Today, the body of Costa crew member Russel Rebello was found in the salvaged wreck of the Costa Concordia. His remains were the last to be removed from the ill-fated cruise ship.

Mr. Rebello was known to his fellow crew members as a warm, friendly and always-smiling young man. He was last seen going back into the sinking ship to rescue passengers.

Rusel RebelloTragedies like the Costa Concordia define a person. When disaster strikes, will the person shirk their responsibilities and run like a coward? Or will they rise to the occasion and help others?

Maritime lore and tradition say that the captain always goes down with the ship. That’s not exactly true, but the saying reinforces the notion that the captain must be the last person on the ship. He is required by maritime regulations to be aboard the ship in order to supervise the orderly evacuation of all aboard, before he exits.

Francisco Schettino fled the Concordia like a scared rat. He does not deserve even to be called a captain.

When the Concordia hit the rocks and eventually slipped into the sea, it was Mr. Rebello who acted as the true master of the vessel. He put the safety and well being of the guests before himself.  He honored the maritime tradition of a captain staying on the ship and placing himself in harm’s way to help others.

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  • Mandy

    A moving post. Thank you for telling his story, Jim.

  • tinikini

    What a hero!! I have read many articles on this man and everything he was doing for passengers, he even gave up his seat on a lifeboat to someone, if I am not mistaken. May he finally rest in peace.

  • Greg Jones

    Much respect Cpt. Rubello, hopefully your family can take some solace in your bravery.

  • Erica

    Salute to u Russel. RIP. U will always be remembered

  • Antonio Fernandes

    Rebello, comes from a community in India with a long tradition of seafaring. Many times due to various reasons despite being excellent sailors and with great respect for the oceans promotions are few and far between. Thank you Russell for being a true sailor and may you rest in peace.

  • Orville Dourado Rodrigues

    Finally the mortal remains of our true Hero Mr. Russel Rebello have been retrieved from the Costa Concordia. This proves that the Goan Seafarers are second to none when it comes to service to their guests on board the cruise ships even at the cost of their lives. May your unselfish example shine on forever and we hope that his employer compensates the loved ones that he has left behind, graciously.

  • keneth

    rest in peace brother;i don’t know u but m atleast little happy atleast ur family know abt u atlast.heart felt sympathy’s to ur family.this is from ex-costa asst.waiter.

  • Lahiru

    Rest of Peace Sir Rebello.
    when i work in costa i had feel very well responsibility of the costa’s i left the company without looking back..

  • suresh kurup

    A true captain. I remember playing football with him. May his soul rest in peace

  • Redempto

    RIP brother, I am a seamen And I know what your family must have gone through . Thanks for what you have done you are a true seamen

  • Kevin Rebello

    My Name is Kevin Rebello, I am Russel’s Elder brother. It’s been 1025 days since the tragic incident. Finally I shall take Russel home in Mumbai, India to where he belongs, give him a heros welcome and the final salute he deserves. Thanks to everyones prayers. My family thanks everyone. Keep safe. God Bless. Kevin Rebello, Milan, Italy.

  • Devendra

    He was a wonderful friend and i still remember the football games played between us during school. May god bless his soul and give strength to his family. Russel you deserve a salute from mankind!

  • Cyprian J Fernandes

    May your family be blessed, you are a star .RIP my friend.

  • Desmond

    A True Real Man Hero of India Captian-Russel Rebello.
    we are proud to say that he is Hero of our Place. May God bless you with Eternity and Grant Peace to your Family.

    Real Rewarded Person
    RIP Russel
    Will miss the Hero of Vasai
    Will Pray for god need same one for us.

    God bless
    Desmond Lopes

  • elvino noronha

    The true captain ..Rip

  • Joey Rebllo

    God Will surely take such a good hearted person 2
    haven, may his family have the courage n strength n bless their home, may his soul R.I.P
    I salute U Russel
    with kind Regards
    Mrs J.Rebello

  • stephen sequeira

    Russel you are a true hero,I know how it is working on ship away from the family.You are the Captain of all the guys working offshore…may your soul rest in peace Amen.

  • Russell, we wait for you to come home….and for a closure for a family that has waited for 1025 days.

    Yes, in every sense, Russell was the captain of this ship. Rest in peace, till we meet again.

    Kevin, you are an inspiration in the times when siblings don’t see eye to eye. I can only imagine your ordeal. Sending you prayers and strength. Always.

  • edwin

    r.I.p Russell.may god bless you and give strength to your family.a true hero who sacrificed his life for others .u will be always remembered in seafarer community.

  • Edwin Andrade

    RIP great son of our motherland, you’ve set a good example to all SEAFARERS as to what HUMANITY means when it comes to RESPONSIBILITY, may you receive eternal peace, and all your near & dear ones be given the strength & courage to bear up with your absense.

  • Wesley

    May your soul rest in peace

  • Joao
  • Jurgen Mycroft Pacheco

    I salute you brother, you have made us Goans & most importantly your family very proud of you for your bravery & courage. May you Rest well & in Peace.

  • Sunril Leroy

    A true Professional… Salute to Captain Russel. An universally well respected Hero with a Sad Ending.

    All this Should Not have happened had COWARD Francisco Schettino did his job. Well paid job with NO RESPONSIBILITY!!! How can the authorities not jailed him for life… He is simply a well paid Murderer who enjoys life on board at he expense of all Crew Members… Francisco Idiot Schettino!!!

  • sylvester

    Braveheart Captain,I SALUTE YOU.

  • Savio Gonsalves

    Hats off to you Russell, may your soul rest in peace. I still remember the school days with you.

    My heartfelt condolence to Russell’s Family.

  • John H. Jensen

    RIP Russel Rubello. A man who really understood the brotherhood of the sea.

    Jim thank you so much for post this!

    Jim is there a website showing the scraping of the Costa Concordia?

  • malcolm

    RIP Russel .God bless and give strength to your family.

  • cruise news reader

    RIP dear Russel your presence will always be felt by your family

    Dont really know this thing about goan thing its about his family and a community later overall it has to be about being Indian rather than being goan

  • john crasto

    RIP Russel Rubello….your gone but not forgotten!!!.
    May your unselfish example shine on forever.

  • rest in face brother

  • Anthony Sanford Mendes

    RIP Russel… it is people like you who make us proud as Goans and Indians. I salute your bravery.

  • Ann Rawling

    R.I.P. Russel. You are a true hero and will be remembered for this reason. I will be forever grateful,if it hadn’t been for heroe’s like you and some of your colleagues,my son would not be here today….he was one of the lucky ones to survive the Costa Cocordia tragedy. God Bless you,at last you can be at peace where you belong.

  • Amol Madgundi

    True Captain….. Hats off

  • Larry Coelho

    Cheers Russel, Salute you to the bravery you have shown. May your soul R.I.P.

  • rajesh
  • Patrece fernandes

    my humble salute to the true captain of Costa Concordia Russell Rebello….no doubt u r in the kingdom of God ..just feel so proud to be a Goan..

  • shon dsouza

    remember the fun times we had working together and for ur support till u were there in marriotts. u will always be remembered . May ur soul RIP.

  • Eudy Fernandes

    RIP Russel…May God give your family the strength to accept this huge loss…Hearfelt sympathies to your family and Salutations to Kevin…Proud to be Indian

  • Riphan Fargoes

    RIP Russel… I salute your bravery. You set an exmple for others

  • Conceicao Estrocio

    R.I.P,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,amigo,ur a true hero and an example of being a good human,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,my God bless u n ur family n friends,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Grecial

    RIP Russel. You will always be remembered as a Hero and also for being a wonderful person.

  • Benny Dias

    RIP bro. Made India Proud!

  • monica

    Dear Russel
    You will b always remembered for your bravery.
    What a wonderful person. May almighty grant you eternal peace and give strength to your family to bear this loss.RIP

  • michelle fernandes

    Rest in peace!!you have made us proud!!you were a true follower of christ, laying down your life for others.may the lord reward you with eternal peace.

  • albert

    May u soul rest in peace, U R a true hero

  • Randell

    Dear Russel,
    Indeed you are a true hero. Jesus has worked through your hands and saved many lives. You have proved that you are a true christian and sacrificed your life without even thinking of your family.

    Am overwhelmed and salute you my brother.

    May Lord Jesus give his family the strength and courage in these hours of grief.

    May his soul rest in peace. Amen

  • Hats off to Rebello, the real captain for holding the fort and saving lives! He made India proud! Carnival should honor him and give monetary compensation to his family.

  • Benedict Crasto

    R.I.P Russel. May you have eternal peace.
    You’ve laid an example in the maritime history.
    True Master of the Concordia vessel.
    Hats off bro.

  • agung

    Russel, he is one of my best friend in Costa Deliziosa.
    R.I.P brother..

  • Jill Heisler

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of this true hero…

  • cruz fernandes

    Hi…bro gonna miss u alot ,specaily ur family and was such s unique person ..alwyz ready to help anyone in time of troubbles and pain..your advice would be so effective…
    i alwyz remember remember the fun we had back in year 2005-2007 on “pacific sun” P&O Australia..
    may your soul rest in peace dude, you ws the best person we ever met…miss u bro..

  • Rymberthus Andrikus

    Well he is really doing his duty as seafarer. May God bless him and his family. The real hero.

  • Romel Pereira

    God Bless U and RIP…. Capt.Russel Rebello

  • made putra

    we worked side by side in costa serena, he was a great guy. mamagation for good brother. still can’t believe it’s you…cheers from jakarta

  • Paul

    Cheers dude!

  • Eldo Varghese

    May you have eternal peace.RIP.God bless and give strength to your family.
    You’ve laid an example in the maritime history.
    True Master of the Concordia vessel.
    Hats off bro.


    Russell,may your soul R.I.N. And may the almighty God bless you and give all the strength to your family and friends to bear this great loss.You are the best captain for COSTA Concordia.GOA INDIA WILL BE PROUD OF YOU ALWAYS.R.I.P. My friend.

  • Josebrigida Ferrao

    Russel Rebello is a true hero . He risked his life to save others.He died at the helm in harness.I salute this brave son of Goa. We Goans are proud of him.It is at last the end of the waiting period for his family.May our Russel’s
    soul rest in peace and may God help Russel’s family to bear his loss with courage.Amen.

  • Nengah Kurniawan

    RIP the true Captaint of the best in the World!

  • domnic pereira

    a new ship should be FLAGGED in his name “COSTA RUSSEL”

  • Gary Edgecombe

    This man was a true hero, who set about saving others with a total disregard for his own safety. To call him brave wouldn’t even begin to describe such a courageous man! He was as far removed from his cowardly weasel of a ‘Captain’ as it’s possible to be! I salute you, Sir! Rest in heavenly peace!

  • Nigel Dsouza

    You are A True Hero Russel Rebello..Below is the Link for The Tribute Paid to Russel in His Native language by his Fellow Mumbaikar.

  • Santosh velhal

    Miss u russel. May ur soul rest in peace brother. Being a survivor of concordia,I know how terrible that disaster of concordia was. After 4 year still remember that disaster night and its very hard to forget about that disaster. I hope brother ur family is in good health. God bless them.

  • Brendan quadros

    Truly the great man we all have ever seen risking his life for the fellow passengers may the almighty give him good rest

  • Brother may yr soul R.I.P

  • Rupesh

    Hats off captain. May your soul rest in peace. True captain

  • Jason Prescod

    From a sealer to a sealer, rest in peace. And may God guide your soul🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽