AIS Norwegian Escape OverboardThis morning, a crew member aboard the Norwegian Escape notified me that a person went overboard from the NCL cruise ship early this morning.  

Automatic information tracking systems (AIS) showed as of shortly before 7:00 A.M., the Celebrity Summit & Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas joining the Norwegian Escape in the waters south of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) to search for the overboard person. 

I posted images from the Marine Traffic AIS tracking program of these ships, as of around 6:45 A.M. this morning, on our Facebook page

The crew of the Norwegian Escape located the man’s body shortly after 7:00 A.M. today.

The crew member indicated that the person overboard was a passenger who went overboard from the fourteen deck of the ship around 3:00 A.M.

There have been 292 people reported going overboard since 2000 according to the data maintained by cruise expert Dr. Ross Klein.

In January, a 22 year-old reportedly jumped from he 17th deck of the Norwegian Escape and landed on the 7th deck. He died from the injuries he sustained in the fall.   

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Image credit: Marine Traffic

  • Wanda Chinners

    I can’t see how anyone can just fall off a ship-even if drunk with rails you would have to lean or climb up on the rail-certainly not just slip and fall. I don’t believe cruise lines are hiding the information. Sometimes things happen but I just have a hard time with the fact people go on vacation and commit suicide.

  • John Cleary

    I have a hard time believing someone just fell off from any cruise ship. You hear it all the time with Carnival but not Norwegian. I am been on several cruises with Norwegian as well as Royal Caribbean and as well been intoxicated!! I am still hear and looking forward to many more cruises. For the ones that have supposedly fallen off any cruise ship they either jumped themselves or was assisted on falling overboard. The railing is much higher than expected and unless you are doing some unsafe acts like sitting on the railing then you deserve what you get. Use common sense as this is not the cruise lines faults for your stupid decisions. Thoughts and prayers are with the family members.

  • mandy

    Condolences and prayers to this fellows loved ones and friends…so sad and tragic! What are the circumstances surrounding this overboard passenger? There is not much information about it. Is the cruise line not releasing information…something to hide? Was there no search and rescue attempt except other cruise ships assisting?

  • Rebecca Summers

    It’s sad but there are actually people who take cruises with the intention of commiting suicide.
    They are called “suicide cruises”
    I’ve been on the Escape twice as well as some other ships and there is no way that anyone could just fall overboard with out climbing up and over the rails.

  • Valerie Dee

    It makes me wonder what type of drugs people are really on to make them do this. So sad!!!

  • Brittany L Valentine

    My friends were on board this cruise ship. The man committed suicide. He was arguing with his wife and jumped overboard. My friend was able to capture a video of his body in the water and also a video of the rescue boat pulling his body out of the sea. People do commit suicide on vacation. There are a lot of mentally ill people who need help. Sad.

  • Christina s

    I was on the cruise ship and they said it was suicide.Norwegian retrieved the body but it could have been done
    more descretly.It took them 45 minute to retrieve the body and they did it in front of all the passengers.They could have turned the lifeboat around to block the body so the passengers couldn’t see it.Itwas awful my heart goes out to the family.People we’re eating and you could see the body right out the window. Children were watching.They definitely need a better protocol

  • Brian Daly

    I disagree. I was on the ship and witnessed the body in the water and the ensuing recovery. The crew knows what they’re doing. The SAFETY of that crew going out there and recovering the body is way more important than anything else… It did not take 45 mins. Next time, don’t watch and move your kids away from the railing.. Great job on this Norwegian.

  • Jay

    My wife and I where on the ship I have it all on video. The crew on the ship was acting like it was no big deal ! I’ll never go on a cruise with them again

  • Susie H

    This man is my cousins husband . Sadly the news is true . She has told family that he went over board but did not say that he jumped. It’s sad, no matter how he ended up in the sea. It’s awful that the crew was not more descent about bringing his body back on board. I would have been very upset to see that to.

  • Robert G.

    I was on board the Escape and thought the crew did a good job under circumstances. Security did their best to keep people away. I was on deck 8 just above lifeboat #6 as it was raised back onto the Escape (I did not stay or take photos). Security moved people away from above and around the lifeboat – but some passengers pushed as close as they could or searched other decks to get a better view or pictures. I’m amazed how in this modern media era everyone want to photograph and video every disaster, no matter how disturbing. (Many were more concerned with the delay in the arrival at the next port.) My thoughts and prayers to the family.

  • Kim Z.

    My husband and I were on this cruise and unfortunatley witnessed the body in the water and body recovery. They had been searching for almost 4 hours before we even knew what was going on, while most people were still sleeping. Most people are never recovered and this happens way to much. I think the staff on this ship was the best I have ever seen and yes, they continued to try to make the rest of the cruise as normal for everyone else as possible. Yes it is unfortunate, but what can they do? You can NOT accidentally fall off that ship. You have to do it on purpose. No one is to blame but the person who took his own life. There was nothing the cruise staff could have done different (except maybe put the lifeboat in between the man and the ship so we all did not witness the body recovery. But then again, we could have all walked to the other side of the ship and not chose to watch. Staff did the best they could.

  • Kim Z.

    The crew did the best as they could. They searched for hours before we were even up. This unfortunately happens all too often, but the bodies are usually lost at sea. This is no ones fault but the man who jumped. You can NOT accidentally fall off of this ship! A lot of people watched the body being recovered and we could have chose not to watch, but a lot of us chose to watch and that is on us. It is not the crews job to shield us from watching! It is their job to recover the body of the person who selfishly took their own life. It is also their job to make sure the rest of the paying families have a great cruise and not have it ruined by the act of one. I’m sorry to his wife, as that is a horrible memory to have. But that is his fault, not NCL’s! This crew was the best I have ever seen and will travel NCL in the future.

  • barbara allen

    When trying to recover a body from the sea, a dangerous mission I would imagine, the last thing on their mind is if anyone can see the process. For heaven sakes…”don’t look” if it disturbs you. You all knew what they were doing BEFORE they got the body so why did you keep watching? How aweful for his wife and family.

  • Jim N

    My family of 5 were on deck 16 heading to the garden cafe for breakfast and heard the distress alert. We witnessed the persons body in the water including the recovery that took about 5 – 8 minutes after the life boat entered the water. The priority for the crew is indeed their safety first, not the victim. The crew is not going to think about the position of their life boat in reference to the passengers. They did what their trained on. The Captain actually positioned the escape in a safe manner while the recovery took place. As far as the deceased, sad indeed. Investigation underway. A life lost for a reason we do it know. Simply pray for the family. Regarding the response to the Norwegian escape crew, their priority is to the experience of the passengers on board who are enjoying the cruise. Finally, we witnessed people with their iPhones shamelessly videotaping the deceased.. how sad that someone feels that seeing a deceased body needs to be posted to social media, what a disrespect to the family.

  • Ana Koenig

    My husband and I were on Celebrity Summit on the way to St Johns. I could not sleep and was setting on the balcony when an announcement came from the captain of the ship around 5:30 am letting us know that our ship was assisting in a recover operation. All I can say is that all the ships were amazing and although we could not see eclipse they did an amazing job . We did not make to St. John because of the amount of time expent on the search but to the people of celebrity it did not matter trying to save a life was more important. Very sad to hear the person did not make it alive. My prayers to the family and to the person that lost his life.

  • Matthew s

    I was on that ship during the entire recovery. Why is it that whenever someone falls off a cruise ship it is always a suicide? More like the ships crew over serves everyone with no regard for their safety. I am a tall guy so most of the railings on the boat were about my lower rib level. They absolutely don’t care about their passengers. Just about the money. Most of the crew acted like it was an inconvenience. What a shame. Pretty bad when you have a bunch of drunk 15 year olds on board. Nobody cares about the passengers. If they did regardless if he fell or the jump they would make sure his body was flown back from Tortola and they would cover all expenses for his funeral and his wife’s expenses

  • Matha Williams

    Hello all, I too was on the same cruise as the deceased man and his family. All I can say is how sad, We do not know why he did it. I pray for his family. Keep in mind, we all have problems some folks can handle it better. God watch over the wife and child he left behind.

  • Toni Bacon

    I was on the Escape with my husband and 11 year old son. We to saw the unfortunate tragedy from our balcony. At the time we had no idea what side of the boat they were searching. Regardless, all 3 of saw this and immediately went back into our Stateroom.
    We witnessed many disgusting human beings videoing and taking pictures. You should ALL be ashamed. How dare you promote someone’s sadness to benefit your sick mind.

    I personally thought the NCL crew did a fantastic job considering the circumstances and having to deal with all the NOSEY people on board.

    Did they think that maybe they could have assisted by getting out of the way.

    My heart goes out to his wife and family.

    I will definitely cruise Norwegian again!

  • Ilya

    I was on this ship as well I woke up around 5am when I realized that ship is making 1 loop after another. At that time I told my wife who also woke up that it looks like they looking for someone , like someone or something in the water. Other 2 ships were there, but I don’t what they were doing since as I saw they were just standing still. I was on the 14 level as well and I can see that people in the Capitan both were looking very hard in binoculars non-stop as well as crew members around on level 7 and 8th. I was on level 8th when one of the crew members spotted the body it was at 7:02, few minutes later they pooled the body from the water and they brought back to the ship at 7:20, so total 18 minutes not half an hour or 45 minutes like someone stated here. Crew on the level 8th tried to push people out so they can see, but unfortunately some people didn’t listen. When they pooled the body and moved it inside lifeboat I can see through the glass door that they follow all protocols, the covered him with Blanket and started performing CPR to as long as I can see. Good Job on the crew and the Capitan. Also very good job on Capitan and Director to keep people away from what happened. I agree on some point with some negative comments here that some alcohol rules should be enforced for underage people; however, that was not the case. And regarding kids watching the process of recovering body from the water it is your job as a parent to make sure that your kids will not be there to see ! I had 2 kids on the ship and when I heard code Alpha announced and saw the lifeboat right way I told my kids to stay away from the balcony and watch TV. My prayers to the family of the the person that lost his life.

  • Matthew s

    All I am saying is I don’t believe it was a suicide. I believe he was over served like many many other people onboard and he fell over his balcony. And when we were in the garden cafe there was a lot of kids eating without their parents and instead of the crew members that were working in the cafe telling them to move away from the windows they went to the windows themselves to watch. It is very sad this happened but it always seems that when someone falls off a ship it is suicide. Whatever you do make sure you don’t have a heart attack on the ship because they will probably say you committed suicide.

  • Michael Le

    I was on the ship with my family as well last week. I didn’t know that anything had happened until I woke up at around 7AM and heard the code alpha announced and then the announcement at around 7:15AM by Andre, our cruise director that they had found the person they were looking for. I then only knew that someone had went overboard and died when a friend told me that she saw the man’s body in the water. The crew and the captain did everything they could while staying safe to to block the body from view and to make the cruise enjoyable for the rest of the week. My condolences and prayers to the family and friends of that person.

  • Preston suarez

    I was on this cruise and we stopped 3 other ships had 3 helicopters, I saw his body when they were bringing it on the life boats sadly he didn’t make it I don’t know if his wife was arrested because she pushed him off the ship while that were fighting

  • Arnetter McClinton

    I was on the Norwegian cruise line, and I think the crew need an excellent job in recovering this man’s body. My sister and I was eating breakfast and we chose not to go and look at the body being recovered. I don’t care how you look at it, it’s a sad situation, and my prayers goes out to this man’s family.

  • Paula

    I was on the ship with a group of 16 people ages 10 to 52. There is no good way to handle a tragedy. No one knows what happened. My kids are older and understand. Parents if you had a little ones take them away from the situation and explain the best way you can. I am hearing all kinds of stories on what happened, regardless it is a very sad situation and my heart goes out to the family. As far as people taking videos of it, we live in a world where social media takes precedence on everything. I do not think people did it maliciously but it is not in good taste. As far as
    ship & coast guard goes I think they did a good job in recovering the body. Suicide is a very hard and unexplainable mental decease that sometimes cannot be helped or explained.

  • Joey

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad

  • Luke Ball

    There’s always a few. Even when family members state this person committed suicide, and the difficulties associated with accidentally falling off, it’s got be NCL’s fault by over serving for the money. Since anyone who drinks much would get the UBP, the “money” NCL could make was already made. I was on the Escape. You had to go out of your way to watch. Any criticism of the NCL staff is misplaced but typical. It’s the same people who sue over spilling their own coffee, call the cops from a Mcdonalds drive thru over an apple pie shortage, complain when their armed robber kids get shot, or believe trouble making passengers should cash in. It’s really sad. Prayers for the families directly involved.

  • Ilya

    Very well said Luke, it is just those kind of people will not change unfortunately , this is their way of life and some of them believe they are doing right things. I would called new wave of USA mentality I can wait till some of those people going to create a court case on weather reporters for rain or snow. No joke, it starts from the childhood, only in US kids can call the police on their parent just if the feel like. Anyway I can go on and on but it is way of topic already, once again very well said Luke.

  • Dave K

    My wife and I were on the Celebrity Summit when this occurred, and were awakened early to the announcement of the search. The search took a couple of hours and we were not sure of the results, so it was good to hear that at least, the body was recovered. Even being on another ship, it was quite nerve racking, especially not knowing the outcome. First of all, our ship was delayed by three days, due to a major repair on the ship, Then we were awakened early to the news of our involvement in the search and rescue. I send my deepest condolence to the family, but am relieved that the body was recovered.