Several NCL crew members reported to me that a crew member aboard the Norwegian Sun went overboard early yesterday morning while the Sun was proceeding to Juneau, Alaska.

The crew member reportedly went overboard before the cruise ship reached Juneau. 

The crew members was not rescued and his body was not located. 

We are not mentioning the crew member’s name or his nationality at this time.

There has been no mention of a missing passenger in the press. The last two deaths of crew members (read articles here and here) were not reported in the press and were brought to our attention by other crew members). 

Update: The AP via the Alaskan Daily Journal reports that that Coast Guard says footage from the security system of the Norwegian Cruise Line ship shows the crew member jumping overboard without a life jacket at 4:16 a.m. Thursday. The Alaskan State Troopers say they were not notified until 11 hours later – shortly after 5 p.m. The search was called off just 5 hours later.  

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Photo Credit: Richard Martin via Flickr / Wikepedia Creative Commons 2.0

Norwegian Sun

  • kaves

    This is NCL ppple what you expect!??!?! 2013 i was on NCL Jewel in Cozumel crew member drown .nobody from the ship did noting for his body .did`n even send somebody to check or whatever .they give phone call to his mother to came in Cozumel to collect his son body and this is all NCL did for him .The man was really young 23 first contract .go in any ship in NCL and check how big is 4 person cabin ….and how much is the min. living space in jail in USA you got my point

  • Fellow crewmember

    What a jackass comment. Nobody forces anyone to work on a ship and crewmembers choose the life they wanna live knowing full well how big the cabins are, not sure people would choose jumping to their death over quitting their less than perfect life.

  • I worked for Royal Caribbean, Carnival, NCL..many ships I passed but NCL it’s the worst cruise line ever!

  • Bety

    is good idea to check what did happen in the norwegian star the past may. Two crew members have and accident one has a spinal fracture. The company tried to hide the accident. They were in the paint raft and the brake was broken, they fell into the ocean.

  • Wayan

    I was a crew member in this company. For me NCL is the best,all the Cruise Line on this OCEAN is the same, but NCL still the best

  • Anne

    I have worked in NCL and just signed off from that ship. It is sad when you hear crewmember overboard. I have been there where management sucks especially in the restaurant. That Luis, Indian Maitre D’ complicate the life of the crew members like they own the company. He made everyone depressed with his hell attitude. plenty people are waiting for promotion but only Indians will be promoted. your hardworking is nothing. He even said if you want to be promoted just come to me I’ll push for you. There are plenty idiotic acts in the ship that is not reported to the press. And you will also experience reporting to the HR Sue Williams who does care but only her love life with the Safety Officer James. so I guess people can’t take pressure from these management. Thank You.

  • David

    NCL never care about their crew, I know lots of crewmember are been injured on NCL ships and
    What NCL did to them just fired them or never rehire them
    Pls ask hotel director Michael about ncl.
    Long hrs work no extra pay.
    Discrimination,slavery and more.

  • Gede

    i’m working with NCL till now.. For me NCL is a good company than other company.. But, there is some problem such discrimination , majority even paisano bussiness happening onboard the ship that make other staff from other nationality feeling down to look forward. But however i love NCL.. Just please fix it!!!!

  • Alvin

    Thats really sad news..My bro is a crew member on NCL Sun. If any one on board that ship could please info him to get in touch with us back home in Belize..first number to dial is 011501 followed by our cell number which he knows.

  • Andrew

    Really Sad.. May he RIP. I need to get in touch with a bro of mine on NCL Sun, Am from Belize

  • agung

    so sad…..l was working on that ship.
    talking about cruise line…all just the same.
    even you’re Captain you ‘re Still Crew my Friends…
    so no more story about that…just work and take care of your self.

  • Jonas’ Friend

    My heart is aching. Jonas was such a spectacular guy. He had a heart bigger than the universe and was always the life of the party. He had such amazing energy and was so charismatic. It just doesn’t make sense. Can anyone onboard let us know what they think happened? It just doesn’t make sense that Jonas would jump overboard. How is it that the cruise lines don’t have to answer to regular rules of the land and hold no accountability for these travesties that continue to happen to their crew? My heart and love goes out to Jonas’ family. You are in my thoughts. Can someone onboard please chime in and let us know what happened because the cruise line would never give answers in fear of litigation and PR. It’s disgraceful that these companies deceive and cover up just to protect their image. This was an amazing young man which the world has lost. It shouldn’t have happened :((((

  • Linda Corsi

    This is very sad!.. Haven cruised many times but never with NCL. I see how hard these workers work, long hours for months to help support their families. It’s bad enough that they are taken advantage of because of their needs, but to disrespect their life is shameful. A life should be respected the same for worker as for a cruiser!!!! They should be ashamed of themselves!!! And to think the CEO said he was going to respect the workers more!.. Well shame on you!..

  • Jona’s family

    Could someone on board give us information about what could have happened to our boy? Please. The pain is huge. It makes no sense at all. Please. I’ll check this page everyday hoping for an answer.

  • Jonas’ Friend

    NCL, it’s time you stand up and show some humanity, some dignity, some respect. How could you leave Jonas’ family and friends with unanswered questions? This wonderful man served on your vessel, impacted your guests and his fellow crew. His dreams were not even close to being realized yet your ‘risk management’ department and your lack of transparency dismisses the right thing to do, to tell the truth. I ask you Mr Del Rio; “try putting yourself in Jonas’ Mothers shoes”. How can you sleep at night knowing that a Mother out there cries herself to sleep because she will never see her Son again and as bad, she doesn’t know what and why this happened. We need answers. Jonas’ was a Son, a brother and an incredible friend. His legacy needs to be honored. Please tell us what happened.

  • amrith krishnan

    I worked in NCL for 3 contract.
    It was a nice experience for me.
    these incidents are unfortunate.

  • Jonas’ Friend

    I have and still work on cruise ships for the past 17 years, including NCL and specifically the Sun. As much as I appreciate the positive comments fellow crew are making about their experiences onboard, this too should have been shared by Jonas. It wasn’t. Right now all we want are some answers rather than the deafening silence that NCL is delivering.

    Mr Walker has pointed out in previous entries how the cruise lines have had opportunity to prevent these tragedies by installing various tools and procedures to ensure any misfortune would be immediately actioned. To date, I believe no cruise line has invested in such standards and still guests and crew are subjected to less than adequate safety measures. I could share with you many horrifying stories from my many years at sea. Mr Walker, you are doing such a phenomenal service of exposing the dark side of the industry and bringing much needed transparency to an industry that seems to have gone rogue and live by a completely independent set of rules and standards.

  • Mary G.

    Having worked on ships myself for 15 years, the sense of loss that the entire crew feels when something like this happens pervades everything. We all know that no one accidentally falls off a ship. A jump is intentional and when a fellow crewmember commits suicide, it saddens everyone.

    I learned that the Department of Homeland Security in Juneau did not allow any crewmembers from the SUN off the ship that day in Juneau. This made my blood boil!!! To add insult to injury like that is incomprehensible! To me, this implies that they felt the crewmember “jumped” as in “jump ship”…really??? How idiotic!! If you want to desert and stay in the US, just walk off the ship. This is shameful on DHS’ part. Prayers to the family and friends of this young man.

  • Anon

    Anxiety and depression…that’s all I’m going to say. Many crew members are worked to the bone daily for 12, 13+ hours. He was a sweet guy. May God comfort his family and friends.

  • Shaun

    I was just informed by a crew member on the NCL Jewel of a female crew member overboard in Alaska.
    Seems that this is now becoming a regular occurrence.

    Perhaps a management investigation is overdue.