Univision reports that a passenger has gone overboard from the MSC Divina cruise ship.

In an article entitled "cae al mar un mexicano que viajaba en crucero mundialista," the network says that a passenger fell 50 meters from deck 15 into the water.  

The MSC cruise ship was sailing with around 3,500 Mexican citizens to various locations in Brazil for the World Cup. A Mexican newspaper, Tribun Digital de Quintano Roo, says that the cruise ship was transporting Mexican passengers between the three cities where Mexico plays in the first phase of the World (Natal, Fortaleza and Recife). 

MSC Divina The cruise ship stopped to search for the overboard passenger without success.  

The Consulate of Mexico in Rio de Janeiro confirmed that "a Mexican citizen who was aboard MSC Divina cruise ship fell into the sea after the ship sailed from the city of Fortaleza in northern Brazil, heading to port of Recife."

The report further states that it is unknown if the Mexican citizen was traveling alone, with family or with friends. 

The report says that the passenger was intoxicated. 

According to cruise ship expert Dr. Ross Klein, 232 people have gone overboard since 2000.

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June 19 2014 Update: The missing passenger has been identifies as Jorge Alberto Lopez Amores


Photo Image: Tribun Digital de Quintano Roo 

  • Roberto Rodrigues

    I am Brazilian I live in Fortaleza, look that great transatlantic
    I see the greatness of this ship, many passengers drinking and excitement for the game is very drunk. we have to be careful with our passengers, with 15 decks of nearly 50 meters, falling overboard and the law for the protection of vessels must have crew training, each situation

  • Gary

    I believe that these passengers need to stop drinking and dropping “overboard”. Now, the companies are strictly liable for passenger negligence?

  • Ellen Sonntag

    This is a wonderful, great ship and I have been on it three times already and going on it again in November. I want to say that the crew is very, very well trained and they do not miss a beat with anything they encounter. At some point adults must be responsible for themselves and act appropriately! It’s sad what happened but ultimately it was his own fault!