Sergey Abramov - Russian River Cruise ShipMultiple news sources are reporting that a fire broke out aboard a Moscow based river cruise ship, the Sergey Abramov, and engulfed the vessel.  

Various news reports indicate that several passengers were burned and one crewmember is either missing or reported dead.  Other news accounts reports indicate no deaths.

The Sergei Abramov is a three-deck river vessel which apparently caught fire due to defective electric wiring. 

The fire is one of several serious accidents involving Russian river cruisers in recent months.

The worst incident involved the the sinking of the cruise ship Bulgaria, which sank during a storm in the Volga River on July 10, killing 122 people. 

You can read about that incident here:  Cruise Ship Sinks in Volga River in Russia – Up to 100 Feared Dead.

There is a great deal of criticism of the archaic and dilapidated nature of many of Russia’s river cruise boats and the inadequacy of the inspection procedures in that country.

A photo of the Sergei Abramov, in happier days, is above. 

Sergey Abramov - Russian River Cruise Ship

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Top: Wikipedia Commons (Mike1979 Russia)

Bottom:  RIA Novosti (Vladimir Astapkovich)