Millennium Cruise ShipA newspaper in Alaska is reporting that the Celebrity Millennium cruise ship, which was suppose to have sailed on Friday from Seward, will be stuck in port until at least Tuesday due to engine problems.

The cruise ship arrived four hours late to Seward on Friday after experiencing an electrical problem with one of the ship’s two propulsion systems while at sea.

The newspaper says that over 2,000 passengers are stranded. Many people were left scrambling to find a way back to Anchorage. Rental cars are scarce and buses dedicated to pre-booked excursions are not available to the majority of the passengers. The scheduled port stops in Juneau, Ketchikan and Skagway will be missed.

Celebrity is saying that it will refund the passengers’ ticket fares plus provide a credit toward another cruise in the future.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Captain-Tucker

Story Credit: Professor Ross Klein’s website

  • Tim

    If nothing else, these incidents highlight the need for everyone to purchase 3rd party trip insurance.

  • Ingrid

    Well I am one of those stranded passengers that travelled here to Alaska from Australia to enjoy the beautiful cruise. The Celebrity cruise line have been fantastic and out of the 2000 something people who were scheduled to leave only around 77 took up the offer to leave (which Celebrity paid of course). We have had great shore excursions and the Celebrity cruise line have done everything in their power to make it as enjoyable as possible. We are a little disappointed to miss the stops along the way, but I would rather be here at port than stuck at sea with a sick ship. Everything has been working on the boat the food is fantastic and the view is amazing. The town of Seward have been very friendly and as accommodating as a small town can be. I for one can only say that sometimes these things happen and you just have to take the good with the bad (Although there has really been no bad here).

  • Merta

    I just hope that all cruise of celebrity or royal will be fine , so i can join to work with celebrity soon. Very nice and funtastic if i can sealing and working there Thanks

  • Yet another maintenance problem

    Not surprising. Maybe if Celebrity (royal Caribbean) paid a decent wage to their marine officers, stopped trying to lengthen marine contracts, stopped trying to shove them into smaller shared cabins then maybe they would have people to keep their ships running. You can’t keep cutting positions and man power, and delaying maintenance and expect to keep ships running. Try taking the money out of the CEO’s greedy pockets and put it back into maintenance and to the employees and maybe this wouldnt happen so often.

  • nealberk

    We are also among the 2000 passengers stranded (?). Let’s see, we have a wonderful view, excellent food, great entertainment, Celebrity is giving us this cruise free, and is giving us a voucher for a future cruise. Will we take advantage of it? Definitely!

    I was on Holland America several years back, hit by Noro virus, missed all but one port of call, and had second degree burns from an exploding hair dryer. They offered me $200 off a future cruise. I have not been on HAL since then.

    Celebrity is a class act.

  • B baker

    Was on the 8-16 sailing that was stuck in Ketchikan. Unfortunately, Celebrity initially promised passengers flights to Anchorage then only honored for some, rest sent to Vancouver. This caused some major upset passengers as most had post cruise tours out of Anchorage or Fairbanks. Also caused a last minute scramble for hotel rooms in Anchorage. Still, we had power, food, and water so I can’t complain. Felt most sorry for employees with out work. Do hope they come through on their promises of refunds and cruise certificates though, that’s awesome, if true. I’ll try them again.

  • Ann Barry

    We were on Celebrity Millenium which was stranded in Seward for 4 days before sailing back to Vancouver (Aug 9). Has anyone yet received total refunds as promised. We haven’t had any money paid into our account as yet.