Yesterday, a passenger on the Tallink’s Baltic Princess went overboard while the ship was cruising from  Stockholm to Turku.

The young man, in his 20’s, fell into the icy waters of the Finnish Archipelago Sea. 

Another passenger witnessed the incident and called for help. The cruise ship turned around and the man overboard was rescued with the involvement of a rescue boat. A Coast Guard helicopter then transported the man to Finland. The rescue operation lasted twenty minutes.

The Tallink Silja group is a major operator of cruise ships in the Baltic Sea between ports in Sweden, Finland, Latvia and Estonia.

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Baltic Princess

Photo Credit: Turun Sanomat newspaper (Finland)

  • Calling waters of the Archipelago Sea “icy” in June is a bit of an exaggeration (though admittedly they are not exactly warm). The correct name of the company is Tallink Grupp, though Finnish media insists on using the name of their Finnish subsidiary Tallink Silja when referring to the company.

    Additionally, Tallink Grupp (or whichever name yu want to use) does not operate a single cruise ship; all their vessels are ferries, though they do sell return trips on them as cruises. Again, Finnish media insists on referring to the ferries as cruise ships.