Oasis of the SeasA Mexican newspaper reports that U.S. cruise passenger from Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas fell overboard as the cruise ship sailed to Cozumel. The Disney Magic, sailing the same route, then rescued the passenger, identified as Frank Jade. 

The newspaper reports that the Oasis didn’t even realize that the passenger had gone overboard. 

After spotting the Royal Caribbean passenger floating in the sea, the Disney Magic stopped and lowered a rescue boat.

The Magic reportedly docked at the dock of Punta Langosta and transferred the passenger to a private clinic for medical care. 

It should be a major embarrassment that a passenger can go overboard without Royal Caribbean detecting that it lost a passenger at sea.  Unfortunately, this cruise line has made no efforts to comply with the 2010 Cruise Vessel Safety & Security Act which requires the installation of automatic man overboard systems.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Baldwin040

  • gl green

    Early reports are often inaccurate. Something here just doesn’t sound right. If the seas were high enough to wash a person of the bow (according to the Mexican paper) of the world’s largest cruise ship and nothing else happened and then in these same rough seas, Disney was able to launch a rescue boat and save the guy, why didn’t someone else on the OoS or Disney report that the ships were being hit by large waves and seas? We need more or better info.

  • Marianne Fearnside
  • Gary

    Thats crazy that no one kbew that a person was missing and overboard.

  • Christine Blankenship

    Thank you Disney! Thank you for stepping up and saving his life!

  • Christopher

    It doesn’t matter if he jumped or fell overboard, that’s not the problem. The problem is that the Oasis of the Seas had no idea that a passenger had fallen overboard and from what I gather, Royal Caribbean has made no effort to comply with the law, this proves one thing, they only care about money. On the other hand Disney Cruise Line has systems in place on all their ships that alert them if anyone falls overboard. They had these before anyone else did. Disney is the only cruise line I have used and the only one I’ll ever use. One major reason is their attention to passengers more than money.

  • Forrest Harrell

    Yeah Mickey!!!!

  • Jan

    No offense but the guy had something to do with going over. Either foul play or a bet gone wrong or something. People don’t just fall over unless they’ve climbed up the railing. People do such stupid things when their vacationing and drinking too much… And it’s sounds as if it must have just happened not like he was out there for hours. Although I agree that it would be nice for every ship to have a system onboard that recognizes is someone goes overboard I can understand why they don’t since it is something that very rarely happens. Luckily for him that the other ship was bringing up the rear. All in all it was a good turn out for something that could have been very bad.

  • Peter

    I am currently on the 7 day Disney cruise and witnessed some of this drama, at just after 7am we awoke to a public announcement that was made throughout the entire ship ” Mr Mob to starboard side” I looked out my porthole window to see buoys being thrown out and then the rescue boat being launched. The captain made an announcement to confirm that our passengers had seen a man bobbing in the water and that we had indeed been able to rescue him. I believe the people in the gym saw the man ahead of our ship and raised the alarm. A very lucky man, perhaps he ” wished upon a star” and Disney came to his rescue, a happy ending here.

  • Kimberlee Kruse

    I have been on many RC Cruises and have enjoyed everyone. There are cameras so I’m sure the full story has not been told. Really people…. People jump and things happen. Get the full story before you automatically jump on Royal.

  • Julia

    I lived in Cozumel for many years and had a lot of interaction with the cruise ships as well as being a passenger on many Alaskan cruises. From what I have seen, the personnel really has no way to know if a passenger is missing unless friends/family/ companion report their disappearance. Not everyone goes for the sit down meals nor is a head count ever done. Once they reach a port, some pax disembark others don’t. Unless there is a detection device that senses when a pax has jumped the rails, I don’t know how they could know he was gone. And I agree, it is virtually impossible to fall overboard, this was not an accident. Lucky for him that Disney took the same route and spotted him!

  • moira kondos

    This is the Disney difference! magic happens, along with the superb training of its crew!

  • Chick P. Garbanzo

    This sounds to me like the entire scenario was a carefully orchestrated plan by Disney to draw attention and get free “advertisement”. The overboard person is likely a Disney employee whom together with Disney planned out the entire scheme. Dont hate RRCL for this, Disney could only sail in their shadow. No, I’m not an RRCL employee, or share holder, I’m just a citizen not buying this story. Having salied on many cruises all over the world, spotting someone in the water even in daytime is nearly impossible, more specifically if you dont even know someone is in the water to begin with.

  • Rhonda

    If he went overboard it was because he wanted to or someone else wanted him to. Let’s face it, the railings are quite high. Glad he was found so we can find out how it happened. I’m betting he won’t cruise again.

  • Neta Platt

    We have been on over 30 cruises and some of them on RCCL and I don’t think there is anyway they would know if someone jumped overboard, if no one saw them. The only time they do a complete check is on debarkation. They never check to see if all rooms are filled and when you go to port not everyone leaves the ship. I don’t think I would blame Royal at this time, I think this guy was probably drunk and decided to jump, I just think he is a very lucky man that Disney was there to save him.

  • James Mead

    The full story is definitely not being reported here. So don’t draw conclusions against RCCL until you have all the facts. Even with all of the proper systems in place it is still possible for a person to send themselves overboard without being detected. All of the open air decks on the Oasis have numerous amounts of safety measures in place to keep people from going overboard. This person more than likely wanted to go over and found a way to do it undetected. Not RCCL’s fault.

  • Timothy

    this is exactly why I will never cruise with Royal Pacific Cruise lines. If it’s truly Royal to its passengers then it needs to have Royal safety measures in place such a a man over board system.

  • Muhammad Humaini

    Automatic MOB system? Interesting. What exactly it is? How it is work? I really need a clear brief about that. Does anyone have an idea ? I believe RCCL have installed CCTV on their ship’s side just like any other cruise lines. Ship with Oasis size there must be lots of cameras on board. The question is whose gonna watch the monitors 24/7? Watching incase there is passenger fall over board. Should they designate crew members to do so? That’s must be the best job on board.

  • Darlene Goldenthal

    I sailed on this ship last week. I can tell you this was no accident. The rails are very high, a person could not just fall off. It would also take a tidal wave to roll this massive ship where a person could fall over. Maybe the man is looking for a lawsuit. I don’t believe it’s RCCL’s fault at all. He was lucky that Disney was there to rescue him. Also, why was he wandering around by himself at an early hour of the morning? Probably because he didn’t want anyone to witness him jumping.

  • Priscilla Rhodes

    I don’t see someone just falling overboard…… I think if they look into this this person was doing something he shouldn’t of been doing…… Like being a dumbass and climbing over or on the rail or something to fall overboard

  • Mike

    I think this was a dare after too much alcohol? There is no way a wave in that part of the caribean will ever get that high to knock a full grown adult over board? As far as someone knowing he fell over is ludicrous. Where was his friends partner or spouse? Something smells awfully fishy here!

  • Mitch

    I was on the Allure, identical twin to the Oasis, last year. The bow itself is not open to passengers, but even if he was there, idea that a 40-foot wave came across the bow in calm seas and knocked him overboard is ludicrous. The Oasis is the size of a battleship; this isn’t a fishing boat.

  • chie

    I have been working in cruise ship for long time from luxury cruise ship with rccl and disney…first of all you can’t just fell overboard that easy if the waves are that high for sure all open decks will be closed…i saw one comment that disney do it purposely thats the most stupid comment i have read…first no crew will jump overboard unless its abandoned ship…second disney is disney i dont think they need a free advertisement that will take risk the lives of they crew and passengers..i guess no cruise ship does…

  • Lucian

    I am proud of all crew and officers that are on the Magic. Disney Magic was my home for almost 10 years and is the best ship in the entire cruise line industry. Congratulations Magic family.

  • ron

    Go look at the marine buoy for the Cozumel area. Yesterday the waves ranged from 5.2-7.2 feet, and winds were only 15-18 mph. No way was there a huge wave to knock him over.

  • Cristie Ledford

    We just came off this Oasis cruise and I can assure you that no wave took this man off the boat. We had very smooth voyage for the most part.

  • Liam Kearns

    I was on the Oasis cruise that just ended today in Fort Lauderdale. I can tell you that no one knew that this occurred on the ship on the morning that we arrived in Cosumel. This is the first that I have heard of it and I spoke to a lot of crew members and other passengers right up until the end. Very surprising. I ran everyday around the 700 meter track on deck 5, which is quite close to the water, and I would say that the gate that opens for the gangway is not really that high – about waist level- and while one couldn’t really fall over it, one could easily jump over it with no problem. It’s dissapointing that RCI does not have a MOB alarm system – I assumed they did.

  • Christeen Rossington

    Mandatory Man Overboard Systems should be compulsory on all ships.
    Refuse them docking unless it’s in place.
    There should be no question.

  • Beisa

    This person most definitely did not fall due to bad weather on the high seas. My understanding is the young man jumped off after a long night in the nightclub and it’s not the cruise lines responsibility to track each passenger but their family that did not even notice that he had not returned to his cabin at 0500. So let’s not jump to conclusions about RCI or their crew.

  • DDC

    I was on the.Magic and saw the whole rescue go down. The seas were not that rough. Maybe 8-10′ or so.

  • Will

    Have you ever heard the expression “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t. This is in no way Royal Caribbeans fault, I’m quite sure that at 3 a.m. in the morning this was guy was more than likely wasted and did something stupid. We sailed on the Allure of the Seas recently and I can tell you there is no way on earth that you can simply fall off, the rails are too high. And it would take a massive wave to roll this giant ship enough to where someone could get knocked down, and everyone on board would have felt it. My guess is this guy is just another dumbass drunk, or looking for a quick cash payout.

  • Willis

    We were on the Magic when this happened. Not sure how long the guy was in the water. As a previous poster mentioned we were awakened sometime in the 7:00AM hour with the alert message. Despite what someone else believes, this was no attempt by Disney to get free publicity. Yes, the guy probably jumped from the RC ship (who knows why?). The waters were not that rough that time of the day for a wave that big to have knocked him overboard. Disney Cruise Line should be commended for its actions. Not even here to suggest that RC is at fault. I have no idea what man overboard measures they do/do not have in place.


    I have been on Royal caribbean he would have wanted to jump to get off. lucky he was found,more to this story than meets the eye.

  • Trevor wilkshire

    I was on the magic and watched the rescue. When the man was taken fron the rescue boat and placed on a stretcher he was pale white. Looked to be in shock. No chance thus was a disney stunt. The crew of the magic should be commended for their excellence in rescuing this man. My wife spoke with the gentleman that spotted the man in the water. He was emotionally stressed and very distraught at seeing someone grasping for life in the ocean.
    Also zero chance of any waves knocking this man overboard. The ocean simply was not that rough.
    Congrats to disney crew and the gentleman that spotted this man in the water as they combined saved this mans life.

  • Jack

    It’s funny how some think Disney did something special that any other cruise ship wouldn’t have done. Many ships have rescued people in the sea. I’m guessing he showed up on the ships FLIR, which notified the crew with an alarm. Else, this guy was just extremely lucky that someone was paying attention and noticed him.

  • Jan

    Some part of this story is missing. I was on Oasis of the Seas 3 years ago and there is no way a man could “fall overboard” without climbing the rails to do so. There are also cameras everywhere on that ship. We had a similar experience when we were on our way to St. Thomas. There was a man overboard situation then, we had to turn around and look for him in the water. Then they found, by looking at the playback from the video cameras, that the man (who turned out to be a crew member)was distraught over breaking up with his girlfriend and climbled the rails to jump. There are glass partitions blocking people from jumping unless you climb over them.

  • John Goldsmith

    On my very first cruise, on the first night and day at sea, I could not sleep as my internal clock had not yet adjusted to cruise time. I went for coffee and a stroll around the deck. At 4:00 A.M. the solitude is wonderful. I was approached numerous time by some very polite security folks and a young waiter from the buffet area kept bringing fresh coffee. All were concerned that I was ok. On the same cruise we had one day of very rough seas. All open decks including the promenade were closed, as I found out when my wife and I stepped out on the top deck to see the rough seas. We were firmly, but politely told to return inside the vessel. I do believe that if I wanted to get off the ship in mid cruise I could have. Where there is a will there is a way. My experiences since then have been that it is not that easy, security and ship personel see to that.

  • Peter U

    We were also on the Magic and watched this incredible event unfold. The crew on the Magic were magnificent in bringing the ship about and then setting about a rescue craft to save this man’s life. The seas were very rough and the poor chap in the water was extremely difficult to see. We were advised by crew members that other boats had also passed by this fellow without noticing him. One thing to also keep in mind is that on the Disney boats, there are sensors and cameras all around the hull so that even so much as a chip bag or a glass going overboard is noted. Not sure if this is the case with other cruise lines. What a miraculous event.

  • Karen R V

    Living in Cozumel can be quite entertaining with all the faux pas and foibles of tourists.
    Days after this incident, a local paper reported that the passenger was naked. Did he enter the water naked? Maybe he was clothed and had the sense to remove his clothes. Possibly using the clothes to make a salvation device.

  • Matt W.

    I feel this was a stunt pulled off by Disney’s cruise line to attract positive attention to themselves… and negative attention to their biggest rival.
    I have been on many cruises. There is no way someone just falls ‘overboard’ unless of course they want to fall ‘overboard’.
    It would be virtually impossible to have a ‘detection system’ on every inch, on every floor, on both sides, of ANY ship.
    I cruise on The Oasis of the Seas on February 7, 2015 and can’t wait!!!

  • Tex “Bubba” F.

    This will not only bring The only thing Royal Cruise lines will understand is money. We must get their attention by voting with our pocketbooks. Please join me in boycotting cruise lines that do not comply with the 2010 Cruise Vessel Safety & Security Act.

    Also a special thank you to Cruise Law News for keeping us informed. Just wondering, could we begin a “We will boycott RC Lines until they Comply with 2010 Cruise Vessel Safety Security Act. attention but other noncomplying lines will pay attn.

  • Everyone has said it all, but the man was lucky that – whatever the reason he fell or jumped overboard – he didn’t kill himself. The height of any deck is high enough and for a body to slam on to the ocean it feels like concrete. We have worked onboard and have witnessed a person jump overboard (suicide attempt or temporary mental illness or so) and hit the railing and the surface of the sea so hard, she died. And for everyone out there that is not crew, all crew in at least all the name cruise lines mentioned here, are trained, and have at one point or another searched for a body at sea, or rescued someone at sea. There are tons of good stories (and bad ones) for any seafarer. Smooth and safe sailings to all!

  • Ken Hoeft

    Let’s ban cars because you can steer into a wall. Where is personal responsability? Royal is not to blame for the action of others. On any vessel at sea; if you go overboard, you are all but dead. This guy is so lucky (thanks Micky) I can’t believe it.

  • JP Farnsworth

    The Keel of the ship was laid in 2007 3 years before the act was signed, also note that it is an ACT not a law. The vessel is of foreign registry to the Bahamas and not bound by US law.
    The ACT requires that such technology be available for the requirement to be enforced. To this date there is no such technology. They don’t even get upset if you don’t return from a port stop.
    Falling overboard as described required seas of such roughness that passengers should have all been secured inside. Best guess the guy was drunk on the floating buffet slash booze cruise.

  • JP Farnsworth:

    When the keel was laid is irrelevant.

    The act was signed into law long ago.

    The law applies to foreign flagged ship when they enter U.S. waters.

    The technology is readily available.

    If the passenger was intoxicated on cruise booze that’s another reason why cruise ships should be required to install automatic man overboard systems.

  • mary alllison

    I just sailed on this ship in Dec….I can bet you that he did not “fall off”!!! and as far as being concerned for the safety of the passengers..RCCL is as good as they get!! Would jump back on a cruise on this same ship tomorrow!!!

  • Allen

    There is a post on the forum Flyer Talk that this was no accident. But rather he was thrown overboard by another passenger.