MSC Magnifica This morning I was contacted by a person aboard the MSC Magnifica who informed me that a passenger went overboard from the cruise ship last night.

The Magnifica was sailing to Izmir, Turkey when the woman disappeared overboard. The Greek Coast Guard was notified at some point but it has been unsuccessful searching for the cruise passenger.

The person identified the woman as Chinese.

This is the second person reported overboard overboard from a cruise ship in the last several days.

On August 15, 2015, a crew member disappeared from the Queen Mary 2.

This is the 18th passenger or crew member who has gone overboard from a cruise ship so far this year.

Unfortunately, very few cruise ships have automatic man overboard systems which are designed to send a signal to the bridge as soon as a person goes over the rail.

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Photo Credit:  Bracodbk licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 via Wikipedia

  • Marie

    WHY are they waiting for to install a system that would advise them right a way. There
    Is something NOT NORMAL that so many passengers and crew membres go overboard.

  • rodolfo chrisam

    Which cruise ships have, in case of MOB, a system to send a signal to the bridge of a person goes over the rail?

  • Alan V. Cecil

    These MOB incidents from Oceanliners…begs a prudent cruise ship passenger to invest in a good PLB to wear at all times that they are outside of their own cabins.

  • CB

    i was on board and spent part of the day before with the 3 chinese couples at Katakolon when we chose to use local transport rather than join the MSC excursions. We spent several hours on the train together, up and back. I spoke only with the leader of the group who spoke very good English. The women were quiet but in no obvious distress. The whole ship was in shock the next day when we were told a chinese woman had jumped. An English lady learned from the crew in charge that the man reported his wife was depressed and that she had threatened suicide in the past. When he woke at 5:00 a.m. and she was missing from the bed, his first reaction was to go to the captain to report that he thought she had jumped….not that she went for a tea, or a walk, or to read a book…. He reported this at the end of the Captain’s long shift, just as we passed between Greek and Turkish waters, at a time when both coast gaurds were strained by the migrants’ crisis. They could only spare a few hours to search…. The investigation was sparse…. The crew seemed to accept the word of the husband, however unlikely his version….. The search of the ship was not very careful either…. I found it distressing that the husband did not search for her himself initially, claiming he was afraid to lose time in case she had jumped. He made tearful requests for her to resurface on the ship’s intercom numerous times…. Yet his initial response was to go straight to the captain….. His reaction does not make sense. She has lost her life and there will be no decent investigation…. It should be mandatory to have MOB’s and cameras set up along the sides of the ship in common areas, so there can be a better way to investigate these cases. The whole cruise industry needs to reassess how they deal with missing persons….

  • Frank