This evening a number of news organizations are reporting that a crew member went overboard from the MSC Opera cruise ship. 

BBC News reports that the crew member went overboard when the cruise ship was south of the Isle of Wright.  

The News identified the crew member as a 33 year-old Indian national named Fernandes Elroy.

The cruise ship was sailing into Southampton early this morning.

MSC Opera Cruise ShipMSC Cruises said staff were alerted at 5:30 AM on today that Mr. Elroy was missing.  The company claims that CCTV, which was checked at 6:30 AM, allegedly showed Mr Elroy jumping overboard around 1:30 AM, according to the The Isle of Wright Radio

A Coast Guard helicopter and lifeboat carried out an unsuccessful search. 

We have reported before on disappearances from MSC cruise ships in the past which you can read about here and here and here.

There is usually very little, if any, investigation conducted by the cruise lines to try and find out why crew members disappear on the high seas. Few cruise lines have automatic man overboard detection systems, unfortunately.  There is a tendency by the cruise lines to quickly conclude that the person committed suicide. Even if the evidence supports a suicide explanation, there is no effort to determine whether the working conditions (long hours, long contract, low wages and work pressure and emotional abuse) were factors involved in literally pushing the crew member emotionally over-the-edge.

Professor Ross Klein reports that 206 people have gone overboard from cruise ship since 2000.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia / VollwertBIT 

  • Rares

    Investigators should look into the crap conditions for crew on MSC ships and the treatment apliend with a huge rasism towards all crewmembers apart from italian ones. No wonder that some commit suicide…or even worse if was not and they try to civer it as this will be the easy way.

  • cata

    rares, don´t exagerrate..i´ve worked for msc and i still have friends who work for this company..there is no racism and no bad treatment applied to the crew..some people are not prepared for the life on board.. it´s hard work, you are away from your family and friends, you don´t have privacy.. whoever works on a ship has to know all this before they start and the recruitment companies should check the profiles better.. this life is not for life on board was hard, but AMAZING.. I would do it all over again..

  • Mark

    Well is true some they are for the ships some not .

    But onthe other hand did u know that MSC CANCEL to hire one nationality ( ROMANIAN ) and luckly is not mine because of some stupid who did something on board and because of that they cancel to hire them .

    Pitty while i was working on board We did a fantastic revenue with romanians .

    I am not protecting any nationality but when u had a fantastic team that u could make revenue and sudently u have full of Honduras or Moroco and u pray that they come to work it is a desaster . Never thought that such a company as MSC will eliminate a nationality . well like i have said pitty .

  • Marlon

    I was with MSC for 2 years. I was in the galley. For sure I think there was racism. If someone is capable of doing a job to perfection with all responsibilities, don’t you think it is fare to award him and give him a chance? No, but instead, any Italian, even if he didn’t have much experience, and could not even do the job without asking for help would surely get the position. You see Indians who have worked for more than 11 years with the company, who do all the work and control the galley and should be promoted, while an Italian with maybe 1 or 2 years experience rolls up to take the prize? That is why all the top positions are held by Italians who are all related one way or another and is like a family mafia on board.
    Sure you do have to be strong when it comes to working on the ship. That is why there are so many accidents that occur on duty or on the ship. I have seen many take place, where someone might have lost an arm or a finger, but that does not mean that the company should pack him an send him home without having any consideration towards the injured crew or compensation given. The person had got into an accident working for the company and not for himself? The company has to understand, that these are peoples lives they are interfering with. There has to be a more humanitarian approach. Lastly everyone on the ship is an employee of the company. You don’t own the ship, so stop robbing the company by making a buck or trying to everywhere(for all the H.O.D’s)

  • All the best for MSC company and God bless the family of this guy