Celebrity Silhouette Cruise Critic reports that a unspecified propulsion problem is slowing the Celebrity Silhouette down, causing it to shorten time spent in certain port of calls.

Celebrity does not specify the nature of the problem or indicate when the problem will be fixed.

A Celebrity Cruises spokeswoman provides this gobbledygook explanation: the “slight restriction” on the ship’s top speed “is due to a portion of the propulsion system operating at less than optimal efficiency.”

The Celebrity Reflection was recently delayed in Civitavecchia due to unspecified mechanical problems. Celebrity was secret about that problem.

A Celebrity cruise ship was delayed in port was last December when the Celebrity Constellation suffered an engine problem in Key West.

Anyone know what’s the problem with the Silhouette?


Photo Credit: Wikepedia / Kyle.died.rich

  • One propeller on Silhouette is having problems. As a result, she is experiencing slower sailing speeds. This has not yet impacted the ships ability to stay on itinerary and her ports of call. However, some times in port have been shortened by an hour or so for those itineraries with long distances at sea between ports.

    Celebrity Cruises has canceled its January 4, 2015 Eastern Caribbean sailing of Celebrity Silhouette so the vessel can go into dry dock for maintenance where the propeller will be replaced.

  • renee mitchell

    I am furious with Celebrity Cruises. Obviously they have known about this issue since July. I just received an email on December 10 indicating that they have changed our itinerary (we depart on December 21) and we will not go to Puerto Rico and will be at sea for 4 out of 7 days. This is outrageous. We are extremely disappointed and will not travel with Celebrity in the future.

  • Larry Regienczuk

    We were on the December 7 sailing and were notified at boarding that due to “speed restrictions” we would not be able to land in San Juan. At first we thought it was a problem that just happened. When we found out on board that this problem had been ongoing for many months we were outraged. We would have booked on a different ship if proper notification had been given. This was our first and last time on a Celebrity ship.

  • J. Brown

    Celebrity said everything was fixed in dry-dock as of Jan. 11, 2015.

  • Vicki Drimmie

    Hello, thinking of booking a cruise with the Silhouette this month and was wondering….is the ship still running on one engine as many cruisers have written complaints about, or has it been fixed in dry dock like the news letter stated by celebrity Jan 11, 2015
    Thank you in advance
    Vicki Drimmie