NCL Norwegian Cruise Line Cancellation Policy The case of Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) callously refusing to permit the family of a five year old boy with a cancerous tumor, "the size of a soda can," to reschedule their cruise is back in the news today.

A Long Island, New York news station PIX11 aired an interview with the mom and her son discussing the sad case. NCL refused to cooperate in rescheduling the cruise when the family discovered that their son had cancer.

You can read about our prior article here.

Sitting on the interview couch with the mom and her son was a formidable ally for the cancer-stricken child – Pauline Frommer.

Ms. Frommer is the daughter of the legendary travel expert Arthur Frommer. Ms. Frommer, an accomplished and highly respected travel expert in her own right, explained that NCL has the "most draconian" attitude toward cancellations in the cruise industry.  

She added that "most of the other lines would have shown more compassion."

Ms. Frommer concluded "I think it’s pretty shocking what Norwegian did." 

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  • Debbie

    Shame on NCL. I think we should all boycott NCL until they stand up and do the right thing. How can the president of that company sleep at night when the company is so cold and heartless. All they had to do was to allow this family to change the date of their cruise. They have their money already. What is the big deal anyway. Are they just trying to prove a point?

    This is why I’m Loyal To Royal! NCL I will never give you my cruise business because your company only cares about money not the people.

  • Lori

    Thank you again CruiseLawNews Man for bringing this to our attention. May NCL get all the bad publicity they deserve.

  • Rick M

    SAD!!! Need I say more!! Your digging your own hole!!! You don’t need me to bad mouth you NCL your doing a GREAT job on you own!! god bless you hang in there sport we are all praying you’ll be healed!!