Gregory Rozenberg - George Smith - Cruise DisappearanceThis weekend saw a renewed interest of the public into the disappearance of cruise passenger George Smith with the airing of a "update" of the unsolved case by Dateline NBC called "Overboard."

The Dateline program focused on the four men last seen with Mr. Smith: Gregory Rozenberg, Zachary Rozenberg, Rostislav ("Rusty") Kofman, and Josh Askin.  These four

Sergey Abramov - Russian River Cruise ShipMultiple news sources are reporting that a fire broke out aboard a Moscow based river cruise ship, the Sergey Abramov, and engulfed the vessel.  

Various news reports indicate that several passengers were burned and one crewmember is either missing or reported dead.  Other news accounts reports indicate no deaths.

The Sergei Abramov is a three-deck river vessel which apparently caught