This morning the Carnival Magic returned to the U.S. as the sun arose over the sleepy little town of Galveston.  

The Texas Presbyterian Hospital worker who handled Ebola-infected Thomas Duncan samples disembarked the ship after attempts to fly her back to the states from Roatan failed. As the Magic headed back from Mexico, a helicopter arrived courtesy of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to pick up her blood samples to make certain that she was not infected with the Pier 23 Galveston Carnival Magicdeadly disease. 

Ms. Clueless-Cruising-Ebola-Handling-Healthcare-Worker is probably the most hated cruise passenger in the world right now after a boat load of fun seeking cruisers had to miss two ports of call and endure wild speculation whether they all could become infected during what Twitter was calling the #EbolaCruise

Carnival is telling everyone that the healthcare worker was at low risk of becoming infected because the virus is difficult to contract and she was already at day 19 of the 21 day incubation period. But this is a cruise line which refuses to consider issuing a refund to a passenger who discloses that they may have come into contact with Ebola. And this begs the question why Ms. Typhoid-Mary-Cruiser was on the cruise during the incubation period of such a deadly disease in the first place,

Carnival didn’t bother to have an Ebola health questionnaire in place to screen the worker from the cruise ship (assuming it would be answered honestly) , a major faux pas from a cruise line still stinging from the Triumph "poop cruise" and Concordia "crash cruise" blunders.

Carnival also invented a new phrase during the #EbolaCruise scare – "self quarantine."  I would have loved to have seen the Cruise Director’s face when the CDC informed the Carnival ship that the Texas Presbyterian Hospital worker was aboard. I wonder where they found her? On the Lido deck by the pool? In a jacuzzi with a pina colada in her hand? Loading her plate at the buffet?

Carnival assures us that she had "self quarantined" herself in her cabin. B.S. I say. The cruise line tried to get her the hell off of the ship and into a waiting jet in Roatan until Honduras government officials nixed the emergency flight.

I wonder whether Carnival insisted that she use a red bio-hazard bag when she emptied her bowels and bladder during the cruise? Or did she just use the cabin bathroom and her feces and urine were dumped untreated at sea by Carnival with everyone else’s raw sewage?  Oysters-Ebola anyone?

There is a joke circulating on the internet that the first symptom an Ebola patient suffers from is an uncontrollable urge to go on a cruise.

Carnival was not going to let this lady wander around the decks for no other reason than drunk angry passengers might have thrown her overboard.  


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Photo Credit: Pier 23 Web Cam

  • Linda Pearl

    Do you really think, things would have been handled any differently on a Royal Caribbean or Crystal cruise? This is the very beginning of a new normal, where no one at sea, or land, is just yet prepared for this illness. The four hospitals that can handle it, and were prepared are doing a righteous job. As far as Carnival coining the term, self quarantine, it was first mentioned when Nancy Snyderman was in a self quarantine, and decided she needed a bowl of soup., forever more to be known as, E Bowla Soup….I coined that one…if you keep roaring, you’ll be horse..this should have been a meow.

  • Sally

    They do not dump raw sewage into the ocean. Modern cruise ships have strict guidelines and treatment facilities for waste products. They are very environmentally conscientious and you are extremely annoying when you throw out barbs of which you know nothing about.

  • francisco menezes

    We can’t Blame Carnival Cruise Lines for this … Because no Cruise Liner’s do Blood test of Guest before the Cruise. Indeed Carnival C.L is very much consern of Guest Health.. So lets go and have memorial FUN Cruise with Carnival..

  • Sally:

    You are clueless.

    Currently, lax state and federal laws allow cruise ships to dump untreated sewage from toilets once the ships are three miles from shore.”

  • Robert

    I got off this same boat 2 days ago it was fantastic my help was Kim,Spas,and Lousito for dinner and Richard for maid-room service I loved this cruise even adding the fact that I didnt have ebola! !THUMBS UP CARNIVAL!