The U.S. Coast Guard medevaced two people from a NCL cruise ship this afternoon. 

The rescue was initiated when the Norwegian Breakaway, returning to New York from Bermuda, contacted the Coast Guard indicating that a 28 year old woman aboard the cruise ship was experiencing stomach pain. A 38 year old man was also reportedly complaining of stomach pains. 

A Coast Guard helicopter and aircraft were dispatched from Elizabeth City this morning and flew approximately 260 miles to the cruise ship to airlift the two passengers to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia. They reportedly are in stable condition. 

Video credit: Defense Imagery and Video Distribution Center



  • Linda F

    This is my neice and these men & or women were quick & efficient getting her and the other gentleman on to the helicopter.thank you to everyone involved with getting my neice to hospital safely!! God bless you!7

  • Linda F

    Thank you to all the men and women who safely and efficiently got my neice off the ship. I would also like to thank the Navy for their assistance is coordinating the efforts. God bless you!

  • Jessica Cooney

    id also like to throw a huge thank you out there to the men/women who helped take such great care of my twin sister & the other gentleman. the medical staff on the ship were very patient with the 30 of us trying to enter the hospital room (in shifts) where my sister stayed for two days. it was a very emotional time for both our family and his. watching them get air lifted off the ship broke so many hearts, yet made so many kids day! the navy, where my sister currently serves, did a fabulous job with the help of the air force, marines & coast guard to get her to safety !!

  • Ava & Diya

    We are friends of a family member, and we are so thankful that her and the others could get to safety. We hope for all the best!!