A British cruise passenger from the Celebrity Reflection was robbed ashore on July 28th while the ship was docked in Naples

An Italian newspaper Il Mattino reports that the robbery was committed by two brothers who targeted the British cruise ship passenger.  The unidentified passenger was wearing a Rolex watch, worth around 12,000 euros, while she was walking in the center of the city.

The two men, Mirko Candida age 36 and Luciano age 24, were on a motor scooter at the time of the Celebrity Cruises Reflection Cruise Shiorobbery.

The Italian police apprehended the brothers and the watch was returned to the tourist. The woman was injured and received medical treatment when she returned to the cruise ship. 

This is not the first time that a cruise passenger wearing a Rolex while ashore in Naples was targeted to be robbed by thieves on a scooter.

In May of 2011, an American tourist from the Celebrity Solstice died in Naples after thieves assaulted him while trying to steal his Rolex.

Oscar Antonio Mendoza, age 66, and his wife cruised to Naples on the Celebrity Solstice. After they disembarked the cruise ship to tour the city, two men approached them on a scooter, grabbed Mr. Mendoza’s arm and tried to take his Rolex.

Mr. Mendoza struggled with the men and was thrown to the ground, hitting his head. He was taken to the hospital where he was operated on; however, he did not regain consciousness and died nine days later.

As we have stated before on this blog, Naples is an interesting place to visit, but it has a reputation for pick pockets, purse snatchers, and drive-by-scooter robberies..  


Story Credit: Crew Center

Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises

  • Emily

    simple solution- don’t wear your rolex (or any expensive jewlery) out in Naples. This is hardly the cruiselines fault- but tourists who don’t use common sense

  • Will B.

    This could have happened in downtown Manhattan or downtown Houston. When you travel, and you’re off the ship, don’t wear the good stuff. My wife and I don’t really wear any “fancy” clothes, or in her case, jewelry. For a backpack, we have an old canvas backpack that won’t attract attention.

    Tourists just ask for it when they go looking shiny. Pretend you’re doing into the ghetto when you go ashore and think smart.

  • Jeff

    How ridiculous! How is the Cruise Line in any way responsible for thefts on shore? How many hundreds of thefts occur in Naples to persons not visiting via Cruise Ship?

  • Who said this was the cruise line’s fault?

    I’m just warning passengers to leave their Rolex watches at home.

  • Dana

    Will B:
    What do you mean pretend you are in the ghetto? What kind of racist, dumb comment was that? If you are dumb enough to wear an expensive watch; no matter where you are; there is an increased chance you will get robbed!! Why show off that you have money!! A cheap Wal-mart watch would have worked just as well in order to get back to the ship on time!!

  • Georgie

    Its a well known fact that in Naples this occurs every day – why would you flash your rolex out and about???? or any other expensive jewelry ? Not only in Naples but any other city too.
    This is nothing to do with the cruise company

  • As a pickpocket researcher, Naples is my best laboratory.

    The commenters above are correct that one should absolutely not venture into unfamiliar areas with expensive goodies, or even expensive-looking goodies. However, this is not something likely to happen in Manhattan or Houston (for example), as “Will B.” suggests. It’s a uniquely Napolitano crime; common there, yet not specifically detailed in the U.S. State Department’s Country Information sheet on Italy (which is always a good place for a traveler to begin research on the crime in a destination).

    Cruise lines are certainly aware of many of the common threats in ports they visit regularly, though individual staff members may not be. I can see how it cannot be policy for a cruise line to warn passengers on every single potential threat in every port. Not only is that impractical, but goes counter to the idea of a carefree cruise vacation. Most, if not all cruise companies remind passengers daily to leave their valuables onboard. Passengers (daily!) choose to ignore that advice. “It couldn’t happen to me!”

  • Wayne Smith

    So because there are a few scumbags in cities successful people who have worked all their lives to afford a little luxury should wear a Walmart watch and a pair of scruffy jeans and what? Maybe don’t shave and and have untidy hair? Talk about the lunatics taking over the asylum! Oh I see now. You are all Americans on here and you have got used to the idea that it is always the victim’s fault. Shoot an intruder because the penalty for robbery is always death by shooting. Blame the girl in the short skirt for getting raped because she was asking for it. Jesus, what sort of a country do you people live in when you blame the tourist for getting robbed?