Disney Dream Cruise Ship Child MolestationTonight a local news station in Florida reportied on a case involving a cruise line which markets itself as being family friendly and kid oriented.

At 11 PM tonight, WKMG-Channel 6 in Orlando aired what is being described as a "shocking report about a Disney Cruise Line employee fondling an 11-year-old girl and the strange events that followed."

The news station states that it has video of a Disney crew member groping an 11-year-old girl in August 2012.

The article is entitled Disney Cruise Line Fails to Promptly Report Molestation of 11-Year-Old Girl in Port

The incident occurred on the Disney Dream cruise ship before it departed Port Canaveral for a Caribbean cruise. The crew member followed the child into an elevator and "repeatedly grabbed her breast through her clothes and forcibly kissed her on the mouth as he cornered her in an elevator on the Disney Dream."

The news station states that Disney knew what happened, and had video evidence substantiating the child’s account. But it chose not to promptly report the crime to the local police in Florida.  Instead, it reported the crime the next day, after the ship was headed to the Bahamas. The news station accuses Disney of lying and trying to cover the incident up. Once the cruise ship reached the Bahamas, the crew member – identified as Milton Braganza from India (photo bottom) – eventually admitted to molesting the child. Disney then flew the crew member home to India, at the cruise line’s expense, rather than arrange for Disney Dream Sexual Molestation of Minor him to return to Florida to be arrested. 

In our experiences over the years, we have seen cruise ships delay reporting crimes to the FBI and local law enforcement authorities in the U.S.  Disney registers its cruise ships in the Bahamas to avoid U.S. taxes and wages and safety laws.  By delaying the reporting of the alleged crime, Disney was able to avoid the U.S. investigation into the incident while making certain that any investigation was handled only by the Bahamas which, theoretically can investigate shipboard crimes because Disney cruise ships fly Bahamian flags of convenience.

But the Bahamas has a deplorable record of investigating cruise ship crimes.      

The news reporter who covered the story, Tony Pipitone, stated in a promotional piece: "Find out what happened to the 33-year-old man who avoided investigation in Florida, thanks in part to his employer’s inaction."

Disney Crew Member Milton BragnanzaPipitone, referred to Disney having "conflicting accounts of what it knew [and] when it knew it." He mentioned that "he talked to Port Canaveral police, who say they would have liked to know about the crime, which the cruise line didn’t report promptly."

Sexual abuse of children during cruises, including Disney cruises, is something we have written about at length here on our blog:

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Last week this news station reported on cruise crime on a Disney ship which revealed that crimes are often not prosecuted by federal authorities. You can watch that report here.

Middle Photo: WKMG Channel 6 Orlando 

Bottom Photo: Milton Bragnanza Facebook

  • David

    How can Disney pull this off without being punished? Great job uncovering this story.

  • Mandy Lenanton

    A ship that prides itself on being a family cruise line should be especially scrupulous on the staff they employ.

    I find it hard to believe that this was the first time a 33 year old had molested….one can only wonder about his past history..

    Disney should be ashamed they waited so long to report it…if they thought they were trying to avoid unwelcome publicity I feel I can say that by trying to sweep it under the carpet they have kicked themselves in the foot! If they had been honest and upfront earlier people would have had way more respect.

    Shocking stuff!

  • Faith

    I am a crew member at DCL and obviously I am not using my real name now. DCL hides all the dirt under the carpet and crew members sign contracts saying that we can’t discuss the bad things that happen there. That is why Disney seem so perfect. Now you guys are talking about child abuse. There was also suicide, drugs and much more. Besides, they treat us very badly. We work like slaves and are treated worse than animals. If you think Disney is really wonderful and perfect, think twice.

  • Anonymous

    Faith dont forget the youth counselor who gave birth to her baby in her cabin and put the baby in the trash can in the bathroom…and then Disney flew her back home. Disney gets a way with a lot.

  • Charlie

    Faith what utter bull! Disney treat employees so well if you clearly feel that way then leave i’m sure they will cope without you

  • Kathryn Jeanneret

    Disney plays many games with peoples lives, we have had a running battle with them over very serious ADA violations. They will not respond to letter’s and if you call you get put off, or belittled and lied to. I have the name of the woman who told me they did not have to help, it was the Port Authority problem. This includes the parks, resorts and Disney Cruise Lines. Our last cruise was ruined by them. Stranded in the parking garage with our scooter down in the belly of the boat. We were told to go get it ourselves “they don’t” do that. We are both legally handicap.