NC: Cruise Shihp DrowningIn the last nine months, four children age 6 or younger have drowned or nearly drowned on cruise ships.

A 4 year child remains brain damaged after he nearly drowned on a Disney cruise ship, the Fantasy.  A 6 year old child is dead after drowning on a Carnival cruise ship, the Victory.  A 4 year old is dead and his 6 year old brother is seriously injured after similar tragedies on NCL’s Norwegian Breakaway.  

Cruise passenger Joe Boris, age 39, witnessed the NCL tragedies. He is motivated to convince the cruise industry to provide greater protection to children.

WTSB quotes Mr. Boris saying: "How can this happen? Why was there no lifeguard on board?" Boris said. "These cruise ships are money-making cash cows and to (make you) pay $11 for one drink. There’s no reason why they can’t supply a lifeguard at the pools."

"They boast on how this is a $900 million vessel holding almost 4,100 passengers, 1,600 crew members and they always say safety is of course their number one priority.  

"I honestly have to say to them, shame on you," Boris said. "Shame on you because there’s no reason you cannot have or you shouldn’t have a lifeguard present on board those ships."

There is absolutely no excuse for a cruise line, which pays absolutely no U.S. income taxes, not to invest in lifeguards. a dime from every passenger would more than pay for the lifeguards.  Here are some of our recent articles:

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  • Alex

    All I have to say is where are the parents of these very young children? Are they at the bar drinking, and not being observant of where their children are?
    I do agree they need life guards, however, who would allow their 6 year old or younger swim unattended? Lifeguards are not child minders!
    The parents need to take some responsibility also, you wouldn’t do it on land, why would you leave your kids by themselves on the ship? Just crazy!

  • 2Engineer

    Absolutely agree with the previous post!

  • Debbie

    I really don’t think that even with lifeguards on duty that a parent should be more than an arms length away from their child. Accidents can happen and they can happen quickly. Even if your child has swimming lessons and knows how to swim or even float it doesn’t mean they will be safe around the water. A child can still drown in a wading pool. If they slip and bump their head and go unconscious or take in a mouthful of water they can drown. Parents need to keep an eye on their child whenever they are in or around the water. Floaties or water wings provide only a false sense of security. Nothing is as good as a PFD. Oh and those floating blow up boats and mats are an accident waiting to happen. If a child sits in a blow up toy and it flips over they can become trapped inside the toy and drown. A parent has the ultimate responsibility to protect their own child and nobody else.

  • Its grossly negligent for a cruise ship not to assign life guards to swimming pools.

    A cruise line must exercise 100% of its corporate responsibility to protect children. A parent must exercise 100% of his or her personal responsibility to protect children. They go hand in hand.

    Bashing an imperfect parent while giving a cruise line a free ride is not the answer.

  • tinikini

    When I was a kid my mom used to drop my brother and I off at the local pool almost daily in the summer. She never stayed with us, we swam under the supervision of 6 lifeguards. This is what almost every parent did. It was the norm back in the 70’s. Was it right or wrong, I don’t know, but I don’t consider her to be a bad parent for doing so.

    Every 45 minutes the lifeguards would blow their whistles and everyone would get out of the pool and have a 15 minute rest period. Of course, this gave the lifeguards a chance to scan the pool for added safety. To my knowledge no one has ever drown at that pool, and they still do the drill every 45 minutes to this day.

    Tell me that lifeguards do not make difference. Lifeguards are a cheap investment compared to a child’s life. We all know that the cruise lines can afford them, so why not implement them as another added perk for their customers to feel safe and a safety blanket for their image. Everyone needs to work together, parents and grandparents included.

    Would I leave my child or my grandchild unattended in this day and age at a pool or anywhere else in the world, no. My fear of leaving them unattended would not be from drowning, it would be the fear of someone taking them, molesting them and then killing them.