We received information that the Celebrity Constellation has been hit with a norovirus outbreak during the September 25, 2013 to October 7, 2013 cruise.

A passenger informed us:

Just off the Celebrity Constellation Black Sea cruise Sept. 25th – Oct. 7th. Over 300 sick with Norovirus etc . . . Crew did their best but the sickness progressed rapidly . . . no time to really get rid of the problem between cruises. Expensive problem for passengers traveling from far Celebrity Constellation Norovirusaway places and not being warned prior to boarding the ship. This produces lots of anxiety for all who look forward to a wonderful time. Celebrity should do better for their loyal customers. 

Cruise expert Professor Ross Klein also commented on his popular web site CruiseJunkie that passengers had complained about the disease outbreak on the Constellation.

This outbreak was taking place at the same time as another norovirus outbreak on another Celebrity cruise ship, which you can read about here:

G.I. Blues: Over 300 Sick on the Celebrity Summit.   

We commented on Celebrity Cruises’ problems with norovirus aboard the Constellation last year.

If you were on the Constellation, please leave a comment below regarding how Celebrity handled the situation or join the discussion on our Facebook page.


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  • Jack H

    Unfortunately, the norovirus vaccine is not coming along as quickly as hoped:


    The article suggests that it may be a measurement problem rather than a real problem with the vaccine. If it does end up working, even at 50% efficacy, it would be a big help for cruise travelers and others.


  • gingell john

    My wife and myself were on Constellation in the Black sea and saw the problems of norovirus and the 300 cases.While the ships crew did all they could to minimise the virus,Passengers were never informed prior to leaving home that the ship had had this problem for most of 2013.Aftr 18 cruises with RCCL,it came as quite a shock and certenly disrupted the holiday.Out comments form listed the other faults on the ship which most passengers agreed with.This was my last cruise with Celebrity as was the view of most people we spoke to.


    We are to take a cruise in December on this ship will it be safe and cleared?

  • Scheidt, Hans

    our cruise on Celebrity Constellation in the Black Sea followed the one with the heavy norovirus problem (7.Oct-19.Oct.2013). Sanitizing measures before cruise start and during the first 8 days of the cruise were obvious successful and all restrictions were lifted 3 days before end of the cruise.