Somoa FlagThe Talamua New Agency in Samoa in the South Pacific reports that a Samoan crew member who disappeared from an unidentified cruise ship last November remains missing. 

According to this source, Falevi Leiataua Leapai went missing while working on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean.

The crew member was placed on a cruise ship by the Samoa Shipping Services. The article states that the shipping agency was informed by the Mediterranean Shipping Company that Leapai was missing.

Leapai’s family have been frequenting the Shipping Company for any information without success  They are now thinking of having a memorial service. 

I went through my archives and couldn’t find any mention of this incident.  Does anyone have information regarding what happened and which cruise ship was involved?

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  • Fina. Taumuafono

    Missing sailor’s family is still looking for information of his (Falevi Umutaua) whereabout. No words what happened to him..if he is dead (how he died?). Falevi was working on a Msc Armonia as a Fireman. He went missing in November 2014, between Cadiz and Funchal Port – the day of the NAVIGATION on the ship.

    Please share any information related to his disappearance.

    Thank you!