Carnival Corporation Chairman Micky Arison reportedly just sold 10,000,000 (million) shares of Carnival stock for approximately $433,700,000 (million).

The stock transaction was a "block sale" performed by a trust to benefit Arison. All of Arison’s shares reportedly are held either directly or indirectly in various trusts.

By June of last year, Arison had unloaded over $490,000,000 of his cruise stock in 2014

Micky ArisonBy my calculations he has sold well over $900,000,000 of his cruise line’s stock in the last 12 months. 

After this latest sale, the Arison family reportedly still has about 159,200,000 shares of Carnival stock. 

This vast wealth was generated by incorporating the cruise line in Panama and registering Carnival-owned cruise ships in places like Panama and the Bahamas in order to avoid all U.S. taxes, safety regulations, and wage & labor laws so Carnival can pay the bulk of its crew members peanuts.

Carnival-owned Costa paid just a little over $1,000,000 in fines after the Costa Concordia disaster, which killed 32 people, in order to escape accountability in the criminal trial of Captain Schettino. 

Who says that money can’t justice?

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Photo Credit: New York Post

  • jose g.calderon jr.

    i work with carnival for 24yrs as a team head waiter with the salary of 4$ $ a month and all income comes from the tips?im from the philippines?im retired since 2009.

  • Gordon Kirkwood

    I presume as a US citizen he would have to pay tax on the share sale proceeds. But if it’s through a trust died he have to?

  • Maria Irwin

    Carnival completely disregards US labor and wages laws, taxes and regulations. They do not pay Social Security or Medicare for their shipboard US employees, while the US employees have to pay income tax on their earnings at Carnival. At the same time all of their revenues come from the US. Talk about double draining the US people to the advantage of the few on the top… And now when the oil prices are so low did they lower the cruise prices or did they use this extra cost savings to raise wages or at least give bonuses to those that work the hardest – the answer is No and No. This is pure and shameless greed.

  • Robert Healey

    He is possibly on course to take over Aston Villa to be confirmed in July

  • A. Miller

    Ted Arrison purchased an old boat and a $1,000,000 of it’s debt for $1.00 on the hope he could create a cruise business which he did so very well, he exceeded all expectations and is now the biggest in the world. Neither Ted not his son Mickey violated the laws of any nation in the creation of their business. Few offer more jobs world wide to the average citizen of any country. Most employees of Carnival wait in line to get what they see as a good paying job. Carnival stock is publically traded and anyone can buy. Also, there are still ship’s available for sale and conversion by anyone with the money and talent to do so. All under the same rules Ted followed. Since this includes the rock throwers here on this board, may I politely suggest you stop the rock throwing?