SeaTrade Insider reports that the Costa Deliziosa cruise ship suffered a power failure and blackout in Valencia, Spain yesterday which shut down the ship’s electrical systems. After a few hours, the engineers were able to restore power and essential services. However, the cruise ship will not try to sail back to Italy. Costa stated that the cruise ship will remain in port until the cause of the outage is identified and corrected. 

Costa is apparently arranging for charter flights to return the passengers to Rome. 

Costa Deliziosa Cruise ShipLate today Costa told cruise passengers scheduled to sail on a 13-night Eastern Mediterranean cruise from Civitavecchia (Rome), leaving tomorrow, that the cruise is canceled.

Of course there are thousands of people who are currently flying to Rome thinking that they will board the cruise ship, which remains in Spain.

Cruise Critic mentions that the passengers on the current, abandoned cruise will receive a 50 percent refund on the cruise fare and a 100 euros of onboard credit per passenger as compensation. A couple on the Cruise Critic message board says that for the canceled May 29th cruise, Costa offered either a 50% refund and another cruise or a full refund and 250 euro voucher each to be used before the end of the year.

Although a cruise ship going out of service unexpectedly at the last minute is a major inconvenience for the passengers, it is a real hardship for the crew members who earn tips. They will receive no income for the next two weeks.

The Deliziosa is four years old, and is owned by Carnival Corporation.

May 21 2014 Update: Members of Cruise Critic are saying that: "instead of the 21st, their departure from Savona will be on the 23rd, therefore the cruise will now be instead of 13 days only 11 days
(they will get a new itinerary later). Because of that they will get a refund of 25 % and 100 Euro bord account."

  • Don Sayman

    Jim I so enjoy the comments on the Facebook page.
    never realized that there were so many ignorant people
    in this world. no reason to elaborate.

  • Barry Whittingham

    My wife and myself were booked on the Deliziosa cruise (Passage vers l’Est) from Savone, departure scheduled 21st May but now postponed until 23rd (departure 23H45. Costa proposed a refund of 25% plus a 100€ voucher on board provided we agreed to spending the nights of 21st and 22nd in a hotel in Savone plus a considerably modified itinerary. They forgot to tell us that, according to their sales terms, we could cancel the cruise with a full refund. This we have requested. On the phone we were told that if we didn’t accept their terms we wouldn’t receive the refund. It goes without saying that this is simply intimidatlon, if not ignominious blackmail. Up to now we’ve received no reply to our request for a full refund. If they don’t agree we’re prepared to take legal action against them.

  • Sasha


    Once more thanks to Costa I*ll c u again!!

  • Barry Whittingham

    Further to my message of yesterday it turns out that I got it all wrong. There’ll be no refund from Costa as a result of our cancellation. Apparently their sales terms cover them for almost all contingencies – even that of imposing on the consumer a cruise which bears little resemblance to the product he bought initially. When we informed them on the phone of our intention to cancel two days prior to departure they didn’t even warn us we’d lose all. And their trademark is G.U.E.S.T.(Generating Unique Excellent Service Together). We’re going to contact a Consumer Defense Association and fight this.

  • Cagas june

    Its all because of the Company Costa Cruises Which does not care about their crew members . They pay very little salary compared to the other companies .

  • Ionela Olariu

    I was passenger on the Costa Delicioza during May 10 to May 21, 2014 .
    We can say that we were spoiled with this cruise holiday , not only because the ship failed to Valencia , this has filled our list of complaints .
    First, services are mostly bad . Staff in bars ( given that all drinks are paid ) served with boredom as if we were doing a service we serve.
    We value prepaid cabin with balcony and seven optional tours . I only made 4 trips since Casablanca has landed very late due to fog and even if we woke up at 6 am no one told us that no longer make the trip to Marrakech than 10 minutes after we landed the next day at Tanger not approached the wind and unltima trip to Civitavechia could not because I have not got . They returned the money paid for trips , but we did not want to spend so croaziera.Este true that we offered 100 euros per person on board and informed us that we give 50 % of the cruise , but until this since the agency knows nothing of them when they do this refund. Furthermore we had to sign a paper that we agree to refund 50 % and 100 euros per person on board spending but new we were given no copy.

  • Carmencito Jingco

    costa is basura!,.im a hosuekeeping supervisor there!

  • ramadour huguette

    bonjour lonela Olariu

    Ns etions nous aussi sur le Deliziosa du 10 mai 2014 qui a eu l’avarie le 19 mai
    Par contre aucune nouvelles ,les 2 appels teléphonique n’ont donné aucune réponse ,”nous ne sommes pas au courant et les documents remplis sur le bâteau pas de double!!!je me demande quel va être le remboursement
    des 50%,j’aimerai bien avoir des informations concrêtes.

  • Marchalene

    Need to know if it is true that Costa Deliziosa is employing people from South Africa and if its true that you need to pay for the work permit and visa and merit and once everything is complete you are going to fly to France and there is where the training start weird part is that nobody is speaking about a interview date or anything ….HELP ME PLEASE

    Marchalene Simons