Nicolas-1It’s been a while since I awarded my "Worst Cruise Line in the World" award. Quite frankly, I became tired of giving it to Carnival and Royal Caribbean every month.  But a reader of Cruise Law News just sent me a story of little Nicolas Colucci, age 5, who underwent emergency surgery after doctors found a "a large cancerous tumor growing inside his liver." He is now undergoing chemotherapy. 

The Lil’ Mama website explains that the Colucci family bought a family cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) that was scheduled for June 1, 2014. The family asked NCL to reschedule their cruise to another date. NCL refused.  NCL wouldn’t bend their corporate policies regarding medical emergencies – not even for a child battling cancer. You can read about the dreadful story here.

This is not the first time that NCL has acted in such a heartless manner. 

A couple of years ago, I wrote about a man from Key Largo who purchased a NCL cruise on the Norwegian Sky leaving from Miami. But his brother died, and the funeral was in Georgia on the day the cruise ship sailed. So he notified NCL, asking for a credit on a future cruise. NCL said no. He asked for his cruise to be donated to charity (Make-A-Wish). NCL said no.

Now comes the sick part. NCL then re-sold the cabin to someone else. Yep. NCL got a double profit due to the death of a guest’s brother. Really sick. 

NCL is active on Twitter @CruiseNorwegian, so I tweeted a reference to the article.

No response.

NCL’s "Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Passenger Services," Andy Stuart, is also active on Twitter @nclandy. So I tweeted him "Double cruise profit for death? Say it aint so Andy!"

No response.

Nicolas-2NCL should have permitted a child with cancer and parents go on a once-in-a-lifetime cruise. Or make a small donation in memory of their customer’s brother. But to double sell the cabin under these circumstances?  It’s cruel, greedy and outrageous.

Last year, I wrote again about NCL. A grandmother who drives disabled kids to school booked a cruise aboard the Norwegian Jewel for her family and grandkids at the cost of over $4,000. Then Superstorm Sandy struck, submerging her home under four feet of water. The storm ravaged her home, leaving her with nothing. She asked NCL to reschedule or refund her cruise. NCL said no way.

She appealed to NCL CEO Kevin Sheehan but the cruise line and its CEO wouldn’t make an exception. Absolutely no refund or rescheduling. Heartless.

Yesterday, I attended a hearing before Senator Jay Rockefeller entitled "Improving Consumer Protections for Cruise Passengers." Cruise passengers testified regarding all types of harsh conduct by cruise lines who hide behind the unreadable fine print in their one-sided, passenger tickets. At one point during the hearing, Senator Rockefeller exclaimed that he was "fed up" with the cruise lines and their "callousness."

NCL is all smiles when it sells a family a "cruise of a lifetime." But when death, disaster or a medical emergency strikes, it shows its true colors.

NCL may have a great marketing image, but it can be your worse enemy in a time of true need.

Have a thought? Leave a comment below or join the conversation on our Facebook page. And let NCL know what you think by contacting them below:

Kevin Sheehan NCLNCL Corporation Ltd.
7665 Corporate Center Drive
Miami, Florida 33126

Corporate: (305) 436-4000

Andrew Stuart
Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Passenger Services
(305) 436-4000 

Andrew Stuart’s twitter account: @nclandy

Kevin Sheehan (photo right)
Chief Executive Officer
(305) 436-4000

NCL Twitter: @CruiseNorwegian

July 26 2014 Update: According to a FOX NEWS station today, a "CEO of a popular cruise line reached out to the Colucci family to offer them a free cruise. The CEO asked that his cruise line not be named because he said he was genuinely touched by their story and didn’t want any publicity for his gesture."

So who was the CEO?  Which cruise line did the right thing?

Here’s a clue:

Last year, NCL abandoned a grandmother (and her grandchildren) after she bought a NCL cruise when her home was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.  NCL CEO refused to reschedule his customer’s cruise. But Royal Caribbean stepped up to the plate and gave the family a free cruise. Read the story: Norwegian Cruise Lines Abandons Sandy Victims, While Royal Caribbean Steps Up to the Plate!  

July 27 2014 Update: The story goes viral. First a  national Fox News station covers the story and then the U.K.’s Daily Mail (the largest online newspaper in the world) covers it. Bad Karma for NCL.

July 29 2014 Update:  The public relations fall-out continues.  Opposing Views ran a story. TravelPulse also covered the story.  Gawker wasn’t too subtle with its headline Cruise Line Screws Over Family of 5-Year-Old With Cancer. PRNews wrote Norwegian Cruise Line Drowning in Bad PR. Huff Post Parents Parents Outraged Cruise Line Won’t Reschedule Their Trip In Light Of Son’s Cancer Diagnosis. Anti-Jared wrote a letter to the NCL CEO.  

All of this reminds me of one of my favorite sayings – "Karma is a bitch only when you are."

Watch the latest video at

 l to the NCL CEO.

  • NCL is the worst cruise line in the world according to literally dozens of reviews of the Breakaway alone at From the food to the service to the astonishing lack of deck space and pool area to the attitude of the crew, you just cannot believe how badly they fare. The fact that they are heartless too comes as no surprise.

  • Sam

    Great article! Thanks for taking the time to shine a bit more light on this situation and NCL. It means a lot to the Colucci family (and The Lil’ Mamas!) that we have you in our corner.

  • George Heimur

    Ncl should refund the money or give them $4000 credit for a future cruise. I have been on 54 cruises in my life. If I hear that they have not been made whole, my days of booking with NCL is over forever. The collucis have suffered enough. God bless them and their son.

  • George Heimur

    Ncl should refund the money or give them $4000 credit for a future cruise. I have been on 54 cruises in my life. If I hear that they have not been made whole, my days of booking with NCL is over forever. The collucis have suffered enough. God bless them and their son.

  • Before you read this please understand that I have deep sympathy for Nicholas and I hope he recovers well and shows the cancer who is boss.

    I do not believe this is not a very fair post or judgement on NCL. The cruise line website / Cruise Line Agent / Travel Agent the people used have advised the parents / cruisers that they should buy travel insurance. It is a policy of NCL that requires them to offer travel insurance. The reason why NCL would not refund is because the parents / cruiser had to have declined travel insurance.

    The fact that they declined to purchase travel insurance (which is entirely up to the person) they are taking a risk. In your post you are arguing that because someone becomes ill or passes the travel supplier [NCL] should feel remorse and reimburse the cost of the cruise. That does not seem fair as the cruise line did not cause the death or illness.

    What you are expecting the cruise line to do is similar to purchasing a house with no home owners insurance and expecting the person who sold you the house to reimburse you because your home was damaged by a windstorm [natural cause] after you have stated you do not want insurance.

    I am sure that Norwegian has deep sympathy and feels horrible that young Nicolas Colucci is suffering, as do I and I hope that Nicolas is able to beat cancer and show it how strong he really is because I know he will come up above it in the end. However, in my personal opinion I do not believe NCL is the worst cruise line or in the wrong here.

    Get better soon Nicolas Colucci all of our hearts and prayers are with you!

  • Susan A. Lipton

    Stand firm! My son was diagnost with nueroblastoma at 3. I was told go home you have 2 or 3 weeks. With the grace of God he lived 3 1/2 years. Whenever insurance is offered I check YES! I Used to pray that I should get it not myFranklin. Well have my wish happened, I have had cancer 3 times. I don’t mean a mole. I have gone through chemo and radiation. I want to book a cruise and if you bend to one I would expect the same treatment. Why should I take the insurance? Norwegian Cruise Line has been the best and I have been on many over the years. My husband is not well and I wouldn’t trust going on any other line. Last night my neighbor just had surgery and her husband has asked me to resarch which cruise only with NCL.
    I am sorry but this will be a learning experience from experience

  • John Goldsmith

    I can see why the feelings are present regarding NCL. If I was the boss, this would be a no-brainer. Just remember that regardless of what they offer, any corporation is in business to make money, and any rules and fine print are designed to do just that.
    Any exceptions will create a precedent that in reality can be abused. Corporations, Any Corporations won’t allow that.

  • mike corbo

    Has anyone ever heard of cruise insurance and reading the terms and conditions of that cruise you just paid thousands for?

  • Claire Langlois

    As a member of the Lil’Mamas community and someone who has spoken to Tara during this horrible injustice as well as rallied around this family with the 2000 other Lil’Mamas members, I want to express my gratitude for helping us all share their story. Your article was well written, and a great insight into NCL’s horrible business practices! I and my over 800 social media friends will NEVER give our business to this disgusting company! As for the Colucci family, we will all continue to support, encourage and spread the word about how they have been treated. But most importantly we will send our love & prayers for Nicolas’s speedy recovery. Kudos to you for joining our cause!

  • Your analogy to the sale of a house makes no sense. A better analogy is the aviation industry. All major airlines will gladly reschedule your flight if there is a emergency medical or a death involved. No insurance is necessary with American airlines or Delta. But cruise lines on the other hand are just plain greedy. They will sell the cabin a second time for a double profit. The cruise line also sell insurance and want to punish consumers who don’t buy it. It an unconscionable practice.

  • Steve Mencik

    I’m sure that the family was offered the chance to purchase travel insurance but did not. In other words they gambled and lost. Do the casinos give you back you money when you lose?

    Anybody that travels, cruise or other, should purchase travel insurance. It generally is less than 10% of the cost of your trip and gives you the peace of mind that you won’t lose everything if something happens.

    A good lawyer would understand this and not fault the cruise line.

  • Carla

    Sorry, I’m siding with Norwegian on this one. Every time I’ve booked travel in my life, I’ve been offered travel insurance. Flights, cruises, sometimes even hotels have offered me a chance to get a refund should an emergency happen. Most of the time I decline the insurance, but by doing so I understand I will not be reimbursed in case of emergency. It is the choice of the traveller. If companies will reimburse even without insurance, then there would be no point to insurance and no one would ever buy it.

  • John Heyer

    Get real Jim, NCL is a publicly traded for-profit company – they are not the Red Cross.

    With about 40,000 passengers cruising NCL ships at any given time, there are no doubt numerous personal tragedies and heartbreaking stories each and every week – witness the frequent medivacs from ships underway.

    When we cruise our choices and consequences regarding trip insurance are quite clear – buy insurance or assume the entire risk.

  • Cruise lines can always do the right thing. You need to bend the rules when your customers’ kids have cancer. Not only is it humane, but it’s ultimately in the best interests of their reputation, business, and shareholders.

  • tinikini

    Totally agree, Jim. It is called customer service and doing the right thing. This story is now on the internet reaching millions of people. One bad story like this and you lose thousands of customers. It is always better to take care of these things immediately and not let the word get out that you suck at customer service. Not rebook the cabin and double your money. There simply just is no compassion for or from people anymore!!!! Geeeeeeez!!!!!!!!

  • Marilyn Shue

    I also have to agree with NCL regarding all three cases especially the 5 year old. Call me cold-blooded; when I’m traveling by myself on a cruise, I don’t need the insurance because I know I’m definitely traveling come broken leg or not. If I’m traveling with others, like family members or spouse, I’m definitely buying insurance because 1)they’re not as reliable as me and 2)anything can happen to them.

    Another thing, you can buy insurance after the fact by calling them and telling them to tack it on and get full refund for the trip. Yes, you’re out of $100-500.00 but at least you get rest of the fare back. If I’m not mistaken , if you’re asking for change of date from the original, you have to do before the final payment which is 90 days. If not, you get penalize with lost of deposit afterwards and charge additional fees.

    It’s sad what happen to them, but that’s risk one takes when booking any type of travel and not reading the fine print. I wish the all the best.

  • Morris Kuzio

    Buy the %$#@*&^ trip insurance..and have some peace of mind…
    We always buy insurance and even thought it costs $100-$200, it can really save your behind if “stuff happens”.

  • Elizabeth
  • “The CEO of a popular cruise line reached out to the Colucci family to offer them a free cruise. The CEO asked that his cruise line not be named because he said he was genuinely touched by their story and didn’t want any publicity for his gesture.”

  • joe pagoda

    Too bad our federal government doesn’t have the same view of those thousands of illegal immigrant kids who get to break our laws because “they are children”. I am voting for NCL to run our immigration program since they seem to believe a rule is a rule. For everyone.

  • Pat

    I just had my niece who has suffered brain cancer choose your cruise line as I thought in case of emergency she would be better protected. I am SICK about this & I pray to God she stays healthy enough to make her “dream trip” & know that not only will I NEVER refer your line again or USE your line again but I will repost this on Facebook daily!!!!

  • Dean

    Buy insurance my @#$. These folks missed their cruise because their child got cancer. Make what ever argument you want about insurance but it won’t cut the mustard with most of main stream America. I see it for what it is, a heartless act of greed. Now they will get the public backlash they deserve. Look at the good publicity they missed “Cruise line reschedules trip for cancer struck child”. They could have used it as a teaching moment for why they should fleece people for insurance. Someone needs to get ahold of Dave Carroll the guy that wrote “United breaks guitars” and see if he will do a video on Norwegian Cruise lines. United chose the wrong path in dealing with Mr Carroll and his damaged guitar and they paid a heavy price in bad publicity. I guess it was also Mr. Carroll’s fault for not buying insurance.

  • DC

    Would it be less heartless to require all customers to buy travel insurance?

  • Anthony

    Claire Langlois – July 24, 2014 6:21 PM
    As a member of the Lil’Mamas community and someone who has spoken to Tara during this horrible injustice as well as rallied around this family with the 2000 other Lil’Mamas members, I want to express my gratitude for helping us all share their story. Your article was well written, and a great insight into NCL’s horrible business practices! I and my over 800 social media friends will NEVER give our business to this disgusting company! As for the Colucci family, we will all continue to support, encourage and spread the word about how they have been treated. But most importantly we will send our love & prayers for Nicolas’s speedy recovery. Kudos to you for joining our cause!

    What because ncl stuck by their policies your family gambaled and lost this is exactly why you prepare yourself in case people get sick or die before your vacation. By trying to destroy ncl over something that your family failed to do is wrong and you wonder why they refuse to do anything for them. I hope he gets better but your reputation and way of going about business is horrible.

  • John

    NCL CEO is paid 1.5 million a year. Way too much! Will never cruise on their line again.

  • Jack H

    Rumor on Facebook says that the line offering the free cruise is Celebrity, which is owned by Royal Caribbean.

    The argument against NCL being generous to this family is basically “If NCL is nice to them, NCL will have to be nice to everyone, and that’s not fair.”

    Aside from that being a non-sequitur, no one said life would be fair. But the real question is “Why not be generous with everyone?”

    One of the most successful airlines is Southwest, the only airline to turn a profit in some years. And their policy is to give a credit for rescheduled flights. Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that considerate airline is the profitable one.

    Are there any cruise lines that allow rescheduling?

  • Jack H

    So the lesson here is that if you’re in the no-refund period, can’t go, and don’t have insurance, you shouldn’t cancel, you should just be a no-show? If you don’t cancel they can’t resell your cabin.

  • Sarah

    I am a NCL Latitudes platinum member. My husband and I had a cruise planned for January 2013. He passed away November 2012. We had purchased insurance and I got all of my money refunded with the exception of the insurance. I am sympathetic to this family, but they had the option of purchasing insurance. If I had not, would I be right in expecting them to refund my money or to only refund half because my husband is not able to go? I would never have expected that if I had not purchased the insurance. The reason that insurance is offered is that unfortunately sometimes life changes suddenly.

  • Sarah

    Just wondering how you know that the room was sold to someone else? I have tried to find out what room a family member is in and could not get any information at all. Privacy issues mean that you should not be able to find that out.

  • don

    I will never sail with ncl again .They are ruthless, arrogant, and stupid to be this blind to fairness.It appears they enjoy kicking people when they are down They WILL reap what they sow.

  • Robert Alfonso

    This happen to a friend, wife got cancer, could not go. It sucks. That said anyone who spends thousands on a cruise should but trip insurance. I always always do. It would not be fair to me and everyone else if some people got a repreive while the rest of us pay for insurance. I agree about the flag of convienence and the low wages and the tips going to subsidize other low wage jobs on the ship, all dispicable but I agree that there can be no exceptions to the refund rules.


  • DD

    We are frequent cruisers, and, yes, we always purchase insurance, and, yes, they should have purchased insurance if they were able to afford it. But isn’t this a bit of an unusual situation?
    Norwegian, bye bye.

  • Robert

    I can’t believe that anyone would side with Norwegian. Travel insurance is another cruise line rip-off and shouldn’t be necessary. The cruise line should be responsible for any mishaps on its ships and should have a heart when it comes to emergency situations, because they almost always rebook the room and make double by not refunding the person with the emergency. My wife and I cruised on Norwegian once for our 25th anniversary and that was enough. They screwed up our room arrangement and did nothing to compensate us. Their customer service is the worst of any business I ever dealt with. I would never, ever recommend cruising with Norwegian to anyone.

  • Susan

    As bad as I feel for this child, the parents should have purchased travel insurance (not only for cancellation coverage, but for all of the other benefits offered with insurance). The parents made a choice not to purchase insurance, and risk their vacation investment by doing so. Did they expect their child to get cancer? Of course not. But we also don’t expect parents or grandparents to die the day before vacation, or to being deathly ill, interrupting vacation plans. That is the purpose of insurance.

    And let’s look at this from a legal stand point, if they relented and refunded them without insurance (or gave them a future credit), wouldn’t some LAWYER then claim they’ve set a precedent and that they’d have to do it for all future passengers without insurance that cancel due to a cancer diagnosis or other major illness / death in the family?????

  • JoAnn Thompson

    My heart goes out to the young boy and his family. If NCL (or any other cruise line) broke the rules for one, they would have to break the rules for all. If they broke the rules for the Colucci family then another family would be complaining that they didn’t break the rules for them. Everyone believes their tragedy to be the worst of all and everyone believes they should be the exception to the rule.

    This is exactly why the cruise lines and other insurance companies offer travel insurance. Insurance is the method by which we protect ourselves from the unexpected. Considering you are purchasing a cruise for some time in the future, and the future is never guaranteed, you should protect yourself with the purchase of insurance. It is a small price to pay for financial security if you don’t have the where-with-all to loose the total amount of the cruise.

    It’s very easy to realize that you should have protected yourself in hindsight. To tell the cruise line that you didn’t expect to become I’ll, or you didn’t expect your son to become ill, so you didn’t buy insurance, really doesn’t cut it.

    As for the cruise line reselling the cabin. Why not? They are in business to profit – pure and simple. I think they would be foolish not to resell the cabin if the opportunity presented itself. You really don’t think they should shrine the room, do?

  • Betty


    After reading this article…there is NO way I would risk booking a cruise with your company!

    And if Nickelodeon doesn’t pull out of your programs…I will BOYCOTT them too!

    I understand business is business…but WHO ever THINKS about a child getting CANCER when they book a ♡dream vacation♡ months in advance?

    There IS such a thing as *EXCEPTIONS* to the policies…and THIS should definitely BE one!

    I pray this comes back to HAUNT you in a BIG way! MAYBE you will learn to choose COMPASSION over policies and profits!

  • S McPherson

    Sorry, Jim, I beg to differ with you. This is not NCL’s issue here. Families suffer tragedies every day and if the cruise lines had to bear the responsibility of rescheduling cruises they would in effect become the insurers. That is not their purpose and it is not reasonable to place the burden on them. This is part of the reason why travel insurance exists and is offered. If a family like this one could not afford to purchase travel insurance, which costs only a small fraction of the price they paid for their cruise, then they are the ones that should have been prepared to lose their cruise in the event something prevented them from traveling. The simple fact is that this family is now asking to have the rules bent for them when they made the irresponsible choice NOT to purchase travel insurance. Why should they have the rules bent for them when there are lots of other families out there that suffer tragedies and either don’t get the rules bent for them or actually buy travel insurance in the first place? I feel sorry for this family for their son’s illness but I also shame them for making NCL out to be the bad guys here. You, as a professional, Jim, should be able to see what this family is doing is not right.

  • Lisa Youngblood

    I am going on a cruise in the spring and I will NEVER go on Norwegian. They are classless, and have no heart. They deserve to be put out of business.

  • Jennifer

    You are incredible ignorant. While this is very tragic, any cruise line would
    Come back with this same answer. Buy travel insurance!! Everyone has a story or reason for canceling. They have to draw the line somewhere… Rules are not meant to be broken! I’ve been on over 16 cruises including every cruise line, and NCL is as great as any of them! You can’t judge until you’ve cruised them yourself!

  • Rick O

    As a business owner, I have to agree with NCL’s decision. Today, the passenger was diagnosed with cancer, and they would like to break the rules that are there for everyone to read and follow. The next time, it will be an auto accident, and the next time irritable bowel symdrome. And the time after that, someone will say “well if you made an exception for irritable bowel symdrome, you can make an exception for a migraine. Where does it end.

    But I think NCL could have done something to make the optics a little better with the general public, and with families like ours, who have taken vacations on NCL each of the last couple years. A quiet certificate for 50% off their next trip! or upgrading them to a small suite would do wonders for the marketing folks. And it would quell the nastiness on sites like this where every large business is a reprobate or troglodyte. And they certainly are not.

  • Gavin

    As a platinum cruiser with Norwegian, I must side with them on this one. My wife and I are 3 star with Holland America, and Platinum with Norwegian, so very experienced with policy. I’m sorry, but that is why insurance is offered. If something were to occur that caused ME to have an issue and I DIDNT have insurance, I would NOT expect a reimbursement, NO MATTER the circumstances… It is right in the contract.

  • Jay

    As bad as I feel for the family, I don’t blame NCL at all. Rules are rules. Buy the travel insurance or take a gamble. My bigger question is why does everyone have to run to the media about it. So now it is I feel like I was unfairly treated because of their well established and printed rules and I should go to the media hoping for special treatment.

    My prayers are with the little boy, but I think the family is wrong in how they handled this.

  • Stir Fry

    I really don’t understand why people continue to do business with this company.

  • Marie

    From Norwegian Cruise Lines facebook page:
    Many of you have heard about the recent story regarding one of our guests and the tragic circumstances surrounding his family’s upcoming cruise. In light of recent discussions, we would like to take the time to share some background with you.

    After learning of the circumstances regarding the cancellation of the Colucci family’s cruise, we wanted to make sure that Nicolas would be able to take cruise that he was so very much looking forward to.

    While we knew getting Nicolas well again was the family’s top priority, we offered to work closely with the family when Nicolas was ready to travel to ensure that they took their vacation and we provided a personal contact at Norwegian for the family to stay in touch with. Separately, one of our travel partners reached out to Mrs. Colucci and offered their help in making sure the family took the cruise they had planned.

    We contacted the Make-A-Wish Foundation, an organization that we work closely with to grant the wishes of hundreds of children each year who want to take a cruise. If the family chooses to participate in the Make-A-Wish program, we will make sure that they receive the cruise they were looking forward to.

    We are touched by many similar situations and do our very best to work with our guests to offer support wherever possible. As a company that provides vacation experiences for more than 1.3 million people each year, we understand that situations such as this occur. In all instances, we balance these requests with the need to treat fairly those guests who have elected to purchase travel protection insurance. In an effort to provide guests with peace of mind, we offer travel protection and we strongly encourage our guests to take advantage of this safeguard to cover unforeseen circumstances.

    We continue to wish the very best for the Colucci family and hope that Nicolas gets well soon. He and his family are in our thoughts and prayers.

  • NCL should take a look at these types of very special circumstances, and care from the very beginning. There are never two chances to make a first impression, and by not attending to the family’s huge issue from the very beginning with the CARE they should have shown, the empathy, they messed up. It is understandable that a company selling cruises to so many has a strict policy to follow, it would be impossible to choose who to refund and who not to of the people who haven’t purchased insurance. Now ….what is insurance really? A price the cruise line puts over the fact you might not sail and therefore your reservation will now not be used. … Not totally accurate. It is insurance for you, if you can’t sail you get refunded (other than the price of insurance…cling!), but it is insurance for themselves, over the price they sold you that cabin for, nothing more, nothing less. Cause if you don’t sail, the cruise line will sell it last minute to someone else, most likely for less than you originally paid for it. Maybe. That’s what the insurance is for. Or do you think that this family’s cabins went unused all cruise long? Would bet they didn’t. Most likely they were sold or people who had already booked, were contacted and offered to upgrade for an extra cost last minute before sailing….or sold onboard for an upgrade fare…. In Marie’s comments about reaching out to the Coluccis is does not say how the company plans on helping the family sail when the little boy gets better. They’ve already paid for their cruise….does her communication mean that NCL will open doors and can they just board without paying any extra?

  • Kay Koelker

    I would say skip the sickening cruises filling greedhead pockets and enjoy and wonderful time in a real destination meeting and interacting with real people and letting them have the $$$ you would spend on nasty cruises.
    Cruise ships are the dirtiest, nastiest kind of vacationing.

  • Michael T

    I stumbled onto this site while searching for the email address for NCL CEO Kevin Sheehan. I wanted to let him know that the cruise I just went on to Bermuda on the Breakaway was a fabulous trip and it more than met my expectations. It appears that a family had the unfortunate case where they had to cancel a trip due to illness. I do truly feel for the family, but I also suffered an illness when I first booked my trip in the Spring. I was admitted into a hospital the day before embarkation. Because I purchased the travel insurance that NCL recommend for a relatively small fee, I was able to get 100% of my money back. I used that money to reschedule another trip. In the past, I would always decline the extra charge for the insurance but I’m glad I took it in this instance and highly recommend to anyone spending a lot of their money on any trip.

  • lisa

    the worst cruise experience in 34 cruises. We are kosher and had nothing to eat the first night, after that all meals took 3 hours to get , was not what was ordered. They treated us horribly, did not care whatsoever to help make things better.We have been on 11 NCL cruises and this was the absolute worst experience we ever had.
    Everyone who worked on the ship seemed miserable and acted miserable towards us! The staff was just nasty, confused and seemed like they did not even finish training!
    Would never travel again with NCL, I am a gold latitudes member which got me nowhere and we left the cruise very hungry, as well as many either people in our position.

  • Swallow123

    Has anyone ever taking the time to read the fine print on those insurance policies before they’ve shelled out their hard earned money?

    If there’s absolutely any way possible, an insurance company will do everything they can NOT to honour the policy.

    For example, the poor child with cancer obviously had it prior to when the family would have bought insurance, therefore – it’s a PRE-EXISTING CONDITION.

  • Garrison S

    It is very sad that a child got cancer. However, I have to say that how is that Norwegian Cruise lines fault? I’m sure they have the option to purchase travel insurance and did not want to dish out the extra money and save the money thinking they would travel. When you do not take travel insurance, that is the risk you are taking. If they were sympathetic to every single person who cancels last minute due to health reasons, there would be absolutely no reason to have travel insurance, would there? It is not just Norwegian Cruise line, every cruise line has policies that are similar and do not refund under any circumstances within their penalty, which is clearly stated when you do final payment. This is just someone who is an amateur family regarding travel and obviously thought they were entitled to something they shouldn’t have. Purchase travel insurance, things come up. This is what travel insurance is for. I have never used travel insurance but I always purchase it. Should I be better because I’ve never used it?

  • raul

    I spend about two thousands Dollar of my hard earn money to travel from new York to tampa to start my Cruise with the Norwegian sun .I got to the ship just after 3pm(ship depart 4.05pm)and I was denied entry and I was only refunded two hundred and something dollars

  • Anne Lippard

    I have been on many cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line is my favorite. While I sympathise with all the misfortunes of those who were not able to go on the cruise of a lifetime, I strongly suggest you always buy TRIP INSURANCE. If you bend rules for one you almost always have to bend it for another. I love NCL and plan on cruising again with them soon..

  • Elisa S

    I am currently experiencing a situation much like the family of the little boy with cancer. My boyfriend and I booked a 7 day cruise to travel with his family early this year. The cruise leaves this coming Saturday. I fully own that it was my choice not to purchase the travel insurance and I understand it was a risk. I felt it was a low risk because I’m in my 30’s, completely healthy with no prior medical issues. None, nada, zip. Had I been older, had some health history, been traveling with someone who did or had someone in my family that was having a health problem, I wouldn’t have hesitated to purchase it. Now I clearly understand that I made the wrong decision. On Easter Sunday, I woke up for work with a massive headache & vision changes. Went to the hospital & turns out I had a stroke. I understand that rules are rules, I really do. I work in hospital & we have similar types of rules that the vast majority of the time are upheld firm & strong for many of the reasons that everyone stated above. However, (and I don’t care what anyone else says) there are occasionally those situations that are completely unique, shocking, whatever you want to call them, that I believe warrant extra consideration & compassion like a child getting cancer or, in my opinion, a healthy 30 yr old having a sudden stroke. I contacted NCL, not seeking a refund, but simply pleading for any opportunity to reschedule our trip (even if there was a financial penalty or additional fee) at a later date when I would medically cleared to travel…I was told no. No options whatsoever… I understand the business reasons behind the policies & rules. I just think it is a shame and am disappointed to see an organization view all situations as black & white with no consideration for truly extraordinary circumstances.

  • Bill White

    I cruised on NCL and really enjoy the cruise line. I ha sympathy for Vincent and wish him to get well but on the other hand this is not NCL fault. Never ever book travel without some form of insurance! This is a gamble you make with thousands of dollars. Sure, most time all is well and dandy… but the day something happen that prevent a trip insurance will be welcomed. As sad as it is in this case this is the lack of insurance that is to blame, not NCL.

  • Sherry Johnson

    I just booked a cruise with NCL last week and purchased the travel insurance because I didn’t want to lose all that money if something unforeseen happened. I read this article because the title grabbed my attention (for obvious reasons). To be honest, if I learned that they were ignoring their policy in extreme cases, I would feel like my cancellation insurance was a waste of money because it is for extreme circumstances. We had a non-refundable ticket at Disney World that we lost due to a death in the family. I also purchased non-refundable airline tickets to go see my husband in Korea that we had to cancel after 9/11. The world is full of sad stories. To call a cruise line the worst in the world just because they honored their own policy is wrong.

  • E.A.C

    I am highly disappointed with Norwegian based on those social accusations that were made. If it is or isn’t true which I don’t know only God and the person or persons accusing as well as Norwegian would know the truth behind those stories. If those stories arnt true then shame on the persons who made it up but if it is then shame on the NCL corporation who doesn’t know how to take these kind of situations is to consideration. I used to be part of the Norwegian family, I worked with Norwegian from the year 2011 until 2013 but the reason i left was because I was looking to see the difference between NCL and another cruise line. In my opinion as a crew member on bord NCL cruise ships was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life because it taught me alot, for one how to control my temper which I am very grateful for cause it helped me to be able to communicate with my family better and how to be part of a family it basically helped me to grow as a young woman although NCL may fall short of a few things just as all of us as humans being heartless is not on effects of the trates that Norwegian has hence the reason for my point of view. while working with Norwegian I was also part of the fire team and one thing I can tell you is that NCL puts their best interest in the safety of our guests and crew hence the reason for safety trainting mostly everyday for the stage and crew which includes medical,firefighting,man over bord damage to the ships hall spillage of dangerous chemical including pollution to the sea training and more. I remember there was an incident where a guest fell from one of the decks on the ship and ended up on the top the the lifeboat on deck 7 she was indeed in critical condition the crew and staff made it their duty to ensure that the guest arrived to the nearest hospital on time. So you say they’re heartless but I say they’re humans they may not learn from the mistakes now but they will learn just like all of us. Don’t focus only on the few bad things someone has done but try to remember the great amount of good things they have done cause most times the good out weighs the bad, think about it.

  • Le

    Here is the email I sent to NCL VP and CEO after a recent disappointing experience.

    Hi Andrew

    Just want to write this email to share my recent “wonderful” experience with NCL.
    Booked NCL jewel to Mexico last sailing last Sunday (13th) for me, my wife and my parent in-law. My father in law had a brain hemorrhaging stroke Saturday night (12th). Called you staff, asking for possibility of refund or credit towards future use. Was told “no can do” because we did not buy any insurance. I felt zero empathy from the staff. Since my father in-law was in ICU, I didn’t really have any time to argue with your staff. I just said do whatever you can do, we are not going to make it.
    Already fed up with what has happened, TODAY (with my father in law still struggling with his life in ICU) I received a call from your agent asking me “Knowing you previous trip did not work out, would you like to book some future trips”. What the FUXX is this????? Does your HR exclusively hire sociopath as sales agent? Is sprinkling salt on wounds part the employee entrance training?

    This may not be your fault, but please investigate and to make sure this kind of sociopathic craziness does not happen to other poor families in the future. That’s all I’m asking.

  • Jenny

    What if the insurance denies those with pre-existing conditions? It doesn’t cover everything unless you pay for the top-of-the-line policies… and those can be up to $400 per 7 day cruise depending on your room.

  • john

    I had to cancel in January of 2014 due to illness.
    Had booked NCL through Casino at Sea. Not sure what their
    tie in is. Everything was refunded. I rebooked later in the year. Went well.

  • Terri

    You and these cry babies who were to CHEAP to purchase travel insurance are to stupid to believe. Grow up!!! NCL is a company just like any other, they must operate with a profit. Therefore, they need you BE intelligent enough go realize LIFE HAPPENS!!! Purchase TRAVEL INSURANCE!!! I booked a cruise on NCL, I had it almost paid for, I called in explained my brother in law was celebrating his 50th anniversary that week. They refunded every penny of my money. I later booked a another cruise, WITH TRAVEL INSURANCE!!! JUST INCASE!!!!

  • IeshaWalton I

    I was fired under false pretenses of not working my scheduled hours and theft. The union rep did nothing to help me maintain my employment. I got terminated because of a lie that could’ve been proven wrong, but no steps were taken to prove my inocense. I loved working on board the Pride of America and would return if granted the opportunity. Although they marooned me I Hawaii, I would still come back to work for poa.

  • FtLauderdaleDad

    What is the purpose of people buying insurance then? Did they book with a travel agent? Did they book directly with NCL? Leave the gambling for the casino, always buy travel insurance and you will never have to worry.

  • Kay

    Whoever wrote the original post obviously does not have legal background… These are not mom and pops businesses… They can’t reimburse every heartbreaking story out there… I’m sorry for what the family has gone through but they SHOULD have purchased travel insurance… They were being cheap and they know it… Now, they are completely emotional and it’s too late for that… In the contract that they probably did not read, it generally explains supervening events and other similar instances which limits the cruise liners responsibility… In the end, their goal is to make a profit… It is an unreasonable burden to task cruise liners or any huge companies to be responsible for all their customers misfortunes as well… THIS IS THE ENTIRE POINT OF INSURANCE… Otherwise, the family’s only remedy is to appeal to everyone’s emotion in hopes that someone show them mercy, which they are doing.. Other than that, it’s not NCLs fault. NCL accounts for this (you think this is the first family this has happened to?) and has made sure the contract and practices reflects that they are complying legally… You, unfortunately will not find very many big companies out there, operating completely morally. Sad truth.

  • Wally Peters

    The March 15, 2016 re-positioning cruise of Pride of America from San Francisco to Hawaii was delayed by one day. We received an email around 11 am on March 14 telling us this & saying that NCL would re-reimburse us for any hotel expense because of this. After much correspondence, they agreed to pay. It is now JUNE 28, 2016 & still no check! Throughout this period we have paid interest on our credit card for this “loan” to NCL. Great customer service?

  • nadine larcomb

    For a $200 airline ticket I would risk losing my money. For thousands of dollars, spend the extra money. You have no ideal what the future holds. NCL did the right thing. One exception should lead to another which should lead to another, get the picture?

  • Marcelo DiNapoli

    I read they booked with a travel agent. if so, the travel agent collected the money, kept their commission and then paid the cruise line. did the travel agent ever even offer insurance? this is why it is always better to deal directly with the company…NOT a travel agent


    to all my wife and i just returned from an ncl cruise to alaska, alaska was gorgeous but the cruise line sucks big time. they charge for everything and don’t tell you and my wife who’s anemic fell 2x on ship and they didn’t give a rats ass!

    so i’m spreading the word not to use this cruise line. when we embarked upon the bus shuttle to go back to airport, seatac, i was so angry that i gave the fly to the ship and all passengers on the bus gave me a standing ovation, didn’t see that one coming. if you value you sanity don’t go with them!



    the people who were on our shuttle bus are going to send complaints against this company like i’m doing now but we don’t expect any results except “we’re sorry” from company.

    i will recover all my costs eventually but will never ever use them again.

    we’ve been on holand america, eastern caribbean and pricess cruises, mexico in past, no problems with them.

  • Ann Porter

    I know only too well how callous NCL is. We were booked on a Carribean cruise for 9th October 2016. Everything was paid and we were really looking forward to it. Tragically we lost our eldest son in a traffic accident he was not accompanying us on this cruise but his family and us, his parents were booked on another cruise in 2017, August. Obviously we cannot take the cruise we are distraught. NCL refused to budge on giving us a refund which amounts to quite a lot of money, we have cruised a number of times and have read various reports along the same lines. They have to be the worst company, they are unsympathetic and are ony interested at what they can make out of you. But of course its The Carnival Corporation who are responsible, and I think people should boycott NCL Cruises, I will!

  • Alan

    To Thomas.

    I do not see any relation between NCL and anemia of your wife. If her health condition so bad she needs to stay home or be hospitalized and not to go for travel!!
    Some people here are very pathetic .

  • Shermonica Simon

    I do feel that exception should be made for exceptional circumstances. However, this post is to encourage everyone to buy travel insurance BUT NOT FROM THE CRUISE LINE. Carnival was offering travel insurance for $300 for a 4 day $1300 cruise. I purchased it from an outside company for $60. There are many companies that offer travel insurance. I always insure my vacation. One on a trip to Busch Gardens my child needed to go to ER after an accident at the park. She was fine in the end but the insurance reimbursed me for the $150 copay. I PAID $75 for the insurance. So even if you don’t have to cancel a trip the insurance comes in handy. A vacation is an investment that should always be insured but Don’t pay the outrageous cruise line prices.

  • Chad Rahn

    We just recently had an extremely terrible, atrocious cruise experience. I have many witnesses, documentation, pictures, videos, and recordings. The following is what I have posted on 4 separate review sites and BBB.

    Let me first start by saying I am 40, my friend is 30. We are both managers for a very large, very successful company in Rochester, NY. I also own my own business. I have been on 10 cruises including Disney and Carnival. This was my friends first cruise and first real vacation. I Bought my friend a 12 day cruise for his 30th birthday on Norwegian Pearl. We had the absolute WORST nightmarish experience that I could ever tell anyone about. Feel free to contact me anytime by text (585/228/0232) or email ( for further details. We made SO many friends on the ship who all stated they would supply depositions for us due to the inhumane treatment. We have dozens of pictures, recordings, witnesses, and video footage. My friend is black/Dominican and I am white. We are 110% sure this occurred as a result of his race. There isn’t enough space to write it all here, but here is a summary of abuses that occurred:

    *We were escorted to the security office on our 2nd night. We were questioned and interrogated like we were some sort of suspects! The main security official (Carlos Zayas) asked, and I quote, “Do you 2 have a problem with alcohol?” He advised us that our behavior was improper, but could not provide specifics. When we asked what we had done, he stated “I have the documentation and I don’t have to show you”. The previous night we, along with many others, were having fun and doing karaoke in the Bliss Nightclub. In the security office, We were FORCED to sign a paper saying that we understood our behavior was improper. Zayas stated that they “didn’t have to tell us what we did, but that they had documentation” and if we didn’t sign, we would be disembarked they said. I signed “under duress”. (I also have pictures of this).

    *Prior to boarding the ship, upon check in, you have to provide a credit card. The agent specifically told me that the credit card I give would be on file, but at the end of the cruise, I could pay with any other card, or by cash. I supplied my business credit card only to have a card on file and did not sign nor give permission or authorization to charge this card. 4 days into my cruise, I checked my Bank of America account online and discovered that the cruise line charged my card approximately $650.00 without my consent or permission. This caused my business account to be overdrawn and I was subsequently charged $35 for overdraft fees approximately 8 times! I brought this to the attention of guest services and they advised me nothing was charged and refused to help me in any way.

    *I paid a lot of money for the cruise. I even paid extra for the Unlimited Drink Package and all gratuities included. On our 6th and 7th day, they BLOCKED our drink package and we could no longer get alcoholic beverages. Again, it was my friends 30th birthday and I am 40 and they block a package that I had paid for!?

    *Our cruise was from October 22 until November 4, 2016. On November 1st, we stopped in Belize. My friend and I got off the ship, had an awesome time in Old Belize, ate lunch, did a tour. We returned to the ship, had dinner, and went out to the bars with the friends we had met. I eventually went to bed around 1am or so. My friend continued to hang out with friends. He was hanging out on one of the upper deck smoking and socializing. He eventually came to the room around 4am. The next day (November 2nd), we stopped in Costa Maya (our last stop). We got up in the morning and got ready to hit the beach and jet ski. I was excited to go to Costa Maya because my 6 year old daughters name is Maya and I wanted to get her a gift from this city with the words “Costa Maya” on it. We got a knock on our cabin door at approximately 1030am. We opened the door to see 5 security staff in the hallway. I was advised by the main security officer (Zayas) that I was to pack my bags as I was being disembarked! I was shocked and dumbfounded. I did nothing. I asked what I had done to deserve this treatment. He stated, “this is from command, this is from corporate”. He advised my friend that once I was disembarked, that my friend was to be confined to the cabin for the remainder of the trip! Yes, imprisoned in the cabin for the next 3 days! No tickets, no trial, no hearing, no explanation-just GUILTY and you will be imprisoned in the cabin for the next 3 days! Zayas then stated that I was being disembarked due to my friends behavior and that I was being disembarked because I had a passport and he did not. Well, my passport was lost the night our cabin was entered in our absence and I advised security staff of this. We packed our bags and advised we were ready to leave the ship. We advised them we did not have passports, but they were in a hurry, so we told them to get going and we would get to the US embassy and handle things there. We were escorted down to the gangway where we stood with our suitcases and bags as hundreds of other guests entered and exited the cruise ship to and from Costa Maya. We were forced to stand there for approximately 20 minutes and looked like fools as several guests and numerous friends stared at us, whispered, and asked us what was going on. We let them know we were being kicked off the ship and we didn’t know why. About 20 minutes later, security personnel came and took our 4 bags and put them on the ex-ray machines. They said they were scanning all of our bags to “help me look for my lost passport”. The ex-ray machine revealed nothing! So do you know what they did next? They brought my friend and I, and all of our bags into the main crew stairwell where they proceeded to open and search EVERY SINGLE BAG, LUGGAGE, AND SQUARE INCH OF OUR PROPERTY! They then pat us down and searched my friend and I!! They did this in the MIDDLE of the stairwell while numerous cruise staff walked in and out- cruise staff that we had become well acquainted with and had an excellent rapport with. This was so humiliating, embarrassing, and violating that I began to feel light headed and nauseous. I felt like I was going to vomit. Nothing was found and our bags were in such disarray that I had to repackage my suitcase and my special gifts that I purchased (pictures were taken by me). We were then directed to stand in the same spot in front of all passengers entering and exiting the ship! A short time later, Zayas came up to us and stated that my friend and I were to go back to our cabin and that we were now NOT being disembarked and that we were to “behave” and that we were not “allowed” to drink for the rest of the cruise! Zayas stated that this all happened because my friend is “an animal” as he pointed to my friend. He then tried the “friendly approach” and told us to go have a good time and go to one of the specialty restaurants. Wait a minute! One minute I was being kicked off the ship and my friend was to be locked in the room, NOW we could both stay and “go have a good time and enjoy the restaurants”??! Are you kidding me? I have never been so humiliated and degraded in my life! As a result, we missed the entire day seeing Costa Maya, Mexico and were embarrassed and depressed beyond belief.

    *Further, we were unable to drink with our many newfound friends. We were invited to several gatherings and functions and felt like complete outcasts when our friends wanted to drink with us. We have approximately 30 separate witnesses (phone numbers included) who will vouch for us and attest to our mistreatment.

    ++My friends cruise card was completely deactivated. He could NOT even get a juice or a soda! Then, On our last night of our cruise, we were informed by 2 crew members/bartenders that our pictures had been disseminated to all bar staff several days prior and that we were to be denied any alcoholic beverages! Again, I am appalled, disgusted, humiliated, offended, furious! We wasted 2 weeks of vacation, thousands of dollars, wasted our time, and were subjected to humility, embarrassing moments, stress, insults, and violations of our privacy and civil rights.

    My name is Chad. I have many pictures, many videos, many recordings, many witnesses. I will be pursuing this on social media, with my State Senator, assemblyman, lawyers, family, etc. If anyone has any advice or if there are any lawyers willing to help,
    My phone number is 585/228/0232

    Chad Rahn

  • Raymond Beckhurst

    I have cruised twice on Celebrity, once on Princess and 4 times on Holland America. Great cruise lines each and everyone. Last year I switched to Norwegian as they were offering Studio Suites….cabins for the single traveller. I have now been on 3 cruises using these Studio Suites which I think are just fabulous. No longer do I have to pay a penalty for being one person in a double suite. I have been on the Epic, Escape and Getaway and found all 3 ships offered me a fabulous vacation. Cabin staff, fabulous, meals and choice of food, outstanding. Entertainment, facilities and so on, well you get the picture. People that complain have nothing better to do in life, and those who over indulge in alcohol, well, need I say any more. They just make fools of themselves. And if they take it too far they deserve to be put off the ship for the safety of all other passengers and crew.
    To those people who complain about being unable to make the cruise they booked for health or any other reason, I say you were probably too cheap to purchase travel insurance to protect the Thousands you spent booking the trip.
    In 2014, I had a vacation booked, but fell down the stairs breaking my ankle, putting me in hospital for surgery and a 2 week stay followed by 6 weeks in a rehab hospital. I had purchased cancellation insurance and had every penny refunded.
    Have all my cruises been 100% perfect? probably not. Do I complain about it? Never, because enjoying all the positives about my trips far outweigh the little things that may go wrong.
    I have been totally happy with every cruise line I have been on. They work hard to make your trip perfect, because they want your repeat business.


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  • Alexandra

    Hello everyone,

  • Sylvia Gleeson

    This was my 7th cruise, but my first time with NCL. My issues began when I got an unexpected phone call from Felipe Valencia, a NCL personal traveling consultant. He told me that he had gotten my number from the last time I was searching their website. (NCL wants your name and phone number when you search their website

    During our conversation I let him know that I was not ready to book my reservation because I was shopping around with different travel agencies for the best deals. He kept calling me and insisted that if I booked my reservation with him, he had the ability to get me more than the other agencies were offering because he was a NCL agent.

    After he gave me to total amount of the cruise, I told him that I would get back to him the next day. In shopping around, I found the same cruise for $200 less somewhere else with extra free promotions. I called him the next day and informed him that I was able to get this trip for $200 less with another agency.
    To get me to book my cruise with him, Felipe offered me an upgrade to a balcony and/ or the open bar and internet package. When I questioned him about, how is it possible that he could make such offer for sure. He told me that he was pretty confident since he and his supervisor were friends and they had a good relationship and would approve anything he wanted.
    I was hesitant to give him my credit card number because I knew that, once I finalized the reservation, there was no going back due to their cancellation policy. But Felipe told me that the only way he could go to his supervisor with an upgrade request was with a fully paid reservation. He sounded very honest and friendly and very polite so I decided to trust him. I had my doubts but,against everything my guts was telling me, I gave Felipe Valencia my credit card # and the reservation was finalized and confirmed.

    A few days past and I noticed that Felipe was not contacting me about my upgrade. I kept calling and sending e-mails and texts. He finally called me and told me that the upgrade was declined because the rooms were sold out. I reminded him that another agency was giving me the same exact room or $200 less and now because of his promises, I got stuck paying more or my trip.

    With a very fake tone, he told me that he was very sorry but the upgrade was not approved.
    I was very upset because I felt that he had lied to me all along knowing that he was not going to be able to give me a balcony room for the price of a window room. I felt, not only lied to but cheated out of a better deal with another agency. When I requested to speak to his manager, I was put on hold or about 25 minutes. When the supervisor spoke to me, she gave me the same fake apology. (It was clear that my 25 minute wait was a result of Felipe sharing his side of the story with his supervisor) When I requested that the recorded conversation be examined to prove that what I was saying was true, his supervisor told me that conversations are never recorded. So why do they tell you that conversations are being recorded by training and quality purposes?

    I ended up paying a fortune or a 7 day cruise to the Bahamas in which you are only in the Bahamas or 2 days out of the 7. The first stop in Port Canaveral, FL, there is absolutely nothing to do. NCL docks in an area that is surrounded by gates and fences and you cannot go anywhere unless you book a excursion to the shopping area or Kennedy space center at $160 a person. The next day we stop at Great Stirrup Cay, we were only in the small island for 7 hours and the next day in Nassau for 9 hours, then back at sea until we got to NYC.
    The food at the NCL Gem was awful unless you went to the specialty restaurant which the food was better. Ship is very small.

    Going back to the Port of call. I noticed Royal Caribbean and Carnival Disney cruise ships were also there but they docked their ship on the side of town where passengers don’t have to take a cab or pay for an excursion to get out of Port Canaveral to walk around and have a drink somewhere.
    This trip with NCL was a disappointment since they advertised a stop in Fl. in which you get stuck with no where to go or nothing to do unless you pay extra for an excursion. Cabs were charging $20 per person to take you to town which is about 5 to 10 minutes away from the ship. (we were 3 people. That would be $120 round trip to go 10 minutes away).

    If you ever call Norwegian Cruise Line to make a reservation and Felipe Valencia answers your call, hang up and run. Call again and get another travel reservations agent because Felipe Valencia will lie and tell you anything to get you to book a trip for him. He is only interested in his commission and not on your trip.