The Carnival Liberty cruise ship experienced unspecified "technical problems" which affected its propulsion and delayed its return to and departure from Galveston yesterday. The problem is substantially slowing the cruise ship.

The Liberty should have arrived early yesterday morning to Galveston, however Carnival stated that there was a technical problem that slowed the ship and needed to be fixed. The repairs were expected to delay the ship’s departure.

Carnival is still sailing to Cozumel but has canceled the cruise to Progeso, Mexico.

Local newspapers reported that passengers will get a $50 credit on their shipboard account, a 25 percent discount on a future five-day cruise, and a $25 per person credit to help pay for meals on Monday given the late departure time.

This problems come after a weekend where two two Carnival owned cruise ship operated by Princess Cruises, the Grand Princess and the Emerald Princess, experienced temporary power outages. 

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November 1, 2016 Update:  AIS shows the Carnival Liberty still in port in Galveston.  Carnival reportedly canceled the cruise as of this morning. 

Carnival sent this statement this morning:


NOVEMBER 1 – 9:40 am EDT

"The cruise ship Carnival Liberty, which is homeported in Galveston, Texas, is experiencing a technical issue which is affecting the ship’s maximum cruising speed. The issue is only affecting the ship’s speed and all other systems are operating normally. The ship arrived in Galveston yesterday and since then we have been working with outside technical experts which we brought on to help us confirm our repair plan.

Guests had boarded the vessel yesterday in anticipation of sailing, however, outside technical experts, together with the ship’s technical team, conducted a deeper inspection of one of the diesel generators overnight and uncovered an additional problem not previously known. It has now been determined that one of the alternators cannot be readily fixed. This means the ship will not be able to maintain the sufficient speed needed to operate the itinerary as planned and unfortunately we must cancel today’s cruise.

Guests scheduled to sail on this voyage will receive a full refund of their cruise, along with a 100 percent future cruise credit and $90 per person reimbursement representing a previously promised onboard credit and stipend for meals in Galveston yesterday.

While repairs are ongoing, the itinerary for the ship’s next two voyages will be modified, as well. The Nov. 5 five-day cruise will include a full day call in Cozumel, however, the call in Progreso will be cancelled. The Nov. 10 four-day cruise will include a call in Progreso instead of Cozumel. Guests sailing on these voyages will receive a $50 per person credit to their shipboard accounts and a 25 percent discount on a future Carnival cruise. Guests also have the option of cancelling and receiving a full refund. Voyages departing Nov. 14 and beyond are scheduled to operate their normal itinerary.

We sincerely apologize to our guests for this disruption in their vacation plans." 


Novenber 10, 2016 Update: Carnival modifies the itineraries for the Liberty’s cruises through the month of November.


  • Anita Marie McGee

    The Liberty departed from Galveston on Thursday October 26the and it was also a cruise from hell. We had to turn the ship around for an injured passenger on Thursday, the engine went out Thursday night or early Friday making our trip to Cozumel extremely short because we arrived at 2pm instead of 9am and we had to return to the ship by 730pm, the trip home was torture because we got to Galveston late and many people were still on the ship trying to debark at 9pm, many people missed flights and had to spend extra money for hotel rooms. On top of that, it rained everyday, the boat rocked like crazy and most people were sick for days. More disturbing is the fact the ship left again with engine problems.

    It infuriates me to know that the people who had to wait to board on Monday were compensated and those of us who were on the trip from hell 5 days got nothing, not even a discount for things we purchased on the ship.

    If Carnival contacts me and offers a discount on a future cruise, I will travel with them again, if not, that will have been my first and last cruise with them.

  • Chase Wilson

    Check again. Ship can’t leave port. Cruise was cancelled this morning. Everyone’s being issued a refund and credit towards future cruise. Lot of frustrated, angry, and disappointed people on board.

  • Sharon Dudley

    This was out first cruise.This cruise was terribly disappointing.I was looking forward to our time on Mexico doing shopping getting tee shirts for my grandsons We literally got off the bus had 1 1/2 hours to look around and shop the the bus dropped us off at the worst beach in Mexico we couldn’t even get in the water because of all the rocks. we had to be back at the ship by 7:30. We wanted to go to senor frogs but didn’t have time. However we did make it to the, Harley Davidson store but only because we ran about 4 blocks to get there and then ran back. Because of the late port time we missed the evening dinner and what was left on the buffet terrible and picked over. I would have though they would have had a full buffet for the hundreds of people coming back on board. Our arrival time back in Galveston was 8:00 am that what we planed on when we booked our trip. We got off the boat at about 5:30 went through customs, got back to our car that we left at the Marriott and the had 6 hours to drive home .we pulled in our driveway at 1:30 got bed and got 3 hours sleep before going back to work. I was very disappointed with this first time experience. And to top that off the people that haven’t even sailed yet we’re getting reimbursed but the ones that endured this trip from hell got nothing. I feel they could care less about the passengers that were on board the cruise from hell. After all they already have our money.

  • Brian Mueller

    I’m schedule for the November 5th cruise, which now has a departure time of 11 PM and is skipping Progreso (the one stop I was looking forward to). If they canceled the current cruise to fix this problem, why would an upcoming cruise suffer delays?

  • Joe Sims
  • Lezlie L Boyd

    I agree Brian. I am also on Nov 5th cruise and hopeful that all can be fixed so we can go on as scheduled Saturday. Why are they cutting out Progresso? It just sounds suspicious…. Been looking forward to this for 10 months..

  • Carolyn

    I agree things beyond human control can happen with anything mechanical, whether it’s cars, ships train or plane. However the rest of the ship was in working order, it was just moving slower. We all would like a perfect trip, but we arrived safely back to port, after all isn’t that important? I too am an optimistic person. It would be nice if some compensation would be offered, but everything aboard the cruise was good and staff friendly. I am looking forward to the next cruise, this was my fifth cruise and I must say all the other cruise adventure was great. First timers please cruise again, this was not the norm.

  • Blanca

    We are booked for the cruise departing on the 10th, and feel the same as Brian and Lexlie. They cut Progreso out of their itinerary and they changed our one Port of Cozumel to Progreso. How does that make sense? I spent most of the day looking for another option. This is a gift to my daughter for her 15th birthday and we promised her white sand and blue water. Progreso isn’t going to give her that.

  • Cindy Osborne

    My husband and I were also on the Oct 27th Liberty cruise. It was our 7th cruise and as far as the weather goes it was the worse!! But that certainly wasn’t Carnival’s fault. And our having to turn around and return to Galveston due to a passenger’s medical emergency also was not Carnival’s fault! We were amazed at the number of people we heard complaining…really?? The Liberty needs a good overall, obviously mechanically but also the slightly shabby and tired decor. BUT….the ship was clean, the service was great and our balcony stateroom was very comfortable. The food was a bit so-so both in Lido and MDR. But we were overall pleased and enjoyed our “extended” 5-day cruise!!!

  • Joshua Anderson

    Look on the bright side folks. As bad as it was, it could have been WAY WORSE than what you experienced. You had hot meals, hot showers, working toilets, air conditioning, and a free day at sea. You were able to sleep in your cabin and be comfortable, swim in the pool, and enjoy the cuisine.

    I know it sucks for those that had their cruises cancelled or modified. Just be glad you weren’t adrift at sea with no power.

  • Michelle Shields

    I am also scheduled to sail on Carnival Liberty on November 5th. It would seem if the ship cancelled its last sailing, there is ample time to make repairs and correct the itinerary. We sailed on our first cruise in April on the Liberty, and loved it so much, we booked another. As a teacher, I have had to prepare for weeks to be out of school for this cruise. Praying the issues can be resolved before Saturday. However, I am thankful that Carnival caught the issues before my family and I boarded the ship. Being stuck in the Gulf of Mexico would be much worse:(

  • tinikini

    Well said Joshua!!! I would have been glad to have my cruise cancelled and refunded with no hassle if my life might depend on it. If it is true that this ship is due to dry dock in December, you know that she is running on her last leg. I hope nothing happens before then.

  • Chris

    Rest assured that they are doing everything in their power to ensure that everyone is SAFE and having a good time. The mechanical issues…well, like is said above, are mechanical issues and they happen. We are scheduled for the 5th cruise and are watching it closely. I had MUCH rather see them cancel if they are not 100% certain of the availability of the ole gal to get us to and fro safely. No irritations here at all…it happens.

  • Nancy Boardley

    Probably some of the first non-US passengers to post on this, having taken the Oct 27th Cozumel cruise afer visiting our rellies in Houston, before returning to the UK.
    Loved the little ship,the food, loved the friendly staff,and full- on Cruise Director, Frank the Tank. Best singing and dancing rock show we’ve seen on a cruise ship in a long time,[ and we’ve see a fair few !] RCCL entertainemnt “eat your heart out.”
    Lets face it, spending an extra day in a Liberty Suite was not a hardship!
    Ok so we missed our flight back to the UK, which we had to re-book for the following day and we spent a night in the Bush Double-Tree, for both of which Carnival will reimburse us.

    We had great sympathy for the Cruise management in having to make decisions for safety of so many passengers and the massive costs of claims involved and we feel that any future decisions on the timing of up-coming ports of call are taking this into account.

    Excuse the asterisks, but s**t happens, we had a great cruise, met some fine folks, and would certainly cruise on Carnival and Liberty again, in fact we are already surfing for future Carnival cruises, hopefully from the UK next year.

    Nancy Boardley/ Gordon Smith.

  • Nancy

    I am sailing on November 5th. Carnival was very courteous and I appreciate the discounts we are getting. In a way its a blessing they found out now instead of at Sea . Still sailing and in a way its better because I was not going to get off in Progresso . The only down fall is we are sailing off later than expected on Saturday. Sad for the folks that missed theirs though. I know what a hassle it can be to have to reschedule your vacation.

  • Gail

    Read the comments and agree with the positives. Was on the Triumph when it lost power in 2012. Just didnt expect it to happen again. Havent had any notices from Carnival personally so not sure how they handle their offers. Still coming down from East Texas and hope for the best!!!

  • Sharon

    I was also on that cruise ship, although the ship had to return to Galveston so that a passenger could receive medical care, being my 5th cruise it really wasn’t bad, there will always be unexpected things in life, we had a wonderful time. We thank God that we made it back safely . the crew was wonderful😊

  • Kia W

    This cruise was awful… plain and simple. This isn’t your personal vehicle. If you are aware that you have mechanical issues that may affect your safety, you don’t drive it. Carnival played Russian roulette with lives and that is unacceptable. People are able to say it wasn’t bad because we finally made it back but guess what… that may have not happened with the mechanical conditions and decision made to leave ports. This is a business. You can not play with people’s lives! This could have ended badly and it’s sad that others think it’s OK to test the waters as they say and gamble with our lives. No that’s not good business.

  • Patrick C. O’Leary

    We will be sailing on our 5th cruise with Carnival on 11/14/2016. So far reports say we will be doing the full cruise. I agree with Joe Sims… things happen. We will prepare as best we can for any unforeseeable delays. We are retired so we have time. For those that live in the Just in Time world… Stay there! or understand things don’t always go as planned. Carnival has had it’s share of problems… So have airlines, railroads, car makers the list is endless. Some are the companies fault, the rest no one can control. Do we not fly, ride trains, buy cars ??? Of course not … so we will sail again and expect nothing but a great time with our Friends at Carnival !!

  • carla sikkema

    Liberty cruise for 11/5/2016 out of Galveston cancelled, notified at 4:00pm today, full refund and credit for future travel.

  • Chuck

    Ok. So it seems that most everyone is giving Carnival Curises a pass. Screw that. I’m setting here in Houston with a luggage full of Hawaiian shirts with no place to go. This trip was my wife’s gift to me to celebrate my 60th birthday. Now what to do? We were notified 24 hours before sailing. What about all those honeymoon couples? What about all those people with airline flights? I’m not lucky enough to be retired so time is an issue. Poor ship maintenance and poor planning is not my problem. It should be on the top of the list for a 5.7 billion dollar company! I guess I’ll just cool off and watch the election returns. Oh, by the way the CEO of Carnival Cruises, Arnold Donald pushes a net worth of over 9 million dollars. I guess he has his own ship and doesn’t have to worry about Carnival Cruises ships.

  • David

    Actually, 9 million dollars is just what Mr. Donald made last year. His net worth is much, much more.

  • Harold Ross

    My wife are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary on November 26 do want it to be a good trip. Not sure with all the problems they have been having.
    Ask about changing to another ship and they said it would be fixed by then. I hope so.
    We have sailed on Carnival 4 times an no problemsuch don’t start with me now.

  • Patrick C. O’Leary

    Any updates available on repairs to Liberty?? I read this afternoon that Carnival is still booking the 11/10/2016 (this Saturday) cruise. No bookings available for 11/14/2016(Monday, Our cruise date)? It wasn’t listed. Wonder if this is a positive sign? I haven’t seen anything new and the note on the website under FAQs has disappeared. I would hope some progress report would be forthcoming… Or will there be more pissed off people! Not me …I have lots of time! Any info out there I have missed???

  • Kathy Anderson

    We were on the Liberty Oct.31,when the cruise ship cancelled. Just wondering if I book on the Jan.9th cruise will it be fixed?

  • carolyn

    bad trick or treat, had this trip planned 8 months ago, 31st and the 5th back to back..i feel like it was for a reason for us not to go.i really need a vacation, SO MAYBE I WILL BE BACK ON BOARD SOON… Carnival is a great way to spend your vacation ,so dont judge them to bad if it were your first cruise. There the best!

  • Chuck Maricle

    Nov 19 cruise – They just changed the Thanksgiving cruise from Jamaica / Cayman to two ports in Mexico. The ship is not fixed!!

  • Charles Phelps

    November 11, 2016

    Dear Carnival Valor Guest,

    We know you must be looking forward to your vacation, so we’d like to inform you of an important change to your cruise.

    Carnival Valor will be changing her homeport to Galveston, Texas next month. This change is being made since Carnival Valor is better suited to operate at the higher speeds required for the four and five-day Mexico itineraries from Galveston.

    Not to worry, Carnival Liberty will be sailing year round from Port Canaveral beginning December 15, 2016 and will take over scheduled itineraries given that she is well equipped to handle our short duration cruises from Central Florida. Prior to repositioning to Port Canaveral, Carnival Liberty will have just completed a dry dock and will be refreshed for our guests.

    Built only one year apart, Carnival Liberty is a sister ship to Carnival Valor and has similar accommodations, public venues and Fun Ship 2.0 features including Guy’s Burger Joint, BlueIguana Cantina, the RedFrog Rum Bar and BlueIguana Tequila Bar.

    As a result of this repositioning, your reservation will be moved to a comparable stateroom aboard the beautiful Carnival Liberty. Your departure date and scheduled itinerary will remain the same.

    Sit back and relax…we’ll be doing all the work. Affected sailings are now temporarily closed in the system as our team prepares to make the necessary changes. This means that you, nor our contact center, will be able to make modifications to your reservation until it has been moved over to Carnival Liberty.

    We will do everything possible to match your current accommodations. Fly2Fun flights, transfers and other vacation components such as dining, pre-paid gratuities, shore excursions, Fun Shop items and Spa reservations will be maintained on your booking.

    We anticipate our work will be completed by the end of November. A confirmation with your stateroom assignment will be sent to you as soon as we have finished.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

    We’re looking forward to welcoming you aboard the beautiful Carnival Liberty for a FUN and memorable cruise!


    Denese Waiters
    Sr. Director, Guest Services – Contact Centers

  • Sanya

    I was just informed by Carnival That they are switching my Dec 22 sailing to the Bahamas from the Valor ship to the Liberty. Any comments

  • Joanne Carpenter

    I’m supposed to be on the Liberty on Nov 14th. I’m worried if there will be any more issues associated with this “technical difficulty” besides not going to Progreso.

    I’m wondering whether I should take Carnival’s offer of a full refund.


    as we all know the Liberty ship still have speed problem,

    Carnival changed Nov 19 the 7 days cruise,they are cancel Falmouth and Grand Cayman only go to Cozumel and costa Maya that is 5 days cruise Carnival offer $50 per person do to the change. we paid 7 days with three stop, right now we have to pay for the two days slow speed?
    I am waiting for Carnival right answer

  • Jen

    I just got word that after I paid for a two port cruise, they changed it to 1 port. They are giving only a $50 credit for it too. Is that really worth not visiting a port? Also, in case you cancel, you get only your money back. They offer nothing for ruining that time off. They offer nothing for the inconvenience. I was thinking they should at least offer a percent off on a future cruise even if you don’t decide to go on this one. They should offer this not only for the inconvenience, but to keep their customers.
    I am very disappointed with Carnival. I had turned in points on my credit card for carnival because I had known I was going on a Carnival cruise. Now, I get $400 worth of cards back. I don’t ever want to go on a cruise with them, because I don’t think they are handling all of this fairly.

  • ryan

    carnival just offered me a free cruise on the liberty leaving nov 19th. Are there still major problems?

  • Maria

    I was scheduled to go out on 11/19 and go to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel but just learned yesterday that we will no longer be going to Jamaica and Grand Kayman, which is the only reason why I booked this, and now will be going to Cozumel only and some other part of Mexico because ship has not been fixed and we were getting $50 onboard credit. And 25% future credit which I’m not even going anywhere. So I was upset and called Carnival to see if I could get the 25% credit now for the huge inconvenience only to be told no! It is not right they should give you the discount now but of course they are giving you a future discount just to make you buy another cruise so they can get more money. So we have decided to cancel and hopefully we do get full refund, They said it will take 3 weeks for refund😡

  • Virginia

    After reading all the issues Carnival has been having with the Liberty I am very concerned since we were just informed that on Jan. 8, 2017 when we were supposed to be sailing on the Valor we will instead be switched to the Liberty. Since we have already booked and paid for our flights, that are non refundable and booked our vacation time I sincerely hope that by then they have the issues fixed and our cruise has no problems. I really am not happy at all about things being changed on us as it is and now for the next month and a half I am gonna be stressing out over possible issues! 🙁

  • Jason

    I’m supposed to be on the Carnival Valor for May 2017 and now I can’t access my booking at all. They are saying I will be on Carnival Liberty instead. The ship seems to have all the same things except no Carnival HUB which was important to me having kids and all. If the Liberty is still sailing and is taking over for Valor… then WHEN is the Liberty being dry docked? What dates? And what other cruises are being cancelled? Anyone know what dates it will be completed for transition and dry docked to fix?


    To whom it may concern.

    This was my first cruise and it was the cruise from HELL!! This cruise was terribly disappointing, from them loosing our luggage (that had all of my boyfriend’s clothes in them.) to the staff having major hateful attitudes and not even caring to completely lying about looking for them. (Which they finally found after we almost went to jail and we missed our DRESS UP DINNER.) We were looking forward to this cruise for many reasons. My boyfriend and I dated when I was 13-14 and he was 16-17 he was my first real kiss and first love. Well life took us down different roads but come full circle when we found each other once again and picked up right where we left off like it was meant to be. So you see my disappointment when nothing went right. We was looking forward to our time in Mexico shopping, going to Charles’s along with riding horses and swimming with dolphins, which we could not do or get our money back because it was non refundable. We had to turn the ship around for an injured passenger on Thursday, the engine went out Thursday night or early Friday making our trip to Cozumel extremely short because we arrived at 2pm instead of 9am and we had to return to the ship by 730pm, the trip home was torture because we got to Galveston late and many people were still on the ship trying to debark at 9pm, many people missed flights and had to spend extra money for hotel rooms. On top of that, it rained everyday, the boat rocked like crazy and most people were sick for days. More disturbing is the fact the ship left again with engine problems. I wanted to go to the Harley Store but didn’t have time. I collect poker coins to every state or town I go to that has a store but to my disappointment when I didn’t get to get one. I will probably never get to go on another cruise or back to Cozumel this was like once in a life time thing. So much went wrong from the engine going out to medical emergencies. The food was under cooked and when I said something they got an attitude and said the food is fine. (Believe me it was not fine the fish was raw and sliming inside the chicken if you cut into it was bleeding at the bone, salad dressings and toppings all tasted soured, the tea was sour and many complained about it, the eggs in the Moring was under cooked the bacon was over cooked, and this was from the first day. We did go to the dinning room one night and tried to eat an over cooked stake. Nothing about this trip except being with Mike was any good. Try to get directions to some where they would laugh and send you a different direction like it was some game or something. On top of that the weather was bad. I was always told the ship never sleeps well this one does and till 7am in fact and every Moring they were till 730 or later getting stuff ready. No coffee made most of the time. ONE thing you should always have going is coffee and tea!!


    I just feel that we spent a lot of money for nothing, and I just received the final bill and on top of the PRICE WE PAID FOR THE CRUISE AND EXCURSIONS we didn’t get to do, we had another 1800.00 worth of drinks and food. Un-real I think we should be reimbursed for the cruse and the food the food at least. Since we had such a horrible trip that was not our doing. I just feel like we was taken advantage of and treated like dirt.

    If Carnival contacts me and offers a discount on a future cruise, I will travel with them again, if not, that will have been my first and last cruise with them.

    Barbara Sutton