The Telegraph reports that Cruising Excursions, a company which operates tours exploring Roatan’s "fishing villages, mangroves, iguana farms and beaches," announced that it is canceling its tours on the island.

An excursion company representative said that “a string of reports of robberies, violence against visitors and now this horrific murder have forced us to suspend our cruise excursion programme on this beautiful island. "

The newspaper further quoting the spokesperson saying that it is “very sad for the majority of law Roatan Hondurad Cruise Crimeabiding island residents, especially those who make a living from tourism but we cannot recommend cruisers go ashore until we are reassured that measures are in place to protect visitors."

The excursion company also said that all bookings have been canceled with full refunds.

Roatan is in crisis mode trying to respond to the murder of a Filipino crew member from the Norwegian Pearl a week ago. We previously reported on the horrific crime

The excursion company’s withdrawal from Roatan is significant because it was based not only on the recent homicide but on what it describes as a string of violent robberies this year. 

We reported on prior armed robberies in January and March

Roatan attended the Cruise Shipping Miami convention in Miami Beach last month to promote its port. I stopped and took a photo of the booth. I thought that it was just a matter of time before something like this happened.


Photo Credit:  Jim Walker

  • EX Roatan resident

    As a former Roatan resident, I recommend that these tours are canceled permamently.Even though the authorities on that island like to keep crime hushed up, I can assure you it is one of the most dangerous places on earth to live and visit. People there have absolutely no regard for human life and crime is rampant. Crimes including murders,assaults and burglaries,occurr every week. I was lucky to get out alive with my family and we will never set foot on that island again because things will never change, They will only get worse.

  • Guy

    Perhaps Cruise Excursions’ prudent withdrawal from the island will be a wake up call to both island officials and the locals that dangerous conditions must remedied, else the tourism Golden Goose is dead.

    When crimes against tourists hit critical mass in Trinidad, red-hatted tourist escorts were the answer, literally posted within eyesight of each other between the port and downtown. The same Guardian Angels model helped slash NYC’s rampant subway crime in the 1980s. It it was forward-thinking entrepreneurs who got the ball rolling to turn around the cesspool that Times Square had become.

    When things are this out of control, a vibrant, involved grass roots movement *can* change the calculus of street crime.

    Another reader of CLN made reference to the “Coconut Telegraph” on Roatan. IMO, Roatan’s strong arm robbers are likely known on the street. It is the people of Roatan who will put a stop to this… or not.

  • Dave
  • John Bailey

    In light of the mass murders seen recently in the USA, perhaps the cruise lines should avoid their ports too. Just sayin…..

  • Denise W

    It is so sad that this is happening – but I am really wondering why the crime in Mexico, Jamaica, St. Lucia and alike are not getting the press that Roatan is

  • Bay Islander

    If roatan dont need no cruise ship to come here because of crime, everywhere in thee world is the same, so why dont they stop going to all ports, this world is not getting better, no matter where u go, there would be crime, even the states has a lot of crime, and they cant even fix that themselves.

  • Thelma

    I think that those are just lamed excuses so they wont come to Roatan every where there is crime so stop from going around telling lies, and say if all the other ports this has not occurred before and then we will understand the means…

  • Alex

    Roatan is a perfectly safe island, I’ve lived here with my wife and kids for 4 years with amazing peace and safety. Sure there have been issues like robberies and assaults which have been taken care of by the authorities, even the murderer was already caught. Now for those saying Roatan is unsafe… I know a bunch of foreigners who come to the island trying to take advantage of the locals and that never ends well. The island is paradise and this excursions company is simply riding the press wave to get some free publicity. Even the cruise lines are satisfied with the great efforts being done by the authorities. There are a million tourists to the island via cruise ship and very few incidents have happened. And to this ridiculous writer saying that he thought something like would happen… That’s like saying that someone will die in the next minute… Give me one place in the world with a cero crime rate all the time!!!!

  • Michael wood

    My heart goes out to the family members of the victims of crime that accur on Roatan..
    Ok, for those who are constantly bashing Roatan, for the love of our creator, maybe you need to look in your own back yard before opening your mouth… No matter where you go, there is crime, which one of you actually have the facts about what happened in reference to the murder of the Criuse Ship Crew Member? Was he in the wrong place at the rite time, was it Drug related? Was it flat down robery? Come on someone, what is it?
    Roatan is a growing Island, population has grown astronomically in the past ten years… Foreigners among main landers, inverters are pilling in, why, because they see lots of potential and $$$$$$$$$$ to be made off the beauty off the island.
    I am a native Islander, born and raise on Roatan, no where in this world you go, its not safe.
    I agree, Crime rate has increased quite a bit in the past 5 years on Roatan. But, so has our policemen and military surveillance, they are working their buts off to try to make it as safe as anywhere else for tourist, as well for all Islanders… Very few crimes are going unsolved, that murder suspect was apprehended within days, where’s the credit for THAT…. I know you Tabloids and critics make you money’s off stories,,, just try to be a lil more accurate of the facts and not be another National Enquire…. God Bless us all…

  • EX Roatan resident

    I repeat,don’t be fooled by these people trying to deflect the seriousness of the situation in Roatan by saying “there is crime everywhere” and that the crime ratio is low compared to the numbers of tourists coming in.They clearly have a vested interest in trying to paint this pretty picture of a really dangerous, savage place. Most of the crimes that occurr there are NEVER publicized so as not to scare away tourists (but they are catching on quick,as we can see) and if something happens to you in Roatan ,the police /ambulance will either never make it or make it too late.There is no real follow-up on most cases and I can count many cases of crimes that have just been swept under the rug. It is not fair to those who invest in that place (as we did), there should be full disclosure of how dangerous and how expensive living in Roatan really is before you go, but you only find out about these things once they have your money(a “normal” electricity bill per month for a normal household is $1000 USD!).
    And there have been MANY unsolved crimes on the island.Take it from us, we lived there and we saw the ugly reality happening on a weekly, sometimes daily basis . Where we live now there is crime,of course, but if something were to happen to anyone here, we would just call 911 and in 5 minutes police and ambulance/firetrucks would be swarming the place.Roatan? simply not worth the risk,no matter what they tell you.

  • rashida

    you roatan ex resident thank god you leave roatan cuase people like you we dont need roatan stay your ass in the usa becuase you are negative people ass hole.

  • rashida

    i was born n raise in roatan i will never give up my country for nowhere else in america ther is killing robbing kids shotting up school and booming what part of honduras or better yet roatan they do thing like that.there is crime all over the world stop making roatan out to be the worse.

  • Roatan current resident

    I love living in Roatan. My family is from USA and have found Roatan to be overall a beautiful and peaceful place to live. There is no possible way that there is as much violence and crime as USA has, nor Bahamas, for that matter. And Roatan is incredibly lush and beautiful. The locals are super friendly (majority- of course there are always the odd druggie/thug but you will find that anywhere. I know folks on many isalnds and they all have occassional crime. But no way are the people ‘savages’. There are thousands of US, Canadian, and Europen expats living in Roatan, as well. If it were so bad, they would all be leaving but instead, I meet more and more who are moving there, not vice versa. It is very sad to hear of the issue that transpired but I know that the vast majority of people not looking for trouble will not find trouble.

  • Carmen Pineda

    I’m Honduran and maybe I should stop travelling to the USA huh? because it is dangerous there too, a lot of horrible crimes, robbery and violence.

  • paul powery

    ex roatan resident you are only toking because you want tell me wear in the world its safe in the usa they kills childrens in school stave them or gun shoot them the thing that hapen here in roatan hapen about the crew member that get kill we all islander put efort in that and the man that did it hes in jail and goin to be sentence for a long time and we have usa citizen came to roatan and make a lot a things like came and buy drogs and any wear that happen robbery the police one way or another always capture the thief we only seen that cruisep people are welcome to the island and go weat people that are in the busines of turist i now a lot usa citizen lives here in roatan if the thing wast that bad i think they well leave here but every day we have more came to the island and GOD bless you all and thanks

  • Klive

    I look forward to visiting Rotan, I know a lady in my home tomn that is from there and she said it is great! I trust her, most people in this world are decent, but their are bad ones everywhere even here where I live in Texas!! Thank you to the people of Rotan for showing us y’all’s beauty and culture!!! We all need to just look out for each other!

  • Klive

    I look forward to visiting Rotan, I know a lady in my home tomn that is from there and she said it is great! I trust her, most people in this world are decent, but their are bad ones everywhere even here where I live in Texas!! Thank you to the people of Rotan for showing us y’all’s beauty and culture!!! We all need to just look out for each other!

  • Klive

    I look forward to visiting Rotan, I know a lady in my home tomn that is from there and she said it is great! I trust her, most people in this world are decent, but their are bad ones everywhere even here where I live in Texas!! Thank you to the people of Rotan for showing us y’all’s beauty and culture!!! We all need to just look out for each other!