Adriana Morales de Florencio - Royal Caribbean Crew Member Missing in BonnaireNewspapers in Bonaire are reporting that the police in that country are looking for a crew member employed by Royal Caribbean on the Navigator of the Seas who did not return to the cruise ship after going ashore in the port of Kralendijk two days ago.

Mexican national Adriana Morales de Florencio, reportedly left the Royal Caribbean cruise ship on Thursday, April 20th, around noon. But she did not return before the cruise ship left the harbor of Kralendijk, according to the BES Reporter

The Notisia ING Facebook page has several photographs posted of the missing young woman. 

According to police information, Ms. Morales was born in 1993; she was was wearing a black sleeveless blouse, short cut-off jeans and black shoes.

The young woman reportedly was in the middle of her second contract; she worked both contracts on the Navigator.

The majority of people missing under these type of circumstances are passengers who eventually turn up.  It is unusual for a crew member not to return to their job on a cruise ship. It is less than clear what, if anything, the cruise line is doing to search for her. 

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April 30, 2017 Update: Terrible news; a newspaper reports that Adriana’s body was found in Bonaire.

Photo credit: Notisia ING Royaal Caribbean Crew Member Adriana Morales de Florencio Missing in Bonnaire

  • Peter Henderson Jr.

    Kralendijk is a relatively small town, what was she planning to do?

    Dive, snorkel, swim, maybe see a flock of flamingoes?

  • tinikini

    How sad. Hopefully she has met someone in Bonaire and just couldn’t live without him so she jumped ship. I actually know someone who did this in Cozumel. They got it all worked out legally after she did it and she remains in Cozumel to this day with the man she jumped ship for. Keep us posted Jim!!

  • I can’t imagine if that happened to someone I know. Hopefully they find her safe and sound.

  • John

    Unfortunately I don’t think she got off for some romance. I remember a few years back in 2011 on Allure when a young polish musician got raped and killed in Cozumel. She was missing and found days later on the rocky shore. I hope this is not the case but when I read the story images of that polish crew-mate came back to mind and it is hard to see how this ends well. For a while there was a buddy policy for crew in Cozumel and everyone made sure no female crew would go walking alone. As time went by this probably slowly waned away and now I guess management is not pushing the buddy system anymore in Cozumel or elsewhere. All these places looks and feel like paradise but they all have a dark side to them. Adriana I hope you are alive and well. If not rest in peace.