Queen Mary 2Today I had an interesting exchange of information from a guest aboard the Queen Mary 2.

It seems that last night around midnight a German guest (not our source of information) reported that his wife was missing from the ship. He thought that she jumped overboard. There were allegedly footprints on the couple’s balcony table which made him believe that she climbed the table in order to jump. Announcements were subsequently made on the ship in German for the woman to report immediately to the reception area.

Night staff from housekeeping started searching in the public areas. The bridge was notified and the captain turned the ship around in order to search for a possible body on the water.  AIS tracking systems verified the maneuver.  

Fortunately, the woman was located in the cruise ship’s night club, having fun. 

It seems that the management of the ship is still jumpy after a cook went overboard last month

Photo Credit: Ian Barbour licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons – Wikipedia