On Sunday we received emails inquiring about a Celebrity crewmember who went overboard from the Summit cruise ship.  The Summit was sailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico, where it is currently based, to Barbados when the cruise employee disappeared. At the time we had no information.

Today the U.S. Coast Guard issued a statement that the missing crewmember is a Filipino woman, age thirty, employed as a bartender aboard the cruise ship.  The cruise line states that she was seen jumping overboard Sunday morning, approximately 6 – 7 miles off the northeastern coast of Culebra Island, Puerto Rico.  It is less than clear whether eyewitnesses observed this, or whether the incident was captured on the ship’s CCTV cameras.

Summit Cruise Ship The cruise ship notified the Coast Guard of the incident from the cruise ship at approximately 12:50 a.m. Sunday.  We would be interested in learning when the cruise ship left San Juan, as the incident occurred shortly after departure. 

The Coast Guard suspended its search last night.

Royal Caribbean / Celebrity cruise ships have seen the most alleged suicides over the course of the last 2 years.  As we have said before, the Filipinos on cruise ships work incredibly long hours and are away from their families for long periods of time.  At this point, it is unknown what led this young woman to jump if this is what happened.

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Does anyone have information about this latest incident? 

  • ems

    i am a family member of the mentioned crewmember and we strongly disagree that it is a suicide. my sister has been working in the ship for almost 10 years now and she is a very bubbly and open person especially regarding her problems.. she love her son and husband so much.. we are still waiting for the result of the report or email from Celebrity’s miami office (which has been promised to me more than 24 hrs ago). also, i have heard that she sled on the railings and not jumped and though the coast guard stop their search, we as a family still believe and feel that my sister is alive. we will continue to investigate on what really happened and will continue to search for her. please do pray for us.

  • Fabio

    Because life on board sucks big time …
    Stupid managers …business above human limits…
    May GOD BLESS !!

  • cumme

    why r these crewmembers allowed/forced to work such long hours, they r humans. The human mind and body can only cope with so much, then tiredness steps in and that is when things go wrong. Why does these cruise companies just get away with so much, speak to crewmembers and u will hear how things get covered up on ships. Family members needs these jobs !
    Do u have a email add that crew members can email u to where they dont have to leave any details related to themselves, please advertise a special addr for info like that. There must be so much info floating around but crewmembers r too scared to come forward, remember they need their jobs and they obviously get told to keep quiet! Family members r scared to talk, because of safe gaurding the wellbeing of family members working onboard. I dont know if u, Jim have a dedicated email addr specially for the crewmembers, but i recon u have made a name for urself of being trustworthy and thats why i feel the crew would give u info, i know everyth in life have to backed up in legal terms but one never knows what info could come to light. Perhaps even create a ‘leave info or crew oppinion’ site completely seperately from ur company here. Just an idea, perhaps it may help.

  • arcabs

    I believed that this needs a thorough investigation. knowing my cousin as a strong woman and full of dreams and ambitions, she will never do such kind of thing.the’re so many cases of crews and passengers of Celebrity that disappeared and the easiest excused of the company is suicide! without even publishing the results of the investigation.i know someday that truth will come out..we need your prayers for my cousin’s safety..i still believed that miracles happened..

  • Aseldama

    Why do they have to stop the search for her? They haven’t seen anything yet! Any traces from the Filipina who fell accidentally from the ship with “irresponsible” managements and officials! Isn’t it a good sign that there’s still a big possibility that she’s alive? They haven’t seen the body, no everything! Why stop???

  • Sea FM

    I worked for Celebrity for years. The only way anyone is going overboard is if they jump, or someone throws them. You don’t accidentally fall from a cruise ship.

    The whole incident must have been caught on the security cameras. The outer decks are covered, and a newer ship like the Summit would have very few areas that weren’t under surveillance, if any at all.

    I know life onboard can be tough, and that conditions for crew have gotten steadily worse for the past few years.

    I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to find someone that went overboard. First of all, by the time anyone even notices that someone is missing, the ship is miles away from where the person would have gone over. By the time they figure out what happened, turn the ship around and start searching, it’s probably already too late. The oceans are very big. There are currents to factor in as well. The odds of anyone surviving are extremely small for many reasons.

    It’s sad that this happened, and I think this is 3 from Celebrity in the last year that have gone overboard. Obviously there is something wrong with this company, because having 3 crew jump overboard in one year is not normal. I know many crew that have had enough and just quit, like me.

    No job is worth the misery. That said, we don’t know the reason that this crew member made the decision that they did. Maybe it was a problem at home, maybe a personal issue on the ship. Maybe there was someone else involved. Lots of people get depressed around Christmas time, especially when you are away from your family so often.

    Still, when the company is cutting staff, and forcing more and more work on their employees, cutting airports they’ll fly you to / from, charging for uniforms, restricting shore leave on a whim, and constantly dreaming up newer and dumber ways of squeezing every last cent out of the guests and crew members…you really have to ask yourself if it’s worth it. Especially when you read about the millions that the executives are making on the backs of the crew.

    When your CEO and the upper management start cashing in their stock, and start getting sued, it can’t be long before the bottom falls out.

  • Aseldama

    to Sea FM-
    Its not enough that you have 10yrs of experience for you to judge that its not an accident. fist and foremost, you haven’t seen the CCTV yet, if only the company can provide the tape the covers the incident, you wont be having the nerve of stating those analysis! If the company didn’t even have the guts to reveal the tape, how come you are insisting that its not an accident? Don’t be so proactive in giving such conclusion, we’re talking about life here!

  • karen

    I was on the cruise (though i was alseep and had no idea what was going on) when this happened and as a passenger I can say that I felt horrible for all the crew members. They had to go around with smiles on their faces saying Merry Christmas when all they really wanted to do was grieve for their friend and co-worker. I hope there is a tape that shows what happened because it will help the family deal with their loss. I am deeply sorry that her real family and ship family are in such pain. It troubles me that employees are treated so poorly and it is making me rethink my choice of cruising.

  • A traveller

    I was a passenger on that ship. The ship was scheduled to sail off San Juan at 8:30 PM Dec 24. Me and my family were in our cabin at the time when we heard the broadcasting announcement that someone jumped overboard.

    It occurred around midnight, I was quite awake when that happened, this is my first cruise trip ever. The morning after, my wife talked to the employee who worked our cabin and she was told that was a suicidal. A friend of mine also talked to another employee and was told the same thing. The server who served our dinner table the day after also said it was a suicidal. We did ask about her fate, whether she was found or not, but the employee did not want to talk further citing management’s rule.

    I did walk the entire ship balconys many time over as a form of exercise and also to get fresh air and believe accident is very unlikely since the rails are quite high for someone to trip over it, particularly for a relatively short Asian. Besides, why would an employee be wandering outside the balcony at that time ?

    These employees are mostly Asians (Filipinos, Indonesians, …), Africans (not American Africans) and Eastern Europeans … they work very hard. These people must be desperate for this cruise job to work that hard although I don’t know how much they earn.

  • Sea FM

    Of course I wasn’t there but I’ve read that someone saw the crew member jump and reported it to the bridge immediately and the ship notified the USCG at 12:50 am.

    We will never see the CCTV footage. No company would ever release something like that unless it is evidence in a murder, and even then unless it is leaked, the general public would never see anything like that.

    I do feel bad for the friends and family and the fellow crew that have to deal with this, and I’m sorry that my comment upset you, but 10 years on ships or 10 minutes, I just don’t see how anyone could accidentally fall overboard.

    If she was thrown, and it was on the CCTV, someone would be in jail right now.

  • tkshtfj

    I was on this cruise too. There were bits of the railing at the back on the starboard side of deck 10 missing and other parts were loose. I felt terrible when I heard the call. They searched for 9 hours before they let us move on. I feel awful that this happened. It leaves me feeling ill. I am so sorry for your loss.

  • Sea FM

    If the railing broke then I would get a lawyer.

    I could definitely see Celebrity / RCCL covering that up. No amount of money could ever make up for the loss of a loved one, but it is the only language that Celebrity / RCCL understands.

  • elif

    I have been worked with my dear friend kristine and her husband conrad very long time (4 contrat)together.when ı met with them in infinity they were just married. we worked together in same bar as a bar servers.she was helpfull strong and smiley person.next contract she got promotion as a bar tender and both of us worked in same bar.during this contract she got pregnant and we all been happy for them and never let her touch any heavy things. :)) after birth she came back to ship life and we were in infinity again and she showed us little baby album pictures. she was happy person all the time and loves her husband and her son. my last two contrat in solstice we worked on same ship her husband and me as a sommelier…ı know both of them personally they were happy couple.and she was a very good bar tender. never have problem with servers or anybody else.also was good with guest and cheerfull.ı dont believe that she jumped overbored because she loves her son and doesnt want to leave him without mother.ıt sould be an accident. maybe strong wind take her,maybe she get seasick and went to get fresh air from open deck or something else.sould be a kind of incident happened.she is not that kind of person for suicidal.and ı know she has strong believes for her religion and for god. ı do sorry for what happened.make me feel very very bad.it is a big tragedy.god bless you.

  • Lynne

    With all do respect to poster ‘FM’ above…unless its clear video that she jumped…I’m not buying your ‘I use to work for…” blog entry at face value. You may be sincere, or working in PR for the cuise…I have no clue, but just from the accounts I have read of cruise- ship neligence, I would not believe ’10’ people who claimed they saw her go overboard…based on word testimony alone, sorry. So, if its clearly on video; why is this not clearly stated…and it better be; otherwise as a member of the concerned public, I demand a full impartial investigation. My prayers are with the family!

  • TP

    I just returned last week from the Celebrity Summit.. I got to know a bartender very well and the rumor he heard on board from other crew was that she jumped and in fact someone tried to grab her but could not hold on. Just a rumor.. it was from a bartender who worked with her.

  • bh

    I worked for celebrity until this holiday season. They can have it all but I will not give them my soul. Yes I am poor, yes, my country is conflicted, but it is not a big nice happy family at sea. Squeeze the life out of all of us, selling cheap liquor to crew to make them drink and forget, celebrity life lies! tell people you feel excellent even if you had 4 hours of sleep and a crappy breakfast. You even have to pay for the water you drink. It brakes my heart that this girl is gone 🙁 I feel for her family and of course they will wash their hands of this.

  • sam

    why until now… the ship continuing to hold the actual cctv footage (for not showing the truth behind if there is actual footage) ..if there is?…(because what they are trying to do is denial) NO COVER UP PLEASE! its only prolonging the agony of the family involves here… no grandstanding to others….just acting like they know the whole truth what happened that night..only speculating base of what others crew said… based on humors or maybe i called a gossip only… or somebody they told them what they going to say regards the incident that night…
    jump overboard as what they saying… (reveal the truth if there is a cctv footage)… dont escape for the ship liabilities… for not revealing the truth behind… A PRAYERS TO THE FAMILY.

  • ems

    thanks to those who symphatize for all the kind words and the prayers.. its been more than a month yet the final evidence to confirm what really happened is still pending.. lots of false speculations and rumors are coming out from insensitive people trying to make things more complicated but also thanks to them because it made our family stronger.. truth shall prevail, if not here, then in the eyes and hands of our Creator.

  • vito

    I’ve worked on Celebrity 1996-2005. Not the first time somebody jumps overboard. Human mind is very fragile. One thing clear – system onboard the ship, enormous amount of hours people working can lead to crazy things people do. I’ve seen it believe me. I’ve left after 9 years because I couldn’t take that abuse anymore. Behind the glamour of luxury is the hard work and mental pressure. Even strong souls can break.
    I hope she is alive.

  • zac

    i work with celebrity for a long time the management and officer have no heart if they are in front of the guest they are like lamb but with the employee they are hearth less especially the HR on board and mary chausee (head HR miami ) i work in that ship for 4 contract i know that place where she fall there is no life ring in deck five you have to go to deck 4 there a cctv camera facing..having no life ring in the open deck is considered negligence because they told us when we do the training that life ring is located on every open deck…i wish to the HR team that the same thing happen to you or to your family and offer the same amount..then you will realize the things that you are doing and telling to the family..bad karma will come to you and how can you sleep at night

  • yeng c”,)

    Good day everyone… I may not experienced what all of you shared as a crew member or even a tourist.. but there is one thing i did experience that not most of you did… I know my cousin since birth since I’am older than her… it hurts hearing people accused her of suicide since in our family we are raised with out most values and most of all fear and respect to God.. She is a person of strength and will power not easily put down by any problems.. none of us is free of problems it how we deal with it matters.. even if what most of you said celebrity life sucks she still have her family to share whatever pain she’s having.. and most of all “NO MOTHER WILL EVER LEAVE HER CHILD NOT EVEN IF THE WHOLE WORLD IS AGAINST HER..”
    for those person with heart and compassion all we seek for is the truth and justice to be heard…

    let me correct mr/ms traveler regarding Asians being relatively short.. my cousin is almost 5’10” in height and that is not relatively short… and may i add that even if the railing is “quiet” high accidents do happen..

    have a good day…. c”,)

  • Charlot Torres

    I felt extremely sad when I heard this news. I hope the truth will come out and those liable on this will be held accountable. Tin has a strong values and known to be a strong person. To think that she’s working together with her husband, so I don’t think she did such thing. The CCTV footage can be easily shown to the family if Tin really commit suicide, but it seems that the cruise management is trying to cover up something and that made me think that there is a foul play.

    I am deeply praying that my friend has survived and someone will bring her to her family soon.

  • angeline rodriguez

    pls pray for our friend we really miss her somuch

  • miranda

    Everything is a limbo because there is no body. The family is living with hope. I believe that the management and some concern people and His time will end up all the speculations. Everything is given the place and the area. I ask who ever person who read this especially on the islands that if they had seen any evidence that will clear up what happen to Kristine…please dont hesitate to reach out to the authorities…either she is alive or the other way….Kristine had all the records needed to identify her…Please give her a chance to be with her family, and give her son and family a total resolution….

  • Ally

    So devastated to know this just few days ago on what happened to my good friend Kristine. Hope the truth comes out and I just don’t buy the excuse of suicidal, knowing Kristine. I just hope one day she’ll show up alive and OK. God bless and my sympathy to her family.

  • Ccrew

    First of all,I would like send my most heartfelt condolences to a family of a girl!!!R.I.P., whatever is behind of the story,only God knows the real reason of the accident…..We pray for her soul,and for a bleeding hearts of a family members!!
    Now I will say as a past Celebrity crew member…..I started to work as a bar server,than got promoted to a bartender,and worked for CCL for 3 years,and another previous 2 for other cruise line.Whatever all said before about hard life on the ship,sucks etc,the only thing,NOBODY IS DOING IT BY FORCE,people working for a lot of years on board,after they say that it was socks,come on,so why did you done it for lots of years??I can’t get the connection…….all people onboard does job by their own decisions,its easy-you like it or not…..easy choice,and no need to kill yourself because of hard work,it is just enough to resign and go home to a loved ones.Millions people working much harder in this word,and trust me,the position of bartender on the ship,it is not the worst one.Of course,as any job,is hard,but you just must love your job,and everything will be easy.I enjoyed my job.
    The girl had a husband onboard,as another families,they had a priority,they always had a shoulder to cry on,and a loved one near every time,another thing that she had a child at home,but most of the Phillipino woman’s are going back ones the born,which I cannot get it,sorry,no any money can send a woman away from a new born child….of they afraid to send their husbands alone back to ship…..I cannot understand….SORRY!!!
    One of my colleagues was the witness of accident,the man got a real depression after what he saw,but he clearly saw that she jumped by herself!!!
    I think that they had a family problem with a husband….but as said before,only God knows,we can just think,but nothing will help,girl is gone,and the tragedy will stay in the heart of her family up to their last breath!!!
    God bless all!!!

  • ems

    again, thank you to those who expressed their symphaty to our family…

    for u ccrew, thank you for the comment and i respect it, but whatever is in your mind is far different from the real reason why my sister went back to the ship which i don’t need to explain to anyone.. same goes to your comment about witnessing what might caused my sister to disappear which could be a hearsay… thanks for the concern but there’s no need for you to mention any family issues unless you are one sided… the tragedy won’t stay in our heart but my sister’s memory and our love for her will always be. and we wish that the real reasons of her disappearance will come out soon.

    God bless you all.

  • Ccrew

    I am one more time sorry,If I made anyone sad with my comment.I was just trying to say,that the job of bartender is not so hard as everybody says,even though it is cannot be a reason for jumping overboard,ones the husband is near,and the baby is waiting at home,there should be something else!What is that ELSE,only God knows,and I wish with all my heart that the real reason will be known as soon….
    God bless you all!!!