Carnival Paradise Cruise ShipLast night a cruise passenger, @omasaid, tweeted that a fire may have broken out on the Carnival Paradise after the cruise ship left Cozumel.

Around 12:36 AM, he tweeted: "Keep us in ur prayers folks, white smoke maybe a fire is billowing from top of our cruise #carnival#paradise we r in the middle of ocean" 

At 12:40 AM he tweeted: "Update #carnival #paradise still no A/C people appear to be calm, Captain stated we r proceeding to Tampa maybe cruise is shortened…"

At 1:29 AM, he left this final tweet: "Update: #carnival #paradise all systems appear to b stable. A/C is operational, although another carnival ship traveling oddly close to us"

This morning, we asked Carnival for an explanation. So far we have not received a response. We also asked @omasaid for another update.

Does anyone else on the Paradise have information to share?

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May 7 2014 Update:

We received this statement from Carnival this morning:

May 7, 2014 – 9 a.m. EDT

"Earlier this morning while the Carnival Paradise was en route from Cozumel to its homeport of Tampa, an air conditioning compressor overheated causing some smoke in the forward section of the ship.

Shipboard personnel immediately responded and addressed the situation. All safety and hotel systems are operating normally and the ship is expected to arrive in Tampa Thursday morning as scheduled.

Announcements were made keeping guests apprised of the situation and the U.S. Coast Guard was notified as per standard protocol.

Carnival Paradise is currently operating a five-day cruise that departed Tampa on Saturday, part of its year-round four- and five-day schedule from that port."

May 8 2014 Update:

The Paradise returned to Tampa this morning.  We are waiting to hear from cruise passengers whether this was a minor event as Carnival suggests. 

See comments below . . . 

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  • Margaret Warren

    It was a very minor event! Carnival Captain and our cruise director, Steve kept everyone completely informed of the situation. The nearby ship? Not sure what the writer saw at that time of night. Over the years we have seen many ships pass us. Hey, my home A/C compressor did the same and also in my RV. Only a few doomsday people put on a life jacket and were walking around. A ridiculous way to alarm folks. Stay prayed up folks. Thanks to CARNIVAL, it was 100% handled immediately and professionally. So CONFIDENT……booked another cruise the next morning.

  • MikeManno

    It was a minor event. Some folks in the forward cabins, port side, Deck M (5) reported smelling smoke. Around Midnight, there was a call for an “Alpha Team” response to Deck 3, to the a/c compressor room. Shortly thereafter, the cruise director made an announcement that there was “some white smoke, smoke only, no flames”, and that “there was a pipe that overheated that is associated with the air conditioning system”, and “things are under control”. He then made a second announcement, same basic info, but additionally stating we did not need to be carrying around life jackets and that the situation was under control. The captain made an announcement a bit later that reiterated all that, basically a pipe overheated and was smoldering. I talked to several friends who were in the area affected and they did indeed see and smell some sort of “nasty smelling smoke”, but that was it. It scared all of us a bit, but they handled it quickly, and obviously properly, as we all survived without incident. For the record, the captain NEVER said he might “shorten” the cruise, in fact he specifically said we would arrive, on time, in the Port of Tampa, and we did. Also, ships frequently sail in pairs in the Bahamas, as several companies have ships going to and from the same ports.

  • kim

    It was just as Carnival said…a little smoke …THEY WERE ON TOP OF IT RIGHT AWAY…Some people got spooked but it was just something that happens..
    Carnival personell was great by letting us all know what was going on and the proper channels were taken.

  • Caroline Meehan

    We sailed with the Paradise over this past New Year’s holiday. We dined at the late seatinv. We were with a delightful couple, Barbara and Tim. Is there any way Carnival is able to forward this note and e-mail address to them. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Caroline and Patrick Meehan, Cape Coral, Florida