Celebrity Cruises canceled a stop in Istanbul earlier this week because of concerns with terrorism.  We were the first to report on the cancellation involving the Equinox.

Today, Celebrity canceled more port stops, announcing that the Reflection will not stay in Istanbul on August 31st and will depart earlier in the day. Celebrity will also skip the Reflection’s port call in Istanbul on September 4th & 5th and will instead call on Athens. 

Cruise IstanbulOn August 19th Costa canceled all port stops in Istanbul for the remainder of the year.

Costa and other cruise lines are under pressure not to sail more passengers into danger like Costa  recklessly did when it cruised to Tunisia in March, resulting in passengers being slaughtered. I called for the security chiefs to be sacked

There are hundreds of cruises scheduled for Istanbul this year. Expect more cancelations

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10 Responses to Celebrity Cancels More Stops in Istanbul

We are cruising on the Constellation and ending in Istanbul on the September 18th. We are forced to stay overnight in Istanbul due to flight schedules. We have 20 people on this cruise. We are getting concerned. Do you feel they will cancel this port at the end of the cruise due to the same reasons Costa cancelled all?

We to are on this same cruise ending in Istanbul and flying back home on the 18th sept..getting very concerned. ..was going to book an excursion round the city but having second thoughts about that! We need more information from celebrity.

We are not experiencing more incidences in Istanbul than in any other big city so as Paris or London. In the US there are more issues in Fergurson than we have in Istanbul. It’s unfortunately highly exaggerated by the press.

We are also on the Constellation, ending in Istambul on the 18 sept.
Is it possible to leave the ship in Istambul ?

Am cruising out of Istanbul on the Celebrity “Conny” on Sept 30th
Am NOT AT ALL CONCERNED about security. “Have been to Turkey many times in last 6 years and love Istanbul.
AS always, am looking fwd very much to the cruise.
I would suggest that anyone who is concerned, not travel at all in or out of the U.S.
Carpe Diem!!!

I’m with Michael, we should all get a sense of proportion here. No cruise stop in France was cancelled due to the terrorist attacks in France in 2014/15; no cruise was stopped in the UK when the IRA and others were bombing London and other places in the ’80’s. I was in London on the Monday after the Bishopsgate bomb and we all just got on with it as we have done many times. Sure Costa made an enormous cockup going to Tunisia this year and they are being ultra cautious now – interesting that other lines in the group such as P&O are sticking with their itineraries. I am on Oceania Riviera in a few days routing Istanbul through Israel and back and I have no qualms whatsoever. In Britain we have always felt that if we over-react to things like this we let the scumbags get the upper hand. Show them we won’t be cowed and crack on with your holidays and enjoy Islanbul – it is a magical place.

We are joining a Regent cruise on 23rd October which will be in Istanbul for 2 days. We are very concerned after hearing about todays terrible terrorist news in Ankara.
We hope Regent understand peoples fears and change port.
We are retired tourists and do not need the fear and stress, if the holiday was not so near we would have cancelled. Surely the crews safety and passenger safety must take precedence over schedules.

My husband and I are on the same Regent cruise as you are and we share your concerns. This trip was for our 45th anniversary. While our hearts break for the innocent people caught in these terror attacks, I can’t help but wonder what is behind Regents thinking by not changing the itinerary to exclude Istanbul. This would be our third Regent cruise and we are so disappointed with the manner in which they are handling this situation.

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