
    facing both U.S. citizens and residents of The Crime Cruise Ship Passengers Nassau Bahamas Bahamas, including in areas frequented by tourists on New Providence and Grand Bahamas Islands. In the past year, a number of U.S. citizens have fallen victim to armed robbery.”… So before all of you so smart Reporters try to fix somebody problems our Country fix your own first.. 100% Roatanean..Melvin Jr James

  • Nicholas C.

    The pearl should consider the Cayman Islands instead of Roatan. make the route Cayman, Belize, Cozumel. And that would be the end of that! Grand Cayman is so much safer than Roatan.

  • eddie dollar

    I am a former NCL crew member that lives in Roatan. I am very saddened to hear what had happened but there are many people from the US that behave as if their country is perfect look at Chicago and Detroit. Also do not compare Roatan to the mainland of Honduras. Everyone on the island is shocked to see what has happened to want even more than everyone to cath these muderers.

  • Jeff Burgess

    First let me say that on behalf of this entire island, we send our deepest sympathy to Jacobs family and friends. The suspect has been arrested and is currently in jail. He will be arraigned today. The entire island came together and it was islanders that tracked this man down. The honorable Dorn Eubanks, the mayor of Roatan has done an amazing job pulling together every resource available to bring this man to justice. We are Roatan,not mainland Honduras. Honduras in general is a beautiful country with places that are some of the most beautiful in the world. Yes, the major cities have their fair share of problems and most of it involves drugs but we have the same thing in most of the big cities in the states. Roatan and her community are coming together to make serious changes to our beautiful island. I am an expat, chose to move to Roatan, invested here and have no regrets. Those that are saying horrible things about Roatan, I invite you to come visit and meet the people, explore the island and I think you will change your mind. We all morn Jacobs death but please don’t judge the island by one mans bad deeds.


  • mr ted


  • Cesar

    Whatch this:

    American society is killing not only the world but theirselves. Stop cheating Roatán, Honduras.



  • Alan Jones

    I have been fortunate enough to travel on The Norwegian Jewel 5 weeks ago and then again this past week. Roatan was one of my favorite ports of call and this week it was cancelled due to the killing of the Pearl Crew Member. First let me say that my prayers go out to the murdered crew member. From sailing twice on the same ship within 5 weeks I became very close to several of the crew members and consider them friends. And, I worry for their safety! I all the ports of call there were high presence of police and security with the exception of Roatan. That being said, crime happens everywhere. I feel deeply also for the many residents of Roatan who are dependent on the tourism dollars, and, are paying the consequences of a street thug. If the Mayor of Roatan truly cares about his people and the tourist coming onto his beautiful island, its time to increase the police presence, not only at the port but also into the ajoining areas frequented by the tourist. If these kinds of incidents continue, you cannot blame the cruise industry for sailing past your port. I truly hope for the good people of Roatan that the Mayor makes some drastic changes. Once again my heart breaks for the young crew member as well as his family, friends, and his ship family.

  • Mark

    Last year on our first arrival at the community in question, we didn’t get off the NCL ship. It’s a “tourist trap” with no redeeming value to us. We were looking forward and enjoyed our visit to Belize, however. Thankfully, our next week’s cruise bypasses (previously scheduled) Honduras.


    The fact is that the Honduran authorities are not enforcing the law in Bay Islands

    There are many crimes that are occuring but are not being reported on the news.

    The Port Captains, Navy Base, Police and Courts are not enforcing the law.


  • Sky Is Falling

    If the cruise lines choose to stop going to ports in places where murders occur they will find themselves at sea forever. Imagine what would happen if everyone took this approach would anyone ever visit anywhere?

    So sorry this happened and would hate for all the good people of Roatan to suffer for this horrible act!

  • Brian Wentworth

    Hey to Melvin Jr James who wrote the post before this note…ok…we’ll stay home and fix our own country and spend our dollars in America! Don’t like you attitude. I think the cruise ships need to stop docking here. I stayed on this island for a while. Found they will slit your throat for a dollar. The locals live about 2 dollars a day, so if they see you with jewelry or money you might end up dead. Sorry folks but we all know this is the truth. I’m wondering where is the responsibility of the cruise lines. I’m guessing they keep porting there because the ships own stores there and dont want to lose their investments. I am thinking like Mr Melvin Jr James said in his post that we should go home and take care of our own business. Also, in my opinion I feel the cruise lines should be responsible for every life they let off of their boats. Looks like lawsuits might be happening. Again thanks yo Melvin Jr James for giving us insight on the greedy uncaring people on your island. Roatan is dangerous!

  • Mike

    I visited Roatan, about 3 weeks ago via Carnival and fell in love with its beauty. Loved it so much I am looking into visiting again for an extended period of time. Crime happens everywhere! I was in Barcelona and witnessed 3 purse snatching within the first 30 minutes of arriving. Living in California, I’ve vacationed in Mexico many times and have never seen so many thieves in my life. and that’s just the police.

    Roatan has spent a ton of money on its beautiful port and IMO will continue to make it a better and safer place to visit.

  • L. P.

    Hey Jim Walker
    Are you been in Roatan yet?
    I bit no
    So this sound more as discrimination than other thing
    I bit most of people they are commenting here never been more far than they houses
    In U.S.A have a lot of crime and who say something?
    no one
    Why? that is a good question
    before judge, think people
    Sorry for that what happen
    but do you will doing this kind of comments if this incident happen in your country?
    do will you be attacking if this happen in your country?
    i don’t think so
    Crime is every where you go
    even in the sea you are not safe from crime
    even in your our country you are safe from crime
    so don’t attack the Islander people

  • Julia

    We traveled on NCL to this port a few years ago. We got tricked into taking a bike ride by some locals, who would take us to a store, locked the door, and forced us to buy something. We got so scared and fled. The same bike driver offered us $30 to ride to downtown, but later forced us to pay $60. I lived in developing countries before, but this place is so rotten, and I would never pay money to go back. I do not know what others raved about.

  • TIM