There remains no leads, which have been publicly discussed to date, regarding the whereabouts of Royal Caribbean crew member Adriana Morales de Florencio. We first mentioned her disappearance on April 20, 2017. 

Adriana was reported missing after the cruise ship she worked on, the Navigator of the Seas, stopped in the port of Kralendijk, Bonaire last week.

Recent articles say that Adriana’s family members have obtained passports to travel from Mexico to Panama by air and, then, they will take a boat to reach Bonaire to meet the authorities, investigators and cruise line representatives. 

The police in Bonaire have released a poster with Adriana’s information, which you can see below. 

If you have relevant information, please contact the police.

April 30, 2017 Update: Terrible news; a newspaper reports that Adriana’s body was located in Bonaire

Adriana Morales de Florencio Kralendijk, Bonaire


  • tinikini

    I was sure hoping for a better outcome on this situation. I have been to these ABC (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao) islands once and that was enough for me. I did not find the locals very friendly, AT ALL. Hopefully the authorities in Bonaire will handle this better than Aruba handled the Natalie Hollaway murder. Thoughts and prayers to the family during this tragic time. Rest in peace Adriana.

  • JunkyDealer

    Her co-workers we are looking for justice that’s all we need.