Truthfeed Boycott Celebrity CruisesThe ultra conservative Truthfeed website is calling for a boycott of Celebrity Cruises after the cruise line aired a video ad called "Sail Beyond Borders."  

The video calls for cruisers to reject the divisive rhetoric associated with president-elect Donald Trump.

Truthfeed claims that the advertisement is "stunningly rude and inappropriate" and that "smug cruise line Celebrity snubs their snooty noses at Trump and his supporters." In an article which was published yesterday, Truthfeed calls on Trump supporters to boycott Celebrity Cruises. 

The ad states:

  • Far from the talk of building walls, 
  • Far from the threats of keeping people out,
  • Far from the rhetoric of fear, 
  • Is a world of differences,
  • Differences that expand and enrich us, 
  • Because, after all, our lives aren’t made better when we close ourselves off to the world, 
  • They’re made better when we open ourselves up to it.
  • Celebrity Cruises

The boycott movement was started by @MightyBusterBro on Twitter who, earlier this week, posted a mock ad he created on YouTube. The satire video (now removed from YouTube which you can see here) included text overlays stating that Trump supporters are not smart or liberal enough to enjoy Celebrity Cruises. 

As pointed out by Snopes, Celebrity Cruises President and CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo denied that the ad, which was created before Trump was elected, was in response to the Trump campaign. The original ad contains no specific references to Trump or his supporters although the reference to building walls is obviously referring to him. 

Celebrity’s original ad was heavily promoted on ABC and CNN during the presidential debates. Putting ideology aside, it seems risky to alienate tens of millions of potential customers by running a campaign which potentially offends half of the U.S. who supported the build-a-wall candidate. But CEO Lutoff-Perlo seems willing to have taken the risk. She told Skift in September that “I believe anybody that truly looks at this and says, ‘We’re not going to sail on Celebrity again,’ they’re probably not sailing on Celebrity. I hope I get more people than I lose."

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  • Lori Mccutchen

    I love Celebrity Cruises but a boycott is in order. As they have disenfranchised the voters and supporters of our President-elect and are trying to cash in on, and serve to continue, the divide.

    Bad form Celebrity.

  • David G.

    As a travel agent, I, too, was a bit shocked when I first saw the Celebrity Cruises ad. And although to some, the language used during the ad may come across as “stunningly rude and inappropriate,” to others, it can be construed otherwise. That said, it is disheartening – and unfortunate – that your article chose slanted verbiage in using these words, “The video calls for cruisers to reject the divisive rhetoric associated with president-elect Donald Trump,” while simultaneously publishing the contents of the ad which NEVER mention president-elect Donald Trump. In fact, and as you pointed out, Celebrity Cruises has made an effort to distinguish the difference between the ad and any political party affiliation.

    In Q&A talking points, Celebrity Cruises made their purpose for the ad very clear. Below is their overview:
    “As a modern luxury cruise line, we connect our guests to the world and all its diversity. If you haven’t experienced a culture, you should go. If you don’t know someone, you should meet. Walls and borders only hold us back and fence us in.

    Our crew is the best example of how we can all come together. They speak many languages with global views. For many, their histories tell them they’re not supposed to get along — but instead, they flourish as they collaborate, take care of each
    other and our guests.

    That should be an inspiration to us all, and they were one of the motivations for our philosophy and new campaign, Sail Beyond Borders …

    We are a purpose driven brand, and we have believed in this philosophy for a long time. We’ve chosen this cultural moment to launch and share our message, what we do, and why we do it, to the millions of people
    watching the debate. Not to tell people how to vote or what to think — but to share our perspective that opening up to new people, places and experiences makes us all better. It’s an important conversation and we want to join it.

    We invite people to join us in our journey as we sail beyond borders.”

    Having previously been an employee aboard a large cruise ship, I worked with 600 other crew members. I was 1 of 10 Americans onboard in a melting pot of 21+ nationalities. We all cared for each other and our fellow crew members’ well being. It would be a grave travesty to have any passenger – American or otherwise – mistreat a crew member based simply on their ethnic background. Hateful rhetoric of any kind threatens that safety among crew members. So while, initially, it’s very easy to point the finger at Celebrity’s campaign and chalk it up to Celebrity snubbing their “snooty noses at Trump and his supporters,” sometimes it’s necessary to be a little less critical and take a minute to better understand some of the motives for why a company needs to promote an inclusive and open environment. I applaud Celebrity Cruises for their efforts in making sure that, not only are their cruise ships open and accepting to everyone, but that their employees (95% of whom are non-U.S. citizens) also feel safe in their work environment.

  • grace schulte

    I sent letters to the Corporate Office and got a personal call back. I suspect they got a lot of letters and complaints.

    BTW Talk about Hypocrisy !!
    CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo lives in a Plantation sub-division CocoPlum


    Oh, the irony !!!

  • gina k.

    The ‘wall’ referred to is an attempt to capture the identities of people entering the country.

    And demand they follow USA laws or face deportation.

    Does Celebrity allow just anyone to wander onto their ships . . . or do they demand paperwork, identification, etc.?

    And demand you follow Celebrity rules or face disembarkation.

  • Bill Richard

    This ad is totally inappropriate. The answer they are given is not taken lightly. We have done over 25 cruises with RCCL and we have only one more coming up and after that we will switch to new cruise line that understands that borders are important. That isn’t into alienating and has a sense to understand that when someone pays to enjoy a cruise they are embracing the world around them in the safety of a bordered ship. A ship that in each case carefully tracks each and every person boarding their ship. Imagine a ship without borders. Imagine anyone wanting to get on one? It would never happen. So CEO think again. This goes directly against each and everything you are trying to accomplish. In a world that is filled with potential disaster, why would anyone want to travel on a line that places it’s people in jeopardy while at the same insulting them.

  • The company made a miscalculation. Like most people in the US, especially after the first debate, they thought that Hillary Clinton was going to win. In fact, on the preceding day of the election they put out another press release announcing the top sponsorship with the a Miami Gay Pride celebration. This is what the press release said:

    “Celebrity Cruises has a long and wonderful relationship with the LGBTQ+ community, and the importance of celebrating and promoting diversity and inclusion has never been greater, which is why I am so thrilled to announce our partnership with Miami Beach Gay Pride,” said Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, President and CEO, Celebrity Cruises. “I’ve said it time and again – you have to take a stand to stand out – and I am proud to say Celebrity Cruises stands with the LGBTQ+ community.”

    Now, even Donald Trump has said he supports gay rights, although his VEEP is a little more controversial, but it isn’t the Gay factor that draws attention to this press release, it is the statements about how “the importance of taking a stand has never been greater.”

    Really? Why now? Because of Donald Trump, of course. Even though they never say his name the references to building walls and closing ourselves off from foreign cultures in the original ad are obvious.

    However, unlike other companies that took a stand after the fact out of anger (Grubhub, for example), Celebrity has not made a follow-up statement to say they will not support President Trump.

    I think it was a bad calculation to put out the original ad because there is no mistaking the intent of the ad when they specifically refer to “building walls.”

    But I will give them a pass on this one because like so many in the bubble they just thought Hillary was a lock. But it was bad corporate style to disenfranchise 50% of Americans by inferring their candidate’s positions are wrong. What points did Perlo miss? (1) That the reason for the wall is not hate, it is national security, something a cruise ship that sails on the high seas should care deeply about and (2) that just because half of Americans disagree with the strong slant to the left the nation has taken in recent years, it does not mean they are intolerant or xenophobic in general.



  • Alyssa

    I think now I would try this cruise line!

  • Alex

    Seems like a great ad to me.

    The idea that this ad somehow disenfranchises voters, as stated by Lori Mccutchen, is ridiculous. Everyone eligible got to vote, and no matter who you voted for or whether you voted at all, you’re welcome on Celebrity. That’s the entire point.

  • Owen

    I”m a long time cruiser, and a diamond member of Royal Caribbean, the Parent company of Celebrity , We were planning to go on a Celebrity cruise, but after hearing of how they feel about President-Elect Trump, we will take our cruise business to another cruise line, and I will most certainly write a letter to Royal Caribbean as well….

    Just Disgraceful!!!!

  • Dr. R. Torres

    I find the ad unnecessarily disruptive. Celebrity, you blew it!

  • Catrina

    I just cancelled our August cruise with Celebrity and will never sail them again. I find it ironic that they insulted many of their very loyal customers. I worked as an entertainer for Celebrity and they are definitely NOT the poster child for respecting the human rights of their international crew. You get sick, you go home and have to pay your own airfare back. 16 hour work days, 7 days a week. Bad choice to make this statement for sure! We will be sailing with NCL and Carnival from now on!

  • tinikini

    WOW!! Pretty bold. Especially since they treat their own crew, that are from beyond borders, like they are garbage. I agree with most of the other posters on this site. It is not about hate, it is about security and being in a country legally, no matter where you choose to live. This election has pretty much turned everything upside down and things have happened that do not normally happen. It will be interesting to see if the American public can actually pull off a boycott and hurt Celebrity. I loved all of the places they showed in the ad, and would like to go to every one of them, just not on Celebrity, or any other ship for that matter. We love to cruise, but until they all totally clean up their act, we are done cruising.

  • John Cardenas

    As a latino crew working on all RCCL corporation ships, including Celebrity, im happy to read in the comments, many Trump supporters won’t go back to celebrity. i dont want to provide any service to them. i dont want to smile and greet them. i dont want to see them in our ships. so please go to other cruise lines. You will say we are gonna loose money and we make our living thanks to you, but money dont give you power over anyone. and respect is something you can’t buy. So please make your north America great again and stay locked in your own country. we, the other normal human beings will keep traveling, exploring the world and finding happiness and joy in different faces, different cultures, traditions, music, colors, landscapes, scents. etc.

    You decided to vote for someone who gain power thanks to fear of foreigners, and who you think will provide a good service in your cruise?? yes, thats right, foreigners. someone who support racist and misogynist comments don’t deserve my respect. Respect is not given. is earned.

  • Jim sheehan

    My wife and I have enjoyed many cruises. Whoever put this ad together should be fired. If this is how they think, i will no longer use them as my cruise line. Sad very sad!

  • Tarpackdad

    I am actually sad to see this ad, which ran in September. The counter ad is obviously photoshopped and helps none. If we are a country, we are allowed and better off with borders. Look at how countries in Europe are out of control. Certainly Celebrity has the right to promote its agenda, but should do so realizing that people like myself, a Celebrity customer who is well educated, well-traveled and financially secure will quietly take their business elsewhere simply because I do not want my vacation money to support a political agenda, whether I agree with it or not.

  • Just me


  • Pam Swilley

    I’ve watched this clip about borders. My question is not about trump. It’s about the clip it’s self. I’m wondering where in the world that place is that has the beach and a waterfall in the background. I see a waterfall and people on a beach. I want a cruise to that place but don’t know where it is. Info please. Thank you kindly. And do u book trips there.

  • piera accumanno

    The snooty President of Celebrity says that those who will boycott Celebrity most likely do not take Celebrity cruises (translation – Trump people aren’t sophisticated enough or have enough money to cruise on their line). Well, I have enough money, am sophisticated enough and have cruised on the Celebrity Line. You just lost me.

  • James Dooley

    Wow, if taking a Celebrity Cruise means I won’t have to be on a boat with all the thin-skinned, hate-filled knuckleheads I see posting these comments, then where do I sign up. Sounds like pure heaven to get away from the kinds of people who hear something about not building a wall and go to red alert and high dudgeon, utterly missing the point of the ad in the first place. The Trump world is irony free.

  • Paul Barsnica

    We are Elite level Celebrity members who booked two cruises with Princess Cruises instead of Celebrity. The arrogance of Celebrity to interject itself into the USA election was wrong. A wall between the USA and Mexico is no different than Celebrity blocking people from sneaking on board a ship for a free cruise.

  • janice theos

    Saw your ad and I will never travel on your ships again. I know you really don’t care, but if enough of us boycott your cruises, it may have an effect. Your only adding to the hate in this country for someone who hasn’t even taken office. Shame on you and good luck to your very bad display of stupidity

  • Janet Wallace

    RCL Diamond Plus…..I know that NCL will welcome us aboard in style! RCL no more!

  • Jane Lerro

    Just saw your ad. Obviously Celebrity you did not take into consideration the millions of people you would offend by your arrogant campaign ad or perhaps you did and obviously don’t care. We have cruised several times with Celebrity; however, we will NEVER travel on your ships again! You lost us!

  • Jesse Calloway III

    Wow, Celebrity. So you add to the divisiveness in this country by bowing to the liberal BS that is hindering any relationships in this country. I am an avid cruiser and my wife and I have taken several cruises with other cruise lines and were looking forward to cruising with you this summer. But alas, we cannot go on a cruise line that fosters what you are tying to create. While Trump supporters may not be cultured enough to enjoy “your” cruises, they do enjoy cruises. And as someone who enjoys cruises but is neither a democrat or republican, I choose to go elsewhere rather than take a cruise with an cruise line that blatantly discriminates against people they disagree with. Besides, I wouldn’t want to have someone like John Cardenas serving me in any capacity.

  • Pam

    Your ad says a lot about your company. If you had a 7 day cruise for $10.00 – I promise you this- me or my family wouldn’t be using it.

  • George Linkas