A lack of functional air conditioning on much of the Anthem of the Seas for the past week has left many guests feeling that they did not receive the cruise vacation which they paid for and which Royal Caribbean promised to them.

A couple of cruise passengers contacted our office yesterday to state that the air conditioning in their cabins, as well as to others parts of the cruise ship, were not cooling adequately.  Instead of blowing at a desired temperature in the high 60’s or in the 70’s, the air conditioning was leaving their cabins hot, with temperatures ranging from the low to mid-80’s with some cabins as hot as 89 degrees.  The heat has interrupted the guests’ sleep and made their cruises unpleasant.

It seems that the problem with the air conditioning began on or around Monday the 13th although there are comments posted on the Anthem of the Seas Facebook page dated earlier. Many guests with balconies opened their balcony doors but did not get much relief as the ship sailed in the Caribbean.

The ship has been slow to advise the guests the nature of the problem (“it will be fixed shortly” type of response). And there have been sporadic updates regarding how the engineering department will try to solve the widespread problem. Not all decks seem to be affected with many complaints focusing on the cabins on decks 10 and 11 as well as public areas on the ship.

Royal Caribbean recently offered the guests an on board credit (OBC) of $200 for interior cabins and cabins without a balcony, $300 for cabins with balconies, and $400 for suites. The credits are for the cabin, not the number of guests in the cabin.

This offer seems to have made matters worse. Guests seem to consider the OBC as a pittance, considering that they paid several thousands of dollars for the cruise and particularly compared to the full refund offered to all of the passengers on the Oasis of the Seas where around 600 guests became sick during a gastrointestinal illness outbreak last week.

A few guests have posted comments on Twitter:

The Anthem is now heading back to New Jersey (after a medical emergency detoured the ship to Bermuda) where it will dock shortly. The cooler weather in the northeast has apparently made the ship more pleasant for the passengers for the past day. But there are many passengers who are still understandably hot with the way that the matter was mishandled by Royal Caribbean. After the success in handling the public relations fallout following the debacle of the recent GI outbreak on the Oasis, it seems that the cruise-line decision makers and bean counters back in Miami have made an unforced PR blunder.

It also remains to be seen how Royal Caribbean intends to fix the air conditioning problem once the Anthem is back in port in Cape Liberty this morning when the cruise ship will take on another round of passengers looking forward to a relaxing cruise.

The Anthem left New Jersey on January 6th, sailed to San Juan, Puerto Rico arriving on January 9th,  Philipsburg, St. Maarten on January 10th, St Johns, Antigua on January 11th, Castries, St Lucia on January 12th, Bridgetown, Barbados on January 13th, Basseterre, St. Kitts on January 14th and is scheduled to arrive back in New Jersey shortly.

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January 18, 2018 p.m. update: Comment from cruise passenger osted on Twitter:


  • prfssrpah

    Just open the windows; it is cooler outside than inside

  • Mark Coffman

    Was on anthem of the seas last month Christmas cruise we were 10th floor room 574 we couldn’t get the heat to turn down. Along with the room steward yelling at my wife about towles she put in front of our door and a cold stair from him when ever he was around beside the couch that collapsed when going to bed . They never offered us anything for all the stuff that went wrong. Took the same trip last October same ship anthem of the seas was much better. I’m thinking about trying another cruise line next time seems like they don’t really care?

  • yogi

    I was on the aforementioned cruise, Room 10170, and I too feel RC was unresponsive and dismissive, despite the last-minute $300 OBC they provided. The fact is, several things seemed to indicate that Anthem may be overdue for an overhaul. In addition to the 80F room temp, the stateroom TV needed repair/replacing (screen dark; sound very weak), the shower drain was perpetually clogged, despite crew efforts to clean the trap, etc., the ice cream self service machine had parts coming off, before it was shut down for the remainder of the cruise on or about day 7 of the 12 night cruise; one elevator seemed to be out of service every day; and loud creaking/popping noises afflicted our cabin as well. The crew are the best part of the ship… and the gap between satisfaction with the ship and her splendid crew seems likely to grow wider every voyage. I don’t think I will spend more cruise $$$ on Anthem of the Seas any time soon.

  • casey

    My family and I were on the Anthem last week also room 9171. Interior room and our ac stopped on day 3 of our 12 day cruise. Our room was in the 80’s every day as hot as 85. We tried sleeping on deck at night like the hotel director told us we could do so. The crew pressure washed over us while in chairs. And was terribly loud for my kids to try to sleep in. Every night ending up falling asleep from exhaustion around 4 am. Invariable heat and no ice in most of the soda machines. The 200 credit put on our account felt like a slap in the face for our $4 to $5000 cruise. Royal Caribbean needs to fix this it is unacceptable. We were miserable from day 6 till day 12 on the ship.