A new "super-fast" cruise ferry service between Miami and Bimini, the Bahamas started off on the wrong foot when the ship flunked U.S. Coast Guard requirements. The Resorts World’s Bimini SuperFast was suppose to sail passengers from Miami over to a new gambling resort in Bimini.

On June 28th the wife of the Bahamian Prime Minister christened the vessel at the Port of Miami with the words: "I name this ship Bimini Superfast and may she bring fair winds and good fortune to all who sail on her.”

But 2 days later, according to the Miami Herald, the ship and its operators failed tests gauging performance in emergency situations. The crew was unable to adequately conduct emergency drills and evacuate passengers off the ship and in lifeboats within 30 minutes. The ship failed to have emergency sources of power and the mechanism that allows lifeboats to drop from the ship malfunctioned.  

A Coast Guard spokesperson said that there was an “overall lack of proficiency by the crew to respond to an emergency situation.” 

Bimini SuperFast received safety inspections overseas after it was built in 2001 including a certificate from Panama to carry passengers.  But for now the Coast Guard has shut the ship down at the Port of Miami awaiting re-inspection.