A cruise passenger reportedly went overboard from the Norwegian Spirit last night around 2:00 A.M, according to the Express newspaper.

The NCL cruise ship was sailing in the Mediterranean Sea approximately 30 miles south of the port city of Cartagena, Spain. The ship was apparently sailing toward Alicante and now will sail on to Barcelona.

The Spanish Coast Guard spokesman was reportedly notified around 2:15 A.M. A Coast Guard spokesperson said that “several vessels are taking part in an ongoing search along with two coastguard helicopters and a plane. . . The man who has gone overboard is a 34-year-old of Saudi origin. I do not have information about the circumstances of how he ended up in the water.”

AIS reports show the Norwegian Spirit conducting search patterns and then sailing northeast toward Alicante / Barcelona.

According to cruise expert Professor Ross Klein, at least 307 people have gone overboard since 2000.

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April 20, 2018 Update: A newspaper in Riyadh mentions that the disappearance involved Omar Salman Awadh Al-Matiri, a Saudi national who reportedly studied in the United States before joining Saudi Aramco to work as civil engineer and pilot (photo above right). Norwegian Spirit Overboard

  • Trez

    I was in that cruise and we woke up around 2:45am to announcement of this tragedy. The cruise ship was not moving and we stayed in the same location until the afternoon so that the captain can continue the search. There was a deep sense of sadnesss in the boat when we heard this news and many of the passengers looked at the water, I think that most was looking for a sign of some sort. No one wants to believe this type of tragedy can happen.

    For some of us who saw him throughout the cruise felt a deep sadness when we heard the news. We saw him dancing around and smiling and laughing. He was generally alone but he greeted you if he made eye contact and we saw him interact very well with the teenagers in the cruise. At one time we even saw him leave his phone and earphones with a bunch of young people. He seemed very open and trusting.

    This is just so sad. I still feel a sense of denial. He seemed so full of life. I think that even the staff was surprised by this tragedy. He put a smile on everyone’s face.

    I have stopped praying for him and have started praying for his family.

  • Helena

    Trez, my family and I were also on the cruise. We are now home and I keep checking for news about this poor man. My husband also remembers this man as very special – one whose smile was sincere and genuine. The rumour on the ship is that he had just had his heart broken. I hope he is still dancing but at peace now.

  • Mohna

    Hi Helena and Trez
    Actually, this man is my brother and my family and I just know about him yesterday when his Job contaced us and told us that he missed his work for a while..

    Can you please add more information
    Do they find his dead body?
    Do you think he throughout himself to the sea or there was accidental?

    I am looking forward to hear from you
    Thank you

  • Mohna

    Hi guys
    This man is my brother. My family and i seek for any information about him. Please Trez and Helena if you could please give us any more info contact me via email m_in_au@ hotmail.com

  • Salem

    I am the missing passenger’s brother. we appreciate if someone on the ship knew my brother or he knows what might happened let us know please. We seek your help.