Two weeks ago we posted videos and photos of garbage and debris and crew members aboard MSC cruise ships apparently throwing the refuse into the ocean.  We first asked MSC Cruises for an explanation but were ignored. You can see the videos here and here and the photos here.

This weekend the story went viral.

First the Huffington Post posted an article Cruise Ship Workers Appear To Throw Bags Of Garbage Right Into The Ocean (VIDEO).

Then the U.K.’s Daily Mail posted an article Caught on Camera: The Moment Cruise Ship Crew Member Hurled Garbage Bags Straight into the Ocean Off Brazilian Coast in Violation of International MSC Cruises Cruise bags of GarbageLaw.  The Daily Mail has the largest number of internet readers of a newspaper in the world.

Today AOL Travel also covered the story Cruise Ship Worker Filmed ‘Throwing Rubbish Bags Into Ocean’ (Video).

The articles are being widely shared on Facebook and re-tweeted on Twitter.

MSC has continued to ignore us for the past two weeks, but tells the Huffington Post that the videos show nothing more than a single dumping video taken by a passenger last December. MSC says there is only one alleged incident.

I say rubbish to that. Former crew members we have spoken with tell us of systematic illegal dumping of prohibited items in prohibited area on numerous occasions. You can read our thoughts here.

As the dumping videos go viral, all of the usually talkative cruise and travel agents, writers, and bloggers promoting the cruise industry remain silent. 

  • Ryan Culross

    Isolated incident? More like it was an isolated incident that someone recorded it. Definitely has happened more than once

  • John Nelson

    This is really, really bad for the whole industry and once again it looks like one operator is putting all the others in a bad light. In other companies, this action would result in individuals handed over to local authorities for prosecution. Nobody wants this. Environmental violations like this is not accepted by serious operators.
    These guys are once again making us all look stupid. Is it the Mediterranean mentality?
    But, before we hang anybody, we should also look at WHY some operators see themselves forced to do things like this. Some ports and countries around the world demand “blood-prices” and under the table payments to accept even regular garbage landing. Some ships may not be able to pay these high fees and wrongfully thinks the solution is to dump it at sea, or are ordered by their company to get rid of it, no questions asked. No excuse for this despicable act, but maybe part of the problem.

  • tinikini

    I have to pay to have my trash dumped, so why wouldn’t cruise ships expect to pay to dump their trash. Gee, that kind of goes with the territory doesn’t it? If you create trash you have to pay to have it disposed of. Enough said.

  • That’s horrible! And the worst part is that I’m sure they still doing it!

  • tinikini is so right!!! I absolutely agree with that!

    Also, proper management of waste is important to avoid problems which arise due to improper disposal of waste such as health problems pollution of the environment and diseases… Are these people living on other planet?!!!

  • Crista

    This is standard practice by many cruise lines because they are charged such outrageous fees for dumping garbage at ports. I saw dumping when I was on Royal Caribbean on a cruise one night and when I asked about it in a presentation about the ship a couple of days later, they whitewashed the whole story of what I “supposedly” saw. Afterwards 2 people came up to me and said they had seen dumping also late at night.

  • Throwing waste in the ocean is completely absurd. While tonnes of measures are being taken to dispose of the waste, this is what some people are doing. Unacceptable behavior!