Norwegian StarSeveral passengers onboard the Norwegian Star state that the NCL cruise ship is returning to Miami a day early due to a medical emergency.

One passenger on the ship writes:

"The Norwegian Star is speeding to Miami, to arrive 10 hours early due to a passenger medical emergency onboard. The Star will now arrive at 6 PM on Sunday instead of 4 AM Monday. Passengers other than the medical evacuee must remain on board until the regular disembarkation date . . . "

If this information is in fact accurate, it seems odd that the Star has not contacted the U.S. Coast Guard to request a helicopter medevac.

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Photo credit: Pjotr Mahhonin – CC BY-SA 3.0, commons / wikimedia.

  • David Wharton

    Doesn’t sound quite right at all. It seems very odd indeed and makes one wonder what the real reason is!

  • Daniel Cruise

    The Norwegian Escape 10/28 sailing pulled this same stunt on the final day of cruise. We were rushed home to Miami 10 hours early due to a “medical emergency”. They did call for O- blood to be donated but why not call the coast guard? Maybe it was not a life threatening injury or perhaps too far for that type of a rescue but if you are calling for blood donations I have to believe that it was a major incident….Or I was made to believe it was. Closing early probably resulted in lost revenue for the company so I do believe these incidents have underlying factors