Thomson MajestyI received the following information early this morning (Miami time): ” My parents are on Thomson Majesty. Last night on the way from Livorno to Corsica, the cruise ship lost all power . . . It was drifting in the Med, with passengers in pitch black, without the use of toilets, without any great communication from staff.”

The cruise ship regained power but returned to the port in Livorno. AIS websites like Marine Traffic show that the ship drifted for several hours late last night before returning to Livorno.

Power failures in the cruise industry have been relatively common lately. The Thomson Celebration suffered an engine failure in July as the cruise ship was departing the port in Valletta, Malta.

October 22, 2016 Update:  Receiving word that there was a fire in the engine room. The cruise ship will head straight to Barcelona, skipping Corsica and Marseille. I am aware of no official statement from the cruise line.

October 23, 2016 Update: After undergoing unspecified repairs, the cruise ship finally left Livorno today heading for Barcelona. ,

A couple of passengers have commented that there appears to be a gastrointestinal outbreak on the cruise?

October 24, 2016 Update: In the article Majesty back on course after engine room fire, Thomson Cruises trots out the “it-was-a-small-and-immediately-extinguished-fire-with-quick-minor-repairs” explanation. Written by cruise fan John Honeywell, the article minimizes the considerable delay and inconvenience to the passengers. It even denies that the sister ship, Thomson Spirit, ran aground in the harbor of Portimão which we reported a day earlier.

October 30. 2016 Update: A Facebook group has been “created for and on behalf of passengers of the Thomson Majesty who were on the cruise on Western Mediterranean from 18th to 25th October 2016 and others who were affected by the incidents experienced.” The group is member-only so you have to ask for permission to be added to the group.

  • Emma Bennett

    My parents are on this cruise ship and I can’t help but feel so disappointed for them both as they were so very much looking forward to this break away together. They both work full time so don’t get to spend very much time together and needed this time away, but not feeling upset and fed up! It is Sunday morning and they are still stuck at Livorno Port. If I had a Helicopter I would go rescue them both right away and bring them safely home. I feel very reluctant for them both to set sail again on this boat ias it seems clear the boat is having major problems.

  • Royston

    Apparently the captain and staff are keeping quite as they don’t seem to know whats going on.reports say they are heading to Barcelona skipping corsica and marseille.
    Passengers are getting angry and irritated as they are not getting information from crew.
    The lights and lifts all went off in the middle of the night leaving passengers worried and scared.
    It’s disgraceful. Passengers should be refunded the full amount plus more for there trauma.

  • Willie b

    Ship was supposed to sail to Barcelona almost 3 hours ago…no update on what is happening as of yet

  • Graham prescott

    We have heard that a novo virus has also spread on board some people isolated to their cabins we are going on the majesty on Tuesday Thomson know this ship needs needs a thorough deep clean to eradicate this virus I swear if any of our party catch this I will sue the pants of Thomson for putting people in danger

  • anna prescott

    we have heard many many things from the majesty over the last couple of days, the staff in thomson burnlet deny there are any problems with the ship, even though i showed the staff and manageress the facebook comments on the thomson majesty page they said there was no issues and nothing they can do about it, i wanted it recorded as we are on the ship this week and as people are complaining the ship is full of novovirus, (read comments) i wanted thomson to be aware of this as they have sent out a letter saying she will sail this week then they are taking her off for 2/3 weeks to deep clean her, hmm what about us, the people going on her tomorrow, well i guess they are happy to pay out for sickness compensation instead of offering another holiday alternative, why could they just not take responsibility for these issues and stand up and be counted, these things happen but please lets not make it worse, people would understand and be happier with an alternative rather than getting sick.

  • Yvette lyons

    I contacted Thomson asking if there was norovirus and if the ship would be deep-cleaned and received the below:

    Thank you for your further correspondence.

    We are aware of a small number of sickness cases on board. As a result we’ve implemented even more stringent hygiene measures. We’d also like to reassure you that the ultimate priority for us is the health, safety and comfort of all our customers and we regularly audit all our ships.

    I do hope you have a wonderful time on your cruise

  • Tracy Stubbs

    My parents are on this cruise and I also feel very disappointed and angry for what has happened in less than one week.

    During the power outage my father, who is badly disabled, had to go down flights of stairs to get back to his cabin. So far they have been compensated £160 each to spend on board or take home at the end of their two weeks.

    The reports of Noro Virus are particularly disturbing as my father is also a type 1 diabetic and contracting that could be life threatening.

    Very scared for their wellbeing now.

    And on a side note, I am going on the Thomson Dream on the 13th November for 16 nights. I am starting to think it may be more like a nightmare.

  • Amanda Bell

    I am a single parent mother. I earn £7.70 per hour . This was an experience to give my two young men a trip of a lifetime , before they go to uni , last chance family times . An experience , a memory we would treasure forever. Art , culture . Imagine how many hours it took me to save £2500. A lot . I worked 60 hour weeks and needed to relax , unwind . Standing in the dark by muster stations with toilets overflowing , sleeping in our clothes, not experiencing a holiday but a tired boat that smells of drains , fire , engine fumes , is not a holiday of a lifetime .
    Yes , accidents happen , yes things break . I accept that . But I needed a holiday , not to come away to this. I believe Thomson need to provide that experience . Passengers are talking about nothing else . This is not a happy camper environment . Please Thomson give us a real holiday people now deserve

  • Bob Gould

    Just got back worse cruise with Thompsons ever, engine stopped 21.30 then power lost 22.00. headless chickens springs to mind, poor elderly lady in lift and was in darkness.power was restored around 02.30 but that was it.
    Toilets were overflowing with human waste, no air conditioning and many suffered from influenza symptoms,myself and my wife included, it was towed back to Livorno and the coast guard attended. There was also a yellow flag flying yet they denied anyone was in quarantine. Corsica and Marseille missed and sailed to Barcelona, shambolic by any standards.

  • unhappy honeymooners

    We were on the majesty when this happened. The ship stopped then lost power from 21:30 to 02:30. We had no water, lights ,toilets or power. People had no guidance and the staff seemed to disappear. People who were disabled were stranded on the stairs and others trapped in the lifts. People screamed when the lights went out and one lady I passed had her life vest under her arm as she didn’t know what she was supposed to do.

    Thompson reps appeared around 12:00 to advise that there has been smoke in the engine room but we had already been told the truth by the bar staff that there has been an actual fire.

    Drifting in the sea in darkness with panicking people and poor reassurance from Thomson was awful. We decided to stay with the bar staff as they were doing their best to look after everyone.

    We limped back to port in Livorno after watching near by shops get closer and stand guard in case we did need to abandon ship.

    It took two days to fix and missed out on the two main destinations. Shambles is an understatement.

  • Bob Gould

    The last 2 days on board were unbearable, no air conditioning anywhere,cabins were like ovens, people were sitting on deck 7 and ten outside to cool down, so many different accounts of what happened, we were in the Casino, funny enough we were expecting the engines to be stopped as the captain stated it would be for 2 hours to allow for the short distance and it would enable the Majesty to arrive in Corsica on time. We wonder if they knew there was a problem. Deck 5 cruise desk was just one long queue of passengers complaining.Sewerage was overflowing from the public toilets everywhere, couldnt use toilets in cabins. So many relieved people at the airport today going home, and very angry, Thomsons need to sort this out, we paid for a cruise not this shambles, so many other issues and it appeared that they just couldnt cope with them, dreadful time and we were glad to get off this morning, going to have a ceremonial burning of our boarding cards, thats how bad we feel about the whole experiance.

  • phil haworth

    Matters weren’t helped by poor quality sound of the pa system and the Captains accent, which made announcements useless.

  • kathy evans

    l had the worst cruise ever on majesty, l dont know were to start, between the service in the restaurants being very poor, the food was mostly cold, and too many others things, that would take me all day to type, first and last time with thomson cruise line, l will go back to the others lv been on much better quality, and service, that is apart from the ship having a fire, and stuck in a port for 2days, and not seeing 2 ports l hadnt been to before, l was glad to get off this ship, what a waste of time and money

  • Theresa

    My husband & I were on the Thomson Majesty at the time of the incident and wish to raise the following points:

    1) We weren’t aware of any illness on board. The decks were
    packed throughout the week. If anyone was ill, maybe they
    weren’t taking the necessary precautions by using the
    sanitising liquid, which is all over the ship.

    2) Yes there was a fire/powercut but
    – we were kept informed as to what was going on when
    there was something to tell us
    – I heard no screams when the lights went out as
    emergency lighting kicked in immediately
    – sewage was not ‘everywhere’. For one evening some of
    the toilets were full but did not actually overflow and
    the men’s urinals were working as usual. The problem had
    been rectified by the morning

    3) One night the air conditioning was not working but
    temperatures in the evening were cool and it was not

    4) The staff were wonderful and dealt with everyone
    courteously unlike some of the passengers who were rude
    and unpleasant.

    People have only made the exaggerated to claims to get more money – it’s a compensation culture.

    We both had a lovely holiday. Yes, we missed a couple of ports which we had never visited before. BUT we were safe, had good food, reasonable weather and great entertainment.
    We would be happy to go back on the Thomson Majesty tomorrow

  • Tony O’Brien

    I can only agree with every one of the comments already made. We were desperately in need of a holiday and this was just awful. Two continuous days of sickness and a dead ship wrecked this holiday for me.

    The captain was conspicuous by his absence during the last couple of days. Rubbish tannoy system – in some areas of the ship it didn’t work at all.

    A four star quality ship. Never.

    This ship is a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Bob Gould

    To answer the post reference exaggerated claims, surely you must have been in a dream world or drunk, fact toilets did overflow, deck 6 outside the casino both the urinals and the pan were overflowing and it was close to coming out into the lobby, every single public use toilet was the same, i know i went to everyone as my wife needed the toilet, and we have photos. Secondly if what you say is correct about the air con, how come that i was given a letter regarding the cabins lack of air conditioning and noise for the last 2 nights with an apology. Why was it so hot in their casino and other area’s dress code was relaxed. Your comments are utter rubbish and have been posted for a reason, maybe the same reason you accuse us of. It was shambolic,the PA system was useless and the fact the Captain spoke poor English didn’t help. Information was scarce to say the least.

    No screams ask the poor elderly lady trapped in the lift about that in darkness. As for no illness, the following morning we went to get tablets for the influenza type symptoms many were suffering from and were not allowed inside, a yellow flag was flying and when asked why the reception would not answer.

    Wasn’t it coincidence that when we left Livorno the Captain announced the engines would be stopped for 2 hours, in order he said to slow down, maybe they knew there was a problem and it caught them out.
    This was my third cruise with Thomson, the other 2 went well, however when this happened it exposed the many shortfalls that they have, and one more thing, the lifeboat drill, on the previous 2 we assembled as we did on the Majesty but were then taken to our lifeboat stations, not this time, just ticked off we attended and that was it, and many if they were elderly or in wheel chairs or had not read the instructions should it had been necessary to have to use them would have been in serious trouble, surely that was not correct procedure. I could go on,your post is inaccurate and false.

  • Simple Sailor

    Bob – the Yellow Flag you refer to is Code Flag Q. Single hoist meaning is “My vessel is healthy and requests free pratique”……..

  • Graham Sudworth

    I thought it strange when the Captain announced that we would be drifting for several hours to time our arrival in Corsica correctly – is that allowed under maritime regulations? Why not just go slower? Now 3 days since arrived back in UK and still waiting for the £160 per person to be credited to my bank card.
    Same happened to us on back-to-back Carribean cruises on Thomson Celebration in March 2015. Both weeks the engine broke down and we missed out 2 ports of call. No compensation offered to those who complained, but a lady got Rip Off Britain TV programme involved and they got her £200 per person. When I challenged Thomson on this they said that no compensation to me was both fair and consistent (how?), and ended by saying that they would never change their decision so don’t bother contacting them again.
    Final gripe – I paid in August for a 2 week cruise on Thomson Discovery in December 2016 before going on the Majesty one. Now it is being advertised at 69% of the price I paid, could have saved almost enough for another one week Med cruise.
    Thomson/TUI have said they are going to invest in cruising in a big way, but seem to be doing their best to alienate their customers.

  • Linda landells

    My husband and I were also on this cruise, and yes it was really bad. We were in the theatre when the power went, and were told over the pa not to move. after 3 hours no member of staff came to see us so we decided to go to our cabin as the ship was getting very hot.The lack of information was really bad, and the odd garbled message from the captain did nothing to reassure passengers.We eventually went to bed, fully clothed at 2am, still not knowing what was going on!. Never again Thomsons you treat your passengers very badly.

  • ron& elaine kenyon

    Hi I have just read several comments on the Majesty cruise 18/25th Oct .having a good flight and coach journey we arrived at the ship quite impressive good greeting from staff shown to cabin a little small and well worn but Hey, first night heads down lets have a sleep Hell whats that noise rumble through the cabin Reported to reception OK we will send a engineer to check several re visits to reception !st visit after some 3hrs O no idea will send senior engineer 1.30am 2nd visit no idea will send Senior engineer,03am are yes thats a cooling problem fixed in 5 mins all ok offered a change of cabin next morning further mid ship Wife felt ill during this unforeseen problem.

  • ron& elaine kenyon

    Repeat performance of our previous cabin problems we even had to record the noises for the captains in put still no answer .
    last evening meal plastic in Baked Alaska sweet. no hot water very smelly shower room all week This was the Cruise from Hell total Disaster Ok some compensation offered on board but what about the distress and missed ports of call that my wife missed we only booked this cruise because of the itinerary Danielle Rowley Front Of House Manager very polite but we still have not heard from Thomsons i would not use them for a cruise again By the way i still have the recording of the tremendous metal banging noises if any one needs them

  • Yvonne Woolford

    I agree totally with most of the coments made. There was almost a total lack of any constructive announcements. I am sure the directives from “above” were that we be kept on board to continue spending thus lessening the loss incured by Thompson. The Captain and senior staff clearly had been briefed to keep us poorly informed.
    The recompence offered was poorly handled, we had to rely on second hand news to find out that it did not have to be spent on board.
    We were told that it would be credited to our debit card. We have thus far only received a partial refund and, when I spoke to Thompson’s complaint department, they denied all knowledge af any problems on the ship at all! Apparently they are dealing with the claims and could take at least 2 weeks to refund us the balance. For me the inference is clear they suspect me of taking the refund in cash an board the ship and then making another claim for a refund on my debit card are they that desparate for a couple of hundred pounds?

  • Linda landells

    Shame on you Thomsons!! Your treatment of passengers on this cruise is shameful .My husband and I were not after large sums of compensation, but in fact we haven’t had the monies promised paid back into our account yet, and we have been home for six weeks!Never again will we cruise with Thomsons, we will stick with P&O who treat their passengers with courtesy and respect.

  • Josh

    Often power outages are fun at home and the office, but on a cruise ship? No thanks.

  • Mel Roberts

    We were on The Dream in October. Took tablets the first night to ensure some sleep. Slept through an unforecasted hurricane…thankfully. Next 3 nights, we were kept awake by a 12 second duration noise which occurred every 25 minutes throughout the night.Lied to by Reception who sent the AC man one night and an engineer on another..all to no avail . We were told that the fault would be corrected when the ship was in dry dock at the end of that week. They did eventually ask if we wanted to move cabins…after my husband was walking the deck at night as unable to sleep.Thomson are totally oblivious to the fact that people go on holiday to relax and 3 nights of missed no , `holiday`.I am a shareholder and embarrassed by the total lack of regard paid to holidaymakers and their spoilt holidays.Their CEO`s email address can be found on the web.I include him in my email correspondence to their personnel, after all, the buck stops with him. When I had founder shares in Thomson`s, it was a better company, I can only guess what TUI will do to it.

  • Ian Forsyth

    For my wife & myself this was our first cruise, and although it may not be the last, it most certainly will be our last with Thomson Cruises. Like others that experienced the loss of power, after the fire on the Majesty that night, we have received no payment of compensation. We spent 14 days on the cruise, and my statement for the second week, informed me that the original offer of compensation had been retracted, ” At my request. ” I have requested that Thomson’s produce evidence of this request, but still await an explanation. I had heard that passengers leaving the ship after the 7 day cruise, were asked to sign, acceptance of the compensation, and if they refused then the offer was withdrawn, but as we ere continuing with another 7 days, we weren’t even given this option. I intend to carry on with my claim for reimbursement, so Thomson’s had better think up some more excuses.

  • Graham Sudworth

    Finally received a cheque from Thomson on 19 December for the outstanding compensation for the Majesty breakdown cruise, after several phone calls and emails to chase up their complaints procedure. Received cock and bull stories about any complaint is triggered only by emails, needing authorisation by higher authority, then 28 day waiting period and high volume of complaints. I like Thomson cruises but the Internet is full of comments about their poor customer afterservice