Viking Sea Power LossToday, I received a message that the Viking Sea was in Barcelona, Spain waiting for repairs to fix an unidentified engine problem.

I received this message: “Don’t know have you been informed about Viking Sea being stuck in Barcelona for more than 10 days, while all guests were disembark, almost same thing like Star last year in Talin . . . ”

Online AIS shows the Viking ship at the port in Barcelona today after leaving the port of Barcelona last night heading (apparently toward its next port of call, Toulon) but then turning around and sailing back to Barcelona.

Viking has informed its guests that they are free to stay on the cruise ship until January 8, 2017.  The company is apparently assisting the passengers with excursions. The guests can leave the ship and catch earlier flights home although many seem inclined to enjoy their unexpected time in Barcelona.

In August of this year, the Viking Sea lost power in Malta.

In August of 2015, the Viking Star lost power in an engine after leaving Tallinn and resulted in the cancellation of the cruise.

There is no indication whether future cruises will be affected nor is there any word regarding compensation to guests for the canceled cruise.



    We were on the Viking Sea when they experienced the malfunction. They said it was a “breaker” and we continued on to Toulon (slowly). The next AM we were informed that it has to do with the propulsion system, and it could not be fixed. We retuned to Barcelona and they offered a 100% refund, plus 50% off the next cruise. They also allowed passengers to stay on the ship until 1/8 or return home.
    I think the issue is that they have had the same problem on this ship in August and the Star last year. Clearly, they need to address the long-term issue.

  • Eunice Cote

    Viking did a terrific job of caring for and reimbursing the customers. We had a really nice time in Barcelona and they did a wonderful job on putting together excursions. The Rolls Royce engines clearly have a problem that needs to be solved. Good luck to Viking.

  • Marilyn Wallick

    I agree with Eunice. Viking has done an excellent job. We feel adequately compensated. In many ways this has been the best cruise ever and certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We’ve already booked our next Viking ocean cruise.

  • bernard durman

    We agree with all of the above comments. I would like to expand further. In life problems occur. It is how they are resolved that is important. Viking resolved the problem perfectly. Being cautious and returning to port was the best decision. We spent 15 wonderful days enjoying the daily complementary tours that would have cost upwards of $1000. We ate breakfast and lunch in the Buffet supervised by Ariel, who remembered us from a previous cruise 5 years ago. Dinner time was always at station 30 in the Restaurant where the waiters and the diminutive wine steward provided excellent service with friendly banter. The experience was the best non cruise we have been on. (with no sea sickness)
    One last point I would like to make. Since we were in port, the exit doors were open and staffed 24/7. Security is important now more than ever. The staff were there always with a smile sometimes with chattering teeth. They should be rewarded by the company for their vigilance

  • Dan LaGrande

    We also agree with all the comments above, especially with the expanded comments from bernard durman.
    We also signed up for another Viking tour, and will return soon to Barcelona, to board the Viking Sea again, this time for a cruise heading west..
    We have also been on two Viking river cruises, and we are very impressed with the quality and integrity of the Viking Cruise Company. We have told all our friends about our adventures, and we recommend Viking enthusiastically.

  • Mohammed

    Viking crew are the best however I think Viking management needs to do something because some of the crew is questioning why they are not paid with their OT’s and our housekeeping attendant told us that the $14 gratuity per days goes to viking management pocket. So we’re sad that they are greedy..